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Kate Steinle’s Killer Wants Federal Gun Charges Dropped Because of Trump Tweets

Dumb, dirty illegal moron Juan Garcia Zarate is merely a pawn in the giant game called “Get Trump.”

This idiot is incapable of understanding American law. I mean, he didn’t get it when he was deported five times, so what’s the chance he would understand his “civil rights” lawyer’s claim that Trump led a “vindictive prosecution” of his client.

Someone should ask him to explain how following the law is vindictive.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, but was acquitted of murder, is now suing the federal government. His lawyers say additional charges against him are “vindictive.”

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NBC News: Shocking Footage Shows Parkland School Active Shooter Drill

Two minutes.

You can provide your own interpretation to the drill.

To me, these events are intended to terrorize kids into fearing guns so that they support gun grabs. Participating in a drill like this would be traumatizing to anyone, but most especially to minors, whose minds are not yet fully developed.

I Just Saw TWO FOXES While on the Library Patio

Two adorable foxes were out in broad daylight late this afternoon (7 P.M. Daylight savings time) calmly walking the library’s rustic lawn, apparently looking for food. I was sitting on the library patio, not more than 15 feet from the closest one.

Neither of them panicked when they realized I was here. They eventually wandered down toward a wooded ravine to continue their foraging or to return home.

I had left some pizza and a half a chocolate pie last night for “my fox.” I didn’t know that there were two of them. I think they’re mates, as one looked smaller than the other.

The library sits on 15 acres and there’s some adjacent wooded land. The foxes should be pretty safe if they stick to this area.

I first saw one of them back in February through the floor to ceiling library windows on the coldest night of the year. It was already dark at 6:30 and I wondered if I had mistaken a cat for a fox.

Last week, “my fox” was working its way across the patio at a fast trot when I said, “Hello.” That spooked him or her and the animal pulled a quick U-turn and ran away.

I sometimes see a calico cat in the same area. There’s also a large bird’s nest up under an awning that provides viewing enjoyment.

After this post, I’m going out to my van and grab some pizza and possibly a corn dog or two to leave for “my foxes.”

With luck, maybe later this year, they’ll bring some baby foxes up to the patio.

Republican Candidate from Maine Who Called Repulsive Parkland Crisis Actor a “skinhead lesbian” Drops Out of Race


Never apologize, never quit. Not if you’ve told the truth, no matter how politically incorrect and how much fake outrage social justice warriors sputter on Twitter.

The Independent

A Republican candidate who called one victim of the Florida school shooting a “skinhead lesbian” and referred to another as “bald-faced liar” has quit the race for the Maine House of Representatives.

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Patriotic Mudshark Killer O. J. Simpson Goes After Communist Traitor Colin Kaepernick, Praises Trump

Colin Kapernick better hope there are no knives around if he ever meets American patriot O. J. Simpson.

Simpson, famous for his football feats and his celebrity, is an American hero.

In one night he rid the world of a disgusting mudshark and a Jew.

That’s a pretty damn impressive night of work.

What is he? A secret member of the KKK???!!!

Those are the assassinations we know about. Who knows how many other race traitors, Jews, and Communists O. J. might have sent to their graves. He’s a true patriot, I’m tellin’ ya.

Simpson is now criticizing NFL kneelers, most specifically the very Jewy looking Colin Kaepernick It probably means that O. J. is looking to execute the traitor who disrespects the flag and the National Anthem.

If O. J. buys some new gloves and a knife, I’m afraid Kap’s days are numbered. Coal burning race mixing women also ought to be concerned.

Make sure you buy them one size too small, O. J.: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.


O.J. Simpson is sharing his thoughts on some of the nation’s most controversial figures.

In a rare interview after his release from prison in October, Simpson spoke to The Buffalo News, the hometown paper of the NFL team he once played for.

Simpson addressed several topics in the story published Friday, including his opinion on football player Colin Kaepernick and on his onetime buddy and now president, Donald Trump.

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Jews Demand Ban on Desi Children’s Book That Names Hitler as Inspirational Leader

Apparently, the Punjabis love Hitler.

Why not? He loved their swastika.

A children’s book that names AH as a great leader has come under fire from Jews, who want its sale banned.

New York Times

NEW DELHI — An Indian publisher came under fire this week for including Hitler in a children’s book about world leaders who have “devoted their lives for the betterment of their country and people.”

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Minneapolis Student Carrying Trump Flag Assaulted by Mob During School Walkout

Is “mob” another code word for people of vibrancy?

I don’t know and Fox News and a Minneapolis school district aren’t saying.

This week’s National School Walkout was not a grassroots action, but rather a well-planned leftist propaganda piece. Some students were forced to participate. Many felt social pressure, I’m sure. And what student doesn’t want a taste of freedom during the school day.

Waving a Trump flag in liberal, diverse Minneapolis would be like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Fox News

A student at a Minneapolis high school was assaulted by a mob of students after he carried a pro-Trump flag during the National School Walkout on Wednesday, police said.

Checking out the demographics of the school in this story, Southwest High School, 44 percent of students are nonwhite. Around half the students get a free school lunch.

Actors Peter Graves and Marian Ross are counted among the alumni. That would have been back in the day when the area was white.

Here’s a group photo of some SW girls:

That’s a whole lot of colored girls, for sure.

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