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Booze? Hillary Clinton Still Wearing Medical Boot for Broken Toe



Hillary Clinton claims to have broken a toe when she fell while juggling a cup of coffee on some stairs. Some believe that “coffee” was actually an alcoholic drink, and not her first of the day.

Normal fractures woud have healed by now, raising speculation about why she’s still wearing her medical boot.

Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton has been spotted still wearing her surgical boot two months after she fell down some stairs in her heels and broke her toe.

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Ratings Plunge Continues to Plague the NFL as CNN Tries to Deflect Attention from Kneelers


CNN would have its readers believe that the Negro Felon League’s ratings are down because a number of star players are injured and haven’t been on the field. The problem with that explanation is that the sport always has injured players. Something unique to this year, kneelers for example, have to be the real explanation.

Trying to source a story from CNN is a pain because I get a full page popup of despicable butt bandit Anderson Cooper wanting to sent me his top 5 stories or whatever. I have to X him out as quickly as possible since he gives me the creeps.

Anyway, last Sunday night’s big game set a new low in the ratings. That says that we the people may have more pain left to inflict on the sport that decided to go political on the public.


The NFL’s premiere game of the week took a big hit in TV ratings on Sunday night, despite it being a close game.

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An Airplane Formed a Giant Christmas Tree Over Germany

Nice. I hope the German pilots don’t get fired when some Muslims start screaming how Allah was offended by the Christmas tree, which after all is a pagan symbol, now associated with Christianity.


An Airbus pilot in Germany has delivered an early festive present by tracing the outline of an enormous Christmas tree during a test flight.

The crew, which was testing an Airbus A380, produced a colourful image clearly rendered on the flight tracking website Flightradar24.

The tree, complete with baubles, stretched for hundreds of kilometres from Hamburg to Stuttgart in the south.

The jet will eventually be flown by Dubai carrier Emirates.
The tree was rendered in several colours, reflecting the plane’s varying altitudes. No passengers were on board.

Link to Flight Radar Tweet.

Countdown to Christmas: Percy Faith Christmas Album, Ernest Saves Christmas, Budweiser Clydesdales and More

A mere 9 days until Christmas, says Xmasclock.

Listen to Percy Faith’s orchestra and choir:

Watch a classic Ernest movie:

Clydesdales in the snow:

She’s ready!

Inspirational Christmas Quote of the Day: Merry Christmas from Laura Ingalls Wilder