Paladin Justice is the pen name of a former academic who wishes to remain anonymous for now. Like hundreds of millions of others worldwide, he is sick of the lies told by government and the media. Paladin is tired of the injustices perpetrated on decent people who refuse to conform to the politically correct egalitarian agenda that the power elites have forced upon us. He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore.

On this blog, the lies will be exposed and the truth will be told. No one and no group, no matter who or how powerful, will be exempt from deserved criticism. The order of the day here is race realism, sex realism, educational realism, and economic realism. This is a NO BULLSH*T zone for people who are allegeric to bullsh*t. Cultural Marxists and other Satanists can take their bullsh*t somewhere else. God is truth, beauty, and justice, and that’s what we will pursue here, tinged with righteous anger.

This website is an educational, not-for-profit endeavor, created to provide a perspective on news and opinion via comment, criticism, parody, and original research.

The educational goal of the work presented here is to provide a truthful, realistic analysis of life in order to create new knowledge beneficial to the public at large. The work presented on this site involves a research process by the author that mirrors the academic research process. The ideal outcome of this process is the real story.

150 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting about Africans’ overbreeding. Considering the fact, that the White keep sending them medics, and aid – food, water, and mosquito nets. In spite of Nature’s effort to regulate their population with famine, malaria, Ebola, AIDS, etc. First the lefties tell us we must feed the poor little things, then they can not control the resulting overbreeding.

    James Watson is a genius. It’s a shame that lefties barked him out of his own lab.

    • From what I see in Australia our Government is supporting all the people who can not afford to bring up children to have children and this mob believe it to be their rights to have as many children as they want and stick it to the tax payer and they are white trash, but a lot of niggers have come over here and it looks like they are just spitting out another kid every 9 months. when responsible people are trying to survive with the one or two they have and it’s like a kick in the face to see such trash stand up to all the responsible people and demand their so called rights to be degenerates. it’s out of control and working people fear this mob and the law is on the fools side full on, when I can remember before the 80’s degenerates were seen for what they truly were.
      All the degenerates claim to be hard done by, but refuse to work for a living as that is just to hard not to mention paying tax would be a rude shock.

  2. Just a big ol’ racist saying stupid racist things. You’re the antithesis of what the Bible preaches.

  3. Hello. I’d just like to say could you please refrain from using the word “faggot”? It’s incredibly offensive to some people. Thanks.

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