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Not Welcome in Minneapolis: White Female SJW Verbally Abuses Fox’s Tomi Lahren in Foul-Mouthed Rant as Her Friend Tosses Glass of Water on Tomi


Yes, Mr. President, we are with Tomi. The vile insane feminist freaks who attacked her deserve everyone’s condemnation.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

One of the two young women involved in a brunch scuffle with Tomi Lahren spoke out on Wednesday to say that she stands by the incident and ‘doesn’t care’ that President Trump disapproves of her friend throwing water at the Fox News pundit.


Heavy has turned up a lot of information on disgusting puke Jasmine.

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77 Year Old Black School Bus Driver in Fatal Collision Had Really BAD Driving Record

The son of the elderly negro school bus driver who piloted his precious cargo so carelessly that he probably caused a horrific fatal accident says the old fellow is a good driver.

Yeah, a good driver with 14 license suspensions and 8 speeding tickets.

It’s believed that Hudy Muldrow, Sr. was making an illegal U-turn when a dump truck hit the school bus.

New York Post

The school bus driver involved in last week’s fatal New Jersey crash has had his driver’s license suspended 14 times, according to published reports Tuesday.

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Britain: That Acid Throwing Sheboon Has Been Sentenced to Life for Attack on Ex-Boyfriend That Caused Him to Kill Himself

How a decent looking white fellow could mate with the ape pictured is beyond my ability to understand.

Berlinah Wallace was acquitted of murder at her trial, but was found guilty of the horrific acid attack that left ex-boyfriend Mark Van Dongen maimed.

The only problem is that under British law she’s eligible for parole in a relatively short period of time.

Sky News

A woman whose ex-boyfriend went to a euthanasia clinic to die after she threw acid over him has been sentenced to life in prison.

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NFL’s New Kneeling Policy is a Fuxated Mess

Suggested policy: Stand for the anthem or you don’t play in that game and you don’t get paid for that game.

Repeat the offense and you’re terminated.

Simple, isn’t it.

The actual NFL policy on kneeling is weak and wimpy, but it’s still upsetting blacks, some of whom vow never to watch the game again.

Yeah, right.

Blacks may be p*ssed off, but they’ll watch.


With its decision to ban kneeling during the national anthem, critics are accusing the NFL of prioritizing being in the good financial graces of mainstream America over the social justice passions of its players trying to draw attention to the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police.

Some opponents of the new policy now vow to never watch an NFL game again.

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That Twerking Negress Doctor Allegedly Left a Patient Brain Damaged and Doesn’t Have a License to do Surgery

Negros are complaining about one of their own, a twerking doctor who in my opinion is an ass with the mind of an 8 year old

This is my second post on the fool who exemplifies TNB.

New York Post

A plastic surgeon who filmed herself singing and dancing around the operating table as she performed procedures was accused of leaving a patient with “catastrophic” brain damage.

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Chief Throws His Officers Under the Bus After Arrest of Prominent Basketball-American Refusing to Obey Lawful Orders

Watch for the new leftist buzzword “escalation” in stories about Negros disobeying the law and resisting lawful police orders.

The left now has latched on to the idea that when a nog doesn’t cooperate with officers, which is the norm, that it’s the cops’ fault that the situation “escalated.”

I suppose the police are supposed to say to the Negro god, “Be on your way, then, kind sir, and enjoy your life of crime, which I will never interfere with. I promise.”

I have the full version of the bodycam video embedded below. The above version merely shows the tasing. The long version shows why muh nigga ended up getting what he deserved.

Excerpt from CNN

Milwaukee police on Wednesday released body camera video of the arrest and tasing of NBA player Sterling Brown as the department’s chief apologized for the incident.

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Crazy Hillary Vows to Help Democrats Take Over Congress Via Midterm Elections

Watch the brief Twitter video embedded at the bottom of this post and then see if you can make the case that Hillary Clinton is an asset to her party.

As ass, yes, but an asset, no, methinks.

Excerpt from WTOP

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) — Hillary Clinton is not going away.

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