Paladin Justice is the pen name of a former academic who wishes to remain anonymous for now. Like hundreds of millions of others worldwide, he is sick of the lies told by government and the media. Paladin is tired of the injustices perpetrated on decent people who refuse to conform to the politically correct egalitarian agenda that the power elites have forced upon us. He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore.

On this blog, the lies will be exposed and the truth will be told. No one and no group, no matter who or how powerful, will be exempt from deserved criticism. The order of the day here is race realism, sex realism, educational realism, and economic realism. This is a NO BULLSH*T zone for people who are allegeric to bullsh*t. Cultural Marxists and other Satanists can take their bullsh*t somewhere else. God is truth, beauty, and justice, and that’s what we will pursue here, tinged with righteous anger.

This website is an educational, not-for-profit endeavor, created to provide a perspective on news and opinion via comment, criticism, parody, and original research.

The educational goal of the work presented here is to provide a truthful, realistic analysis of life in order to create new knowledge beneficial to the public at large. The work presented on this site involves a research process by the author that mirrors the academic research process. The ideal outcome of this process is the real story.

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  1. Interesting about Africans’ overbreeding. Considering the fact, that the White keep sending them medics, and aid – food, water, and mosquito nets. In spite of Nature’s effort to regulate their population with famine, malaria, Ebola, AIDS, etc. First the lefties tell us we must feed the poor little things, then they can not control the resulting overbreeding.

    James Watson is a genius. It’s a shame that lefties barked him out of his own lab.

    • From what I see in Australia our Government is supporting all the people who can not afford to bring up children to have children and this mob believe it to be their rights to have as many children as they want and stick it to the tax payer and they are white trash, but a lot of niggers have come over here and it looks like they are just spitting out another kid every 9 months. when responsible people are trying to survive with the one or two they have and it’s like a kick in the face to see such trash stand up to all the responsible people and demand their so called rights to be degenerates. it’s out of control and working people fear this mob and the law is on the fools side full on, when I can remember before the 80’s degenerates were seen for what they truly were.
      All the degenerates claim to be hard done by, but refuse to work for a living as that is just to hard not to mention paying tax would be a rude shock.

    • No I am not.

      I am sure there are a lot of good blacks in the USA.
      We have a lot of white trash here, our blacks I understand but the whites are truly simple minded brainwashed and the blacks that I know piss themselves laughing at just how ignorant most whites are, not to mention how pissed off blacks are because of how ignorant whites are to their true subject, that goes no where as the years roll on.
      I don’t look at the problems as in blacks or whites but in the reality of the deceptions being played out on us all, by the media and the Governments who play games with such, that is done is such a underhanded way that most can not see it’s workings at hand.
      Cultural Marxist are hard at work to exploit all this to their own ends so they can enslave all, under their Satanic New World Order,
      NWO is just a new evolved form of communism that will enslave the world and people will become just a number like cattle and that means your just like cattle to be done with how they the masters see fit.
      Communism has killed more people and caused more misery than any other system ever has and they have worked to undermine the west for years causing so many problems, but it’s the extreme right wing that gives them this power. because that’s how Satanist work to play the game of fooling most of the people most of the time.
      Most people do not understand that it’s the extreme right and left that have a system they use to play the game, they are both good buddy’s playing a game.
      Capitalism has nurtured Communism for their own ends, fact is communism would of failed years ago, if it was not for the billions given to prop communism up.

  2. Just a big ol’ racist saying stupid racist things. You’re the antithesis of what the Bible preaches.

  3. Hello. I’d just like to say could you please refrain from using the word “faggot”? It’s incredibly offensive to some people. Thanks.

    • Hello. I’d just like to say could you please UNDERSTAND that FAGGOTS, Dikes and the rest of LGBTQ DEGENERATES are incredibly offensive to some people. The only dilemma is who is the worse, DISGUSTING FAGGOTS or MORONIC LEFTURDS.

      • Oh, how is that? Why are they incredibly offensive to some people (in which you are included, I suppose).

      • @@MUSRAR – you are supposing correctly … and I am offering you an opportunity to explain here WHY Faggery and LGBTQ degeneracy in general are NOT disgusting to BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people

      • Lewgc:

        How do you define ‘BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people’. Men who beat their wives? Parents who physically or mentally abuse their kids? Individuals who spend 25-30 hours a week online or watching TV or sports? People would covet their neighbor’s spouses? People who have sex with animals? People who believe in ‘God’, heaven and hell? ETC., ETC.

        You assume there that ‘BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people’ defines a population that I think historically and socially are difficult to find or define!!

      • @ Jay McCee – Absence of basic logic and sense in your comment provoked me to answer you with a little elaborate on the subject of Homosexuality and collaterally, for better understanding, I included Multiculturalism, Races, Racism and Architects of ALL this mess.

        YOUR’S – “How do you define ‘BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people” – THAN YOU CONTINUE WITH – “Men who beat their wives? Parents who physically or mentally abuse their kids? Individuals who spend 25-30 hours a week online or watching TV or sports?” – Here you are mixing oranges and apples, which is why reasonable dialog with your ilk is practically impossible, the same way it’s impossible to talk with AntiFa morons, and equally impossible with Anti-White Anti-Racists.

        Disregarding how absurd can be an effort to explain some Faggot why their sexual imbalance is BIOLOGICALLY ABNORMAL, I’ll do it anyway. Here is my straight answer upon your question – BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people are those that get sexually excited by spotting women’s cleavage and gap, nice ass and other feminine attributes that make MEN sexually excited, which in MEN incinerates having sex with WOMEN.

        How can male attributes instigate sexual excitement in other men is beyond my comprehension, and that is what I call BIOLOGICAL ABNORMALITY. It’s obvious that such sexual disorientation is result of serious mental disorder.

        However, we – BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL STRAIGHT people, would NEVER pay any attention to your sort if you wouldn’t had start your HOMO-CRUSADE, together with your brethren and sistas from the rest of LGBTQ herd. I have to be honest; it wasn’t your fault for this mess, as (((Cultural Marxists))) are the ones to blame.

        The same (((gang))) is also responsible for the craziness of Multi-Racial Diversity, where infamous Anti-Racist (Anti-White) mania became the main leverage of Multicultural Marxist Left against BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL TRADITIONAL WHITES. To make you better understand your own misunderstanding in your Homo-case, I am extending your HOMO “logic” in the Racial domain, because there also, in too many cranial cavities dwells similarly confused “logic”.

        Recently some Negress snapped to me – “Why the hall we ALL cannot live TOGETHER in eternal peace and harmony … undivided in one country … because we are ALL the SAME, we ALL BLEED RED … bla bla and other shit like that.

        I ANSWERED – every living organism BLEEDS RED, even flies and mosquitoes, and obviously Human Races are far from being same with insects … then I continued, and next should clear stubborn confusion to all social “experts” and “theorists” on the subject of Races, Diversity and Multicultural policy, which are the main problems of contemporary European Civilization, LGBTQ mania inclusive.


        I don’t care who or which Race is smarter, who is superior, better, faster, uglier, more beautiful … or whatever in that direction.

        Mother Nature, God or whatever it might have been instead of her, created DIFFERENT Human Races and allocated them in a SEPARATE SPACES … obviously for some reason. Although PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES are significant, far more important are DIFFERENCES in Culture, Temperament, Inclinations, Preferences, Attitude, Particular Capabilities, where Creativity is an ESSENTIAL attribute of every advanced society.

        Europeans developed civilization that is incomparably more advanced from Black African and Islamic world for instance, however that is not an issue at all. THE PROBLEM started when the same Marxist-ilk that invented Communism, interpolated ex-Soviet Socialist Internationalism in a more sophisticated concept of BANKSTER-Corporate Globalism. For the purpose of Globalism, new monstrous social “patent” known as – Multiculturalism or Diversity – has been introduced, almost in a Monsanto-style, to DILUTE White Nations (White Race ONLY), and replace it with new synthetic, presumably BROWN breed – RESISTANT on NATIONALISM, which means RESISTANT on DISOBEDIENCE to Globalist Masters, of course.

        The FACT is that every Race incorporates a good and less good … bad and very bad people, which are personal problems of every particular Nation, or Race in total. To collect only the best from each Race to create some “ideal” super-society, and separate it from the rest, is unattainable actually.

        Parallel can be drawn from family with a bunch of kids, some good some bad, where you cannot suggest to your neighbor for instance, to exchange some of your spoiled brats with some of his good ones. Every family is like a box of chocolate, to paraphrase Forrest Gump mama, you never know what you get, but it’s your luggage and everybody is supposed to carry own shit.

        Same is with society or the whole civilization, everybody on/with its own. Euro-civilization doesn’t need foisted, mostly useless and hostile “enrichment” from Third World, packed in a Multicultural-Diversity fairy tale-NONSENSE. Especially not thru insidiously orchestrated vile agenda, invented and vigorously pushed by AshkeNAZI Cabal, with treasonous support from IRRESPONSIBLE Marxist Left.

        Whoever might have ILLUSION that it was NOT PLANED, can commence researching on his/her own, starting with Coudenhove Kalergi Plan … than finding out who are the people (((NAMES))) that rule the good ole USA and her vassal EU. Check Racial/Ethnic origin of next people … few came to my mind first … they are all AshkeNAZI Jews.

        SOROS – International Financial Criminal and Financier of countless NGOs for the purpose of DIVERSITY

        PETER DENIS SUTHERLAND – Chairman of Goldman Sachs 1995 – 2015 … UN Special Representative for International Migration 2006 – 2017

        ANGELA MERKEL – Former Communist Stasi-KGB employee/agent

        JEAN CLAUDE JUNCKER – President of the European Commission (Top Commissar)

        FRANS TIMMERMANS – Vice President of the European Commission (Vice-Top Commissar) – Europe will be diverse, or war – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q94syUDDhxA** – A DANGEROUS LUNATIC and his obsession with “diversity” – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F221Oqc1f0**

        BARBARA ROCHE (Tony Blair’s ex-immigration tycoon) together they brought millions of Browns and Blacks to UK

        NICOLAS SARKOZY – Challenge of the 21st Century: Racial Interbreeding – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8yaiN6ew_g**

        BARBARA LERNER SPECTRE – “Honest” (((operative))) that openly admitted who is behind Multiculturalism – calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ**

        ANN SCHAFFER – Check this – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43eC1rZNJvg**

        ANETTA KAHANE – German journalist, former Stasi agent, and Jewish activist … wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuYKtwnzG7M**

        How about NGOs – ADL, SPLC, AIPAC … and thousands of other Jewish organizations in US and EU

        There were times I have been an IGNORAMUS, utterly NAIVE non-Racist, but fortunately I became a 100% RACE REALIST and White-NATIONALIST in DEFIANCE of all mentioned from above … and of course – Ardent Enemy and Hater of EVERYTHING that is coming from the Crypto-Communist Left.

        Every living organism holds basic Survival Instincts, being from Fauna or Floral life … only defective Left, where AntiFa represents their “the best”, do not understand that … they don’t understand anything actually.

        Jews deserve admiration for their Racial awareness and preservation tendency. Also the greatest from the Black Race – Muhammad Ali – have my respect and admiration for what he said to an utterly cuckolding English moron – “Blue birds and Red birds are both birds but…” – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIvLlJXX12w** – and here on Racial Integration – **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqiWFLsgVi4**

        The GREATEST from Blacks wasn’t just boxing champion, he was the GREATEST in this aspect too.


        Enforcing LGBTQ as new “NORMALITY” is in a “perfect” synergy with “NORMALITY” of Diversity, where protagonists and apologists of both social-doctrines pursue FAKE LOGIC, FAKE NEWS, FAKE whatever. Fortunately, BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL TRADITIONAL WHITES are not FAKE, at least not yet.

        Because of number of links, they are inserted between asterisks like this **link**, hence click on the link doesn’t work, you have to copy link and paste it in the browser

  4. “This website is an educational, not-for-profit endeavor, created to provide a perspective on news and opinion via comment, criticism, parody, and original research. ”
    How can be this educational if the only thing you do is insulting reiteratively with prejudice and scorn?

  5. I do not believe you are in deed any sort of academically trained or intellectually capable of scientific work. I imagine you as an ugly son ofa rich white bitch, a priviliged upper midle class pric. If we meet, me, a workers child with a redneck, being trained in and doing science in the field, your steroid, clumsy hunk-trooper friends wont help you, as they are abide especially to the laws of gravity. evolution will extinct shitheads like you. its nobodys fault except yours. the only thing about you, which is not pale is your colourfully rotting buthole, filled with money.

      • Paladin: Was Trump your role model? Or are you one of Trump’s offspring or want to be?
        From what online university did you buy your degree?

        Was you thesis a Tower of Babel, ‘Piled high and Deeper’ so no one could finish reading? Or did someone finally shovel through the BS and that’s why you are no longer in academia?

  6. … with sausage fingers. right? of course your billionaire shit is thought as being msart smug stuff. But didnt i guesys correctly, that you were not born on our side of the river? we dont fucking care about skin tone, except it shows an aristocratic paleness or solarium “activity”. better do not cross that river!

  7. Have you ever noticed how much you right wing folk limit yourselfs by your closed world view not only in terms of the range of your imagination and thinking capabilities, not including violence fanatsies, but also physically? I accidentally got on this page and am too much awake, before having to go to wwork tomorrow. But you hang out here for hours every day? And do you ever enter cities without a bunch of steroid hunks by your side? Not including malls or other shopping activities? Can you move freely in the nature or in the fields? Or do the elements hurt your priviliged skin too much? Or do you first go shopping, to be prpared for the elements? Wouldnt that be contradicting your claim of being more precious than others, if you have to spend money first to be precious? how can you claim to know reality, if you cannot think multidimensional and do not move outisde your comfort zone? Thus i do not think you have any clou of reality… and not any respect for the creation and evolution … You may not even have any perception of change and growth. It is not promising to discuss reality with right wingers. They do not discuss constructively and lack intelligence. The only thing they do is to want to somehow convince you, hoping you are a confused, unsecure person, using primitive and inhumane images of their reality, they try to project in your head. Ther reality is a construct in televeision and on the computer screens, always giving a faked feeling to those who know reality. And real right wing reality and fantasies, far from the propaganda images, do just discust me. Looking at this page made it once more clear to me how necessary resistance in the street is. People who are attracted by the contencs of this web page are not good people, no matter what they say of themselves, no matter how much they scream that they want to save the western civilication (though there, of course, was always one human civilication crossing different cultures and religions). In fact them right wingers are against civilisation, eventhough they cannot cope with nature without it, and pro-violence, even though they actually are, in lack of awareness for others and themselves, not really that good in it, trying to mask this fact with senseless amounts of water filled steroid muscles or big guns, used to pond persons of less weight and children. If you bump into me with one of your shields and armors i will not discuss with you. I know you search for victims. I will not be an easy one and will try to keep you from hurting anyone else. That is not only true for my daughter and her maybe boy friend, but aso for my neighbors and their neighbors. Stay in your facist utopia communities and no harm will come to you (even though they might rot from the inside). If you come elsewhere to incite violence, you will find problems. And i do not care that the us government is currently headed by repulsive people who you right wingers see as your representation. many many people working for the government are good, moral human beings of all shades, who will not execute inhumane orders. And if too many do execute inhumane orders, there still are a lot of different governments out there, who might actually care for human rights. If you start, you will be stopped. Leave the people be and do not stand in the way of their prospering with your stupid fears, prejudices and priviliges! Care about yourself. You are a mess! Weak people must not be beaten up but helped. Reading your rethoric i do not count you as weak people. You certainly do not represent yourself as such, eventhough you most certainly are and it always comes through your lamenting and whining, that you yourself also know you are. Still you keep posing on, threatening violence. I, and people like me, will not help you, but oppose you. Together we are stronger.

    • A communist daring to make judgments on who is good people and who is not. That’s a laugher.

      Cutting through the fog of your reply, you don’t believe that European (aka white) culture has a right to exist. Our clash of wills is existential in nature. There really isn’t any middle ground where we can meet. Either we continue to exist as a people or we become like some of those tribes in the Bible that no longer exist. I prefer to keep us existing. You don’t.

      Current events in Charlottesville are a clash over Robert E. Lee, a good, if flawed man, who is an essential element of our history as a people. You would wipe him from the history books, or at least paint him in one dimensional terms: “Lee was a racist traitor who deserves no honor.” This sort of wiping away of history will eventually lead to Washington and Jefferson being blasted off Mount Rushmore and their names obliterated from cities, streets, schools, etc. This is why we fight. Along with the right of white children to have a future free from the corroding effects of nonwhite cultures.

      • how can a culture be white? its just a non-colour. Do you have any clou how many cultures and people are interwoven into the regional German culture in which i grew up? Do you know some details of the scandinavian culture? Not eversone there is pale, though five generations and land titles can be dosumented. I do not write with runes and am glad about that. Do many racist not listen to rock n roll? If you order them to listen to country music you might destroy their racism … Is your racism really only a sadness not to look a bit italan? During the seasons both my skin and hair colour change. I am pale during the winter, but i dont have fish eyes. Am i white?

      • Good people kill and enslave other people because of their skin tone? And if i can critize Marx and Lenin why cant you critize Washington? Do you have every bit of your opinion matching to some whiteprinT?

      • How white are you, according to the codes the nazis used for eye colours? Im 3. and glad about that. fish eyes are strange on some people. depends on what they do and say, ergo how they look. Has Paladin to do with latin? Rome was pretty multicultural in every way. Or do you look like Goering, the paladin, also known as crazy fat clown in Germany?

  8. Excuse the tipin and grammar errors. but how many languages are you right winger capable to write in? I also can use Spanish and Chinese, additional to my mother tongue, German. Never again you shithedas!

    • I’ve had to ban him for spamming insults at everyone. I took down the insults but there are plenty of his comments here, in the Alabama prison letter, and in the post on Venus Rosales. He’s some kind of weirdo, which is why I left at least 20 of his comments up. He revealed himself to be a nonwhite communist who advocates the extermination of whites, if you look at all his comments together.

  9. Dear Mr. Paladin Justice Ph.D.
    Thank you for maintaining your site. These Post Modernist Orks ( nee Cultural Marxists ) always try to deconstruct Whiteness. A tip off is when they ask if they look white or pass as White and ask how you would define White? No one ever dares ask a nigger how black is black enough or what is black ? Any honest nigger will tell you that you can never be black enough. No one asks a gook to deconstruct goodness or a bush nigger to offer proof of pedigree ( pro-tip – most bogan’s are only 30 to 40 percent amerindian )

    White people don’t eat cats or dogs . We don’t eat monkeys , chimps or higher primates (bush meat ) We pick up after ourselves and don’t shit in the streets. Only we care about our environments and their ecosystems . The concept of Environmentalism never crossed the mind of a gook , a street shitter or a nigger. When a gook sees a magnificent bird it wonders what it would taste like ?

    Which brings me to my reason for this post . I wanted to share this somewhat lengthy comment I read somewhere and saved – which may interest you and your following.

    “ The truth however is that like anti-semitism, ecology fetishism is thoroughly reactionary. Ecologism is anti-Communism, do not EVER forget the fact that the Nazis perceived themselves as guardians and protectors of nature in the midst of the ruthless, evil, unnatural, industrializing Soviet Union. That’s not all. Recall the reactionary romanticism of the 19th century, the old Toryism that lived on through Tolkien, which fetishized and idolized nature in the midst of the cold ruthlessness of industrial capitalism. Recall the relationship between the old decadent aristocracy and ‘nature’…Front National seeks a clean, natural, healthy environment. Part of having a clean, natural, healthy environment, means cleaning the human habitat of Arabs, Africans, and the peripheral Jews…The pathological notion of nature is reactionary…What is the task of Communism? The merciless destruction of ‘mother nature’. Don’t ever forget it.

    The other, deeper, reason for the Communist hatred of nature is of course that it is the most terribly visible refutation of the Marxist creed. There are no “affirmative action” equivalents in nature. There is no space for “equality.” The animal kingdom, including Man in his raw state, is the scene of struggles for dominance in which territory matters and borders and boundaries are a matter of life and death. It is particularly worrying to Marxists that someone who worries too much about the extinction of an animal species or sub-group will come to regard themselves as part of a species or sub-group – and wish to resist their own extinction. It is equally worrying that those who study the effects of heredity and breeding in animals may come to ponder the significance of those things in humans. Thus, in every IQ assessment which fails to show an improvement in the test scores of Africans, in every revealing study on the biological differences between the sexes, and in every failed medical experimentation with “gender,” the Marxists see cold, implacable, unbending nature jeering their efforts to create the new human — human nature as infinitely malleable and thus having no nature at all. And this, for the Left, is reason enough for the “merciless destruction” of all that is natural, whether conceptually (in the form of defiantly maintaining that a man can become a woman), or materially (by bulldozing forests and constructing soulless homes for the proletariat on the grave of oak and spruce).”

    Therein is our cause , our reason , our goal . It’s not just European Civilization or Culture it’s also what can be saved in our environment and the ecology or our ecosystems.

    Best Regards ,

    Ivan Sirko

  10. It is disgusting how you, like so many other people, forget history so are condemned to repeat it. In what discipline did you receive you PhD: Racism? Bigotry? Antisemitism? Fascism? Fanaticism?

    • One doesn’t need a doctoral degree to know that race is not a social construct. The more that DNA results between the races are published, the more the differences are highlighted, which is why hose studies are being quietly quashed. Your name calling is counterproductive here. Name calling is the last refuge of scoundrels.

    • What repetition of history are you referring to Jay McCee? Do you even know?
      Is the current reality of multiculti walking death a utopia compared to the beautiful white homelands of the past?
      Is mongrelisation a state of higher existence to which we should all race?
      You know that most of us would gladly turn back the clock and few would recoil at the thought of “repeating history”.

  11. If you have the time, take a look at the NY Post’s article about a small number of disabled persons who have a racket going by suing anyone they can over “disabled access”, etc. I bet there’s something you’ll notice right away.

  12. Interesting webpage. Even more interesting is how the owner is “mad as hell” and “going to do something about this” and yet remains a coward behind a fake name and computer screen. Why is that? Just curious.

  13. Please Mr. Paladin,
    Go outside and do something good. Help someone be better. Smile a little bit.

    You can do much better than this website, which seems to only attract support from like minded people and condemnation from those who are not of a similar mind.

    The world is not perfect and that is alright, it gives us something to do.

    Refocus your energy. Start from within and work towards positive change, then teach others how to do the same.

    • Ed, no the world is a shit show and many of us hate it and are being denied any platform to voice our displeasure. We are demonised, persecuted mercilessly, vilified and now criminalised because of our thoughts.
      We welcome platforms where we can air our opinions free of the persecution in the mainstream. Condescending speech and meaningless platitudes have no attraction for us. You can go out and “help someone be better” whatever the hell that means in your world.

  14. Primitive demagoguery of social injustices by the government with the piouse reminds of author`s Christianity are combined with the hitler type blames of Jews, who impudently enter antifa for defence of neonazis. Your luggage is scary,just sume newest Hitler`s inventions haha

  15. Friend, I’ve just read an article in the NY Post on-line about a Jewish activist who is being demonized by his Orthodox brethren for advocating that their Yeshivas teach secular subjects such as math and English. That’s interesting but not too controversial by itself. What stood out for me was the mention that their religious Yeshivas receive tens of millions in taxpayer funding. So, separation of church and state must be strictly enforced but not separation of synagogue and state?

  16. “academic research process”??? LMAO!!! You’re nothing but a poser drunk on conspiracy theories and clutching at straws to justify your ignorant hateful bigotry. You don’t even know the meaning of “academic rigor”, much less how to practice it, and like all ignorant bigots you are intellectually challenged and utterly void of critical thinking skills. “NO BULLSH*T zone”??? Your dank sewer is full of nothing BUT “bullshit” and crawling with hateful bigoted swamp creatures. Give me a break!!!

  17. I just had to take a minute to thank you all for saying what needed to be said. So many people only see the stereotypes, and rationalize them as such, not pondering the 100% real reasoning behind those popularly-dispensed personas. The reality is, immature xenophobes, racists, and white-exclusive reprobates like yourself ARE real, and for progressive ACLU folk like myself, the actuality upon which the stereotypes were built affords us much hilarity in a world that lacks enough of it. I mean, we all can only encounter “Conservapedia” once for the first time, and that’s a little sad. It’s just so doggone unintentionally FUNNY! Thus my thanks here. You gave us all that sublime “Conservapedia” revelation all over again, and we appreciate it! ROFLMAO, Welo.

  18. maintaining anonymity hunh Why? Are you afraid of having to defend your views? Maybe you’re afraid your targets are as evil as your thoughts and will hurt you? Maybe you fear your friends family and co-workers will despise you? Whatever your rationale is attacking people from behind your wall of anonymity makes you a bully and a blowhard and a coward. I am Deirdre Wear and I have the courage of my convictions. Just curious Is your PhD from Wassamatta U or fictitious?

    • Look to the master of this site itself, or are you only invested in looking for immaterial points to critique in those beyond your self-perpetuating worldview?

    • Yes Deirdre Wear its easy not to be anonymous when society is in the death grip of a cultural marxist intellectual order. Its not brave and courageous to be “out” when you are backed up by a baying mob.
      Yes you are correct our targets are evil and its not our friends family and co-workers we fear but rather the SJW types like yourself and Welo backed up by the ADL, NAACP, AJC, SPLC and myriad other NWO Zionist organisations that rabidly persecute anybody that shines a light on your insidious anti-white activities.

      • Deardre Wear and Welo it is rather ironic how the Alinsky-esque argumentum ad hominem and argumentum ad verecundiam comes out with you oestrogen drenched females and beta boys.
        Rather than base your arguments on facts and logic you immediately resort to name calling and mockery.
        You defend Jews (assuming that you are not yourselves) yet the mountains of evidence that proves that they are guilty as charged somehow escapes you. We are to assume then that you are pro genocide, pro lies, pro murder and pro communist.

  19. White male loser who never made it past 10th grade blames his lack of success on women, people of color, and people who are Jews. Got it.

      • Mr. Fancy Pants with degree from Trump U. talks like a tough guy but he has to hide his identity. He doesn’t want people to know he runs this site from his parent’s basement.

    • Destiny sort out your own black back yard. If you didn’t act the way you do collectively you’d experience far less prejudice.
      Start with Philly and Chicago. Off you go.

  20. Please cover on your blog about my post regarding Alex Jones of Infowars receiving a set up attempt. This is very important and the evidence is on my blog post. It is connected with the tormail.org attacks. Please repost the entire post on your blog in case my blog post gets censored. You have my permission to post my entire article about Alex Jones being put under attack by the CP set up political hackers squad or whoever they are at this point.

    Alex Jones the next set up attempt victim.


    Alex Jones is receiving CP from despicable Pedophiles and they are sending him CP likely in a bid to set him up like with Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, and others.

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