Paladin Justice is the pen name of a former academic who wishes to remain anonymous for now. Like hundreds of millions of others worldwide, he is sick of the lies told by government and the media. Paladin is tired of the injustices perpetrated on decent people who refuse to conform to the politically correct egalitarian agenda that the power elites have forced upon us. He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore.

On this blog, the lies will be exposed and the truth will be told. No one and no group, no matter who or how powerful, will be exempt from deserved criticism. The order of the day here is race realism, sex realism, educational realism, and economic realism. This is a NO BULLSH*T zone for people who are allegeric to bullsh*t. Cultural Marxists and other Satanists can take their bullsh*t somewhere else. God is truth, beauty, and justice, and that’s what we will pursue here, tinged with righteous anger.

This website is an educational, not-for-profit endeavor, created to provide a perspective on news and opinion via comment, criticism, parody, and original research.

The educational goal of the work presented here is to provide a truthful, realistic analysis of life in order to create new knowledge beneficial to the public at large. The work presented on this site involves a research process by the author that mirrors the academic research process. The ideal outcome of this process is the real story.

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  1. voice is still needed at SBPDL. The antiChrists are trying identify that issue as the fault of (all) “Christians”. Historically, this comes from another provocateur (twmnbn), and any Christians involved are just stupid instruments, but leaves sbpdl readersplaying right into the hands of twmnbn!

    • twmnbn will be called out for their anti-white, anti-American, Satanic agenda. I look forward to more input from you as future posts move to expose even more of the sea of lies we are forced to swim in.

      • There is certainly no time to list all of the things one may find disturbing (and not in an intellectually challenging way) with this blog, so I won’t attempt to take too much of your time. Suffice to say that…
        – not everyone who (almost completely) disagrees with you is a leftist
        – not everything you call leftist is actually leftist
        – there is nothing wrong with many ideas on either side of the political spectrum and both are necessary
        – there is a lot more to the world than left and right
        ….and further:
        – Just because you have a differing opinion, it doesn’t automatically make it educational and most certainly doesn’t constitute academia in any way, nor does your “research” mirror academic research found in the real world
        – Believing in fictional characters is as true a delusion as anything else you are fighting.

        I stumbled upon your page quite by accident and have no wish to engage in a discourse. It is neither worth the argument, nor will it make a difference to you.
        I just took the liberty to add a brief opinion (limited in value it might be). You may delete it at will, or leave it to be attacked by your likeminded readers.
        While it’s rather clear that your fears have created much hate, thereby giving you a tunnel vision that easily eclipses any bias you accuse the media of, I applaud your right to publish your feelings. One can only hope that through positive experiences, some of your fears will turn to love, acceptance and understanding.

      • Academic research is a worthless fraud in a large percentage of cases. I should know. I was in the system for 30 years. Nobody reads the stuff other than the referees who get to put a line on their annual reports for serving as referees. Furthermore, the process is tainted by politics. Leftists give research that reaches the “wrong” conclusions the thumbs down. Conservatives probably do the same thing.

        A few people in academia do write material that is read, but they are few. Most research is generated in order to get a raise. 70 percent in one study could not be duplicated, indicating that the findings were simply faked. The Chinese are the worst at faking research. It’s a lot easier if you make it up.

        Obviously, this site is not intended to be mirror academic research, although when a professor I used to post and deconstruct such research on one of my three websites I had at the time. This site is an opinion website. Thus, the author (me) gets to define what constitutes leftist thought.

        You defend the notion that many ideas are useful to have to discuss in political discourse. Does that include National Socialist (so called Neo-Nazi) thinking? Slapping labels like Nazi, racist, misogynist, and so forth on contra ideas while demonizing the speaker or writer does not contribute to discouse. I suspect you are a follower of Professor Herbert Marcuse, who believed and promoted the idea of Intolerant Tolerance–shut down all speech that does not fit the “progressive” narrative.

        Would you be so quick to condemn “fear” if the writer was a Jew in Germany in the 1930s? I think not. Fear and righteous anger are rational responses to what is happening in the world today. “Love, acceptance, and understanding” don’t work when the raging beast is tearing you apart. Hate is also a positive emotion when it is justified. Hate is a motivator, the healthy expression of a survival instinct that you apparently lack.

    • We have to form a union of like minded peoples that will begin fighting back. No more tears, no more I wish we could have done something. The time has come to defend our people.

      • Bill, I agree with you. And Paladin Justice hate is never justified. If you weren’t a coward you would show your face and real name. What are you afraid of? I see it’s much easier to sit behind a screen and spread bs. Have a coward rest of your life day.

      • Charts and graphs are used for everything, stockbrokers, doctors, etc. won’t make a move without them. Yet crime statistics about race withheld. Active suppression signifies awareness of an issue.
        Keep up the good work,

      • indeed, Bringer of War’s admonition was far and away the most cogent policy response to the threats your kind poses to civilized society I can conceive of. And in fact, it must be rather difficult for your tribe to avoid the stagnating gene pool problem given your highly restricted numbers.

      • Calling people idiots because you disagree with them is NOT a cogent response.

        As to population, have you ever heard the term “carrying capacity?” In the animal world, for example, when the population of an animal gets to be too great because of overbreeding, the animal dies off.

        Africans are overbreeding. They need the white man to feed them. It’s not something Africans should be proud of.

      • I think TheBringerOfWar’s comment was a wish for your future. People with your mentality does unfortunately exists and we must bear with it. Hope this b*llshit you call “race/sex/economic/educational realism” doesn’t spread too greatly. Have a nice day, racist. Sorry, “race realist”.

    • I second that. Typical conspiracy nut with a victim complex. This ‘Paladin Justice’ guy would be doing the world a great favour by staying out of the gene pool.

      • I suspect this specific strain of angry white men originate exactly because of rejection to breed.
        It does make for amusing reading though, and while I think your choice of alias is a little pretentious, I’m curious as to what made you choose one based on a band of Frenchmen. 🙂

      • Mr. Justice,
        Everything you have said is beyond disturbed. I don’t know what your problem is, but you are a racist bigot, so much to the point that there may be no hope in trying to explain it to you. All people are people. The color of their skin, the clothes they where, the god they believe in, none of that makes them not people. You might maybe disagree with someone’s culture, but don’t ever, ever, decide that they are not people because of it. I am disturbed now.
        —U. R. Disturbing

    • TheBringerOfWar ???, what a comical alias for Homo-Lib. However, it’s real pleasure seeing Lefty degenerate chimping out, but sorry, no bananas for you today.

      • By the way, Paladin Justice….I DO know that a lot of sneaky, greedy, BAD crap is done to Americans by those in power, those with money (see those in power)…and I fight against it every day…but to many here I feel are not part of finding a true solution. And many just rail against anyone that are not them…NOT meaning to maline anyone’s rights….But screaming and swearing at every other ‘Tom, Dick, and Harry ‘ is not my idea of a viable solution to bringing those who ARE truly stealing our lives, and rights, right out from under our noses….every single day now!!!😥 I wish you well with your fight…I’m off to think about my own ways to do so, for myself, and ALL Americans. 👍

    • Thanks. I posted a link in my blogroll to your Stalked by Morons site a couple of days ago and was listening to you on the radio via the link you provided over at Viking Bitch. I like what you’re doing as well.

      • And thanks to you for the link.
        Escaping what someone wanted my destiny to be wasn’t noble, as in for someone else. It was self-defense.
        To me, silence is consent. I won’t consent.

  2. Paladin: I want you to look at a really interesting website, and one of their best videos: Site: Noradicalgayagenda https://www.youtube.com/user/noradicalgayagenda

    Then the good video: Gay Science is all Fake…….

    You’ll see that video in the site’s line-up. The video is fascinating- in it, a veteran APA member tells how the gays/feminists took over that group, and how propaganda, not SCIENCE was used from there on out. He was in San Francisco when the gay revolution started, and he talks about how they all treated the messed up homosexuals who came to their offices, saying, ‘I don’t want to live like this anymore…’

    Now there is a longer version of the Gay Science one, I couldn’t find it, maybe it’s in the line up.

    MAJOR eye-opening material!! How it all started.

    I know you can do justice to this material

  3. I found your post about my town – Wolfeboro, NH – very funny. Please don’t blame the whole town though. Less than half of use are “Libturds”. The rest of us are somewhere between fed up and apathetic as we watch our nation be turned into a 3rd world country by a traitor, his cronies, rampant illegal immigrant, and masses of Kool-Aid drinking guilty white people. I grew up and also went to college in very racially diverse settings (Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta) and the liberals up here make me sick with their hypocrisy, which is one reason I pulled my kid from the schools here…though the private schools are not any better I’ve found. They do not judge a person by the content of their character as Dr. King envisioned…for today’s liberals and the masses of brainwashed children in our schools…such judgments are reserved for white people…if you are a minority you deserve more empathy and breaks because of generalized guilt. There is no honesty in race discussions anymore; white people can be made fun of, suffer horrible hate crimes, and the focus will remain on oppression of Blacks or Hispanics (never Asians).

    • It’s good to know that there are some sensible folks in Wolfeboro. I’m glad you got a laugh off the comment because it was intended as satire. Our job is to flip the script on the liberals and make it respectable for us to voice our opinions. Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse called it back in the 60s… what was it … the intolerance of tolerance or something similar. The idea is that people have free speech rights but only within the boundaries of the pro-Marxist position.

    • It’s good to know that there are some sensible folks in Wolfeboro. I’m glad you got a laugh off the comment because it was intended as satire. Our job is to flip the script on the liberals and make it respectable for us to voice our opinions. Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse called it back in the 60s… what was it … the intolerance of tolerance or something similar. The idea is that people have free speech rights but only within the boundaries of the pro-Marxist position.

  4. Hello

    would love to know your identity as i would be interested in having you give a seminar on race relations in the 21st century at our church in central texas


    Caroline Simpson

      • yeah Mr. Justice. Quite a bit more than a few months have passed, have they not? I’m guessing the events you had hoped would transpire — and thus bestow upon you the testicular package apparently needed to give Charlemagne’s fiercest warrior the courage to stake a public claim to this noble crusade — have not yet come to pass. Well, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. I hear Charles Manson is still hard at work laying the groundwork for his great race war. Rest assured, we all wait with baited breath the great unveiling!

      • I do things on my schedule, not yours.

        And as stated many times here, peaceful separation of the races would benefit both races. Your people could be free of us hateful white devils who oppress you. Don’t you want that?

        Just as likely as a race war or even more likely, is secession, a new Civil War or American Revolution 2.0.

      • You have not revealed your identity. You must be afraid. Afraid of everyone knowing who it is that publishes this drivel

      • Weak comment by you. It’s a standard leftist troll comment. I have three stories up today on WHITE people getting fired for saying something politically incorrect. Call me afraid or a coward. It makes no difference to me. Shakespeare wisely said, “Discretion is the better part of valor.” I may reveal my identity after I move out of this state to a safe house. Or I may not. My choice, not yours.

      • What a dumb anonymous hypocrite this Alex is. As long as Lefty tyranny reigns, decent people have to stay in the shadow of anonymity. Consider police officers for instance, exposed and their families endangered by Lefty+Negroid mobs because of MSM scoundrels “tips”. And cops were just doing their jobs, as cop’s job is to neutralize Urban Negro scum.


  6. Good on ya, all this great intel. Please consider featuring a book every American should read: Who Really Owns Your Gold, 3rd ed. by William Garner. It’s available on Amazon.com. Thanks.

  7. Great site, thank you.
    Plan to visit often.
    People are lulled to sleep intelectually by the evening news, sitcoms, sports on television.
    The ” Beer and Football, America love it or leave it ” crowd are very hard to get to.
    But a lot easier than the power tripping cops in military drag.

  8. Paladin’s blog has been temporarily suspended by WordPress since Tuesday night. He’s cooperating with WordPress. When he’s allowed back online by WordPress, he will explain why he’s been blocked from posting new material, approving new comments via moderation, etc.

    • @B. Hodges – Reaction typical for “progressive” Liberal – instead of arguments, demands for suspension, banning, bias, forgery, lies, hysteria, rioting…etc. By the way, “his” is not “hate talk”, but FACT TALK, something Homo-Libs in general are incapable.

  9. Loved your article on Molly Shattuck. Your honesty is refreshing. I wish that there were a few million more people like you to counter the bullshit that is constantly sold to us as truth. Keep up the good work.

  10. Honestly im quite perturbed by the content that ive read on your sight. However since a key aspect of your rhetoric, and self esteem seem to come from your perceived role as an “academic” ill withhold any moralistic coutrage, and confront you on a purely logical basis. (free from any politcal or theoretical position)

    1. You cite your past as an academic, yet one of the most basic tenets in academia is pluralism (being able to analyse and understand things from multiple perspectives and using multiple frameworks) yet this is clearly lacking in your content. You approach issues with a fixed outlook, and appear to have no reflecivity in your opinions.

    2. The content of your blog is very narrow, not just intellectually, but focus wise. You approach only a few issue, and it makes me feel that the blog exists only to justify your own beliefs in the face of clear critisms.

    3. You come across as very paranoid, frequently stating (very prominantly in your bio) that you hold your current beliefs despite their perceived illegimimacy. This stance seems very reactionary, and undermines the legitimacy of your views.

    4. Not only do you opitimise a “single-issues” blog, But your chosen subjects of conversation. race-realism/ conspiracies, are well documented to lack factual basing. Race realism draws heavily from pseudo science such as phrenology, and much of its key proponents are noted bigots.

    Ive tried my best to offer only neutral, rationlly based critisms. But i would be doing you a disservice if i didnt let you know how ignorant and vile i ind most of your content. Its truly troubling to me that people like you validate their disgusting views through the occasional supporting replies of nutters. Its clear that you have deep seated anger towards certain groups and that your embrace of white supremacy is a thinly veiled ploy to boost your self esteem, when inside you know that your life has been miserable. I say this only to make clear my opinion of your content. And i hope that if you chhose to reply, you reply on a purely rational level, rather than merely attempting to bash whatever political and social views you presume i have.

    • I take it you don’t want anyone talking about the 37,000 black men on white women rapes every year in the USA. Now the hammer murder of the St. Louis Bosnian (white) man by three black teens who were after a white person to kill. The list is endless of things liberals don’t want us talking about and that receive short shrift in the liberal press.

      Let’s turn to Obama. A guy who only comments when a black is murdered. Never when a white is murdered. Ooops, there goes my paranoia again.

      Paranoia = noticing.

      To be frank, the opinion of liberals is of no interest to me. Oh, and that “pluralism” is a cultural Marxist dogma designed to shut off white perspectives on the news. I’ve seen it up close and personal, so I know the score, buddy.

      • violence an aggressioon are sad responces to the enviroment we live in, but violence is practiced by all races against targets of any other race. If black people are perceivd to be more violent its because of historically much of the social infastructure has aggresivly repressed them, which over genertaions may have led to incresed levels of anger and dissillusionment. That does not mean that black people are in any way inferior or more prone to aggresion than other races. simply that, only that sadly due to racists such as yourself they live in a more hostile enviroment.

        Its clear that your whole worldview is very american centric. (i doubt youve ever travelled abroad). Most of your issues with race relations are more so issues about identity, representation, and the monopoly of violence, thta exist to a larger context in us politics.

        I would be greatly intrested to know your opinion on asian races

      • This blog is highly popular in Britain. Many of the commenters are from Europe. And I search the news and source from news organization worldwide. The cultural focus is American primarily because the USA’s culture used to be so admired around the world and still is to a degree. It’s a sick culture that other nations should not aspire to be like.

        I worked with colleagues from around the world at the university. I have an eccentric admiration for the Hindu peoples of India, which I’ve mentioned before. I admire certain things about the Japanese. There may be admirable things about the Chinese, but their inability to tell the truth cancels it out. Lying is a way of life to the Chinese. The area where I live is 80 percent Mexican. Where I grew up is the biggest multicultural area in North America, the port city of New Orleans, a jambalaya of different races and cultures, all of which I hate. I love my hillbilly, English, Scottish, Irish culture, such as is found among rural southern whites, the most demonized people on earth.

        The book “A Troublesome Inheritance” gathers all the evidence from geneticists that the races are physically different. Blacks evolved differently from whites and from Asians. They possess the violence gene more often than other races. Their brains are different. Their body structures are different. They are ill adopted to life in the West, which is why they need to be on reservations like the Indians or repatriated to Africa, like the great African-American leader Marcus Garvey worked toward. He even started a shipping company, The Black Star Line, so that blacks would have comfortable accommodations on their way back to Africa.

  11. The crux of your argument, is that races are geneologically and psychologically deifferent. However the difference between the sexes is inargubly a much larger differnce in terms of attitudes and physic. You argue that african americans are more prone to violence than caucasians and hence have trouble integrating. I doubt the extent and implications of your claim, as males are evoluntionarily prone to violence to a much larger extend than women, and this discrepency in the violence of the genders is much more significant than any discrepency in the violence of the races. Unless you think that men need to be contained in “reservations” then i dont grant much merit to genetic predisposition as the key proponent in determining behavior.

    Psychologically valid tests into intelligence have shown that gentics play a small part in determining behavior (2 identical twins separated at birth and raised in different enviroments showed large discrepencies when tested for IQ). You might find the specifics of this study irrelevent but it is just one example of how the enviroment were raised in (nurture) plays a larger role in determining behavior than genes (nature). While the may be some truth in the accusations that minorities are disproportionly involved in hostile activity, surely this is due to the racial bias’s against them that have historically been an element of the social infastructure. And im sure the same could be said for southern whites given their often unjust portrayal.

    You frequently cite literature for reference, and you defend your points based on your “academic” experince with them. However your blog feels very conflicted as despite your attempts to paint yourself as an intellectual, the content and at times your writing style seem more in line with a tabloid newspaper or a gossip site. Not to mention that you often seem less concerned with deconstructing social issues and more focussed on taking cheap shots at easy targets like rap music or drug users or immigrants

    • Some of the claims you make about nature vs. nurture are refuted by academic articles I’ve read. As to style, the intended audience is not academics, but the general population. I view it as similar to the writings of dissident cultural critics Jim Goad, Kathy Shaidle, and Gavin McInness on Taki Mag. And successful book authors such as Steven Pinker, Ann Coulter, and Malcolm Gladwell. And even Mark Twain. The style exhibited here is the same style that won me best three teaching awards from the university. You can call criticism “cheap shots” if you like. Why should rap music, drug users, and immigrants be immune from criticism when the entire academic establishment blames EVERYTHING bad on the hated white male, especially the White, Christian, heterosexual male.

      • 1. What kind of sleep schedule are you using?

        2. I think we both know your exaggerating when you say the academic establishment blames everything on the white male. Yes a lot of critism is directed towards the white male however the are two main reasons for this outside of a prejudicial agenda. Firstly white males have historically held the majority of positions of power in a western post-westphalian state, in conjuction with this we have to consider that most commentators and academics seek to challenge and critisise (practices you yourself promote in your description). Its only natural then that academics whose job is in part to critically examine the structures and systems of the world around us will invariably include in their critisms those who hold positions of power (which in the anglosphere means white hetero christians).

        As a supporting point id like to mention the reason that academics in particular are so quick to point out the mistakes of white men, is because many of these academics are themselves white men. As a people in general it is a worthy practice to ave critism for only the subjects that we are intimatly or passionatly familiar with (hence why much of your content focusses on certain themes rather than say sports analysis or volcanology). During my life ive heard critisms made of the practices of all races/ subcultures/ and creeds, however those critisms, and observations have come from members of their respective subgroups. If your looking for white academics to detail to you the flaws in some of the beliefs of say sri lankens or eskimos or racing drivers, then you wont find much, instead it will mainly be critism of what they are familiar with, white males.

        I argue that the critism levelled at white males is not based on them as a subdivision of the human race. Rather as the perceived gateholders of power. Ill illustrate my point with a brief but imperfect analgue. In the past few years the has been a lot of anger expressed towards bankers. However they dont receive hatred so much because of the specifics of their job, rather because they are seen to repsent a ruling class. Hence the negative portrayal of white men is not a rejection of gender or race or religeon or sexuality, instead its a rejection of what many see as the ruling class.

        I know your a little behind the times with rap music so i gotta reccomend this song, im not promoting or trying to prove a point, its just a great song

    • One question you miss is whether Jews are white. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance says “They look white to me.” He won’t allow criticism of Jews on his site. Andrew Anglin on the Daily Stormer notes that genetically Jews are made of DNA different from white DNA and most articles there “name the Jew.” Brother Nathanael, born a Jew but a convert to Christianity, has a highly popular website supported by donations, focusing only on the Jew’s nefarious schemes of world domination. Look up Professor Kevin MacDonald for academic articles naming the Jew.

      The white male is completely disempowered. The bankers are Jews and their Masonic lackeys. I recommend you visit Henry Makow’s website and dip into the archives to read about Jewish control over the world. Makow is an ex-academic kicked out of higher ed for criticizing feminism. He’s in the blogroll with the others, listed as Dr. Henry Makow. As Makow notes, the objective is to create a one world government, no religion, one world race, etc.

      My university’s president was quite open about his “Mexicano supremacism.” Look up The Cosmic Race by Professor Jose Velascocelos. Start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Raza_C%C3%B3smica

      Mexicano supremacism involves genociding individual races, blending them into one giant “cosmic race” of Mexicans who populate the world, done via miscegenation. According to my university’s president the white race has no right to exist because only it stands in the way of the new master race–Mexicans.

      I’m standing up for my race. Unless you’re a Mexicano supremacist, you should stand up for yours. I’ve witnessed a number of things I write about first hand, which gives me a certain drive to expose them and a personal motivation to keep writing for this blog, as well as comments on other blogs and news web sites.

      • You seem incapable of truly responding to me. I brought into the discussion the idea that we should treat people differenly because of gentic and physical differences and your only responce was that “some articles ive read refute some of your claims”(my source was a frequently refrenced study, supported by the APA.) I suggest that you need to read from less biassed sources who are preaching to their paranoid, biggotted congregation. (also citing the daily mail is a joke). Secondly i attempted to talk about race and power perception, and i think i was quite successfull in explaining the negativity that you feel is directed towards white men.

        On neither occasion have you attempted to respond to me, youve always just changed subject. Is this because you have no legitimate argument. Or is it beause your entire argument is illeitimate?

        You never responded to my inquiry as to how you respond within an hour to these comments at all hours of the day (tired can lead to exhaustion, reduced mental capacity, and hallucination. Which would explain greatly the content of your blog). Plus you never told me if you liked the song.

        Honestly, thrugh my interaction with you i highly doubt that your an academic, or that any reputable institute would employ you. The man who you claim is director of your institute, José Vasconcelos, has been dead for some time. You like to post links to other articles letting the work of other s explain the faults and holes in your own arguments, however i highly doubt that you yourself have ever published a paper, or that you have authority to speak on this subject

    • Believe what you like. I posted a link to a recently published academic article in response to your main point, which seems to be that race is a social construct and all races are exactly the same, meaning we should ignore race except when it suits the leftist agenda. I also pointed you to read Nicholas Wades’ book, “A Troublesome Inheritance” which has a huge number of references to the academic literature on race.

      Also, you misunderstood the reference to Vasconcelos, who as you say has been dead for decades. The point is that the president of my university was a FOLLOWER of the ideas of Vasconcelos, as is the “La Raza” group in the US.

      • As usual your understanding of my argument has no resemblance to the actual argument itself, youve attacked not the points ive made but instead imaginary points that you find easy to dismiss. I never said that race is a social construct or that it should be ignored i just argued that it is far from the most prescient of attributes. Again you seem to lack an ability to debate at an academic level which calls in to question further your actual grouding in the subject. Especially since many of your followers seem to have been lulled into trusting you based on your “academic standing”. It seems you are just an armchair racist and an intellectual fraud

      • Believe what you like. You express yourself poorly and then blame it on me. I’m done. And if I’m a “racist” in your eyes, then I’m doing my job correctly.

    • Re: Oracle’s latest comment, which will not be published:

      As noted in my comment below to Lew, I was aware you were trolling me and that you were a student doing a class assignment. It was quite obvious from the git go. That’s why I trolled you by even posting your initial idiotic comment. I wanted to see how far you would take your insane leftist illogical mutterings.

      I do confess I expected the usual leftist obscenities from you, such as f*ck you or a**hole early on, but you wanted to keep the thing going, so you didn’t do that. Until the latest unpublished comment that is. C*nt? You think your obscenities have any effect on me? You’re really quite low class, aren’t you?

      Congrats on the 95 from your Marxist professor. If you had done a really good job, that fool would have given you a 100. So, don’t feel so proud of yourself. You made a fool of yourself, which is what is rewarded in higher ed today.

      By banning you, you now claim I’m censoring you. After admitting you’re a troll. That shows what an inferior mind you have, sonny boy. Anyone with ideas can post here. Unfortunately, nothing you wrote showed any idea worth discussing.

      Now, go back and play in your sandbox, little one.

  12. Paladin, it was really amusing to attend your duel with this perturbed “academic” and un-metaphorically self-proclaimed “oracle”. It was prosaic how this “outrageously moralistic” snake tried to booby-trap you with “academic” ornamental prattling in his punji babble-pit full of bamboo sticks covered with his dogmatic tenets.

    As a scholar and gentleman you accepted duel, but Libturd snake wasn’t prepared for fair exchange of arguments, he viciously just advertised his bullshit. After all, It’s evident how argumentative discussion with people, that we already identified as accessories in multicultural failure, is actually impossible.

    His – “Race realism draws heavily from pseudo-science such as phrenology” – actually doesn’t hold, as our/mine Race Realism rather relies on behavior, attitude or evolutionally engraved habitude. However, Simian shelf/jaw, symptomatic to Sub Saharan Negros is evident and remains, like it or not, as a phrenologic fact.

    Next “Oracle’s” sentence is so idiotic that need to be quoted – “Its clear that you have deep seated anger towards certain groups and that your embrace of white supremacy is a thinly veiled ploy to boost your self esteem”

    Above statement is typical Marxist academia “rationale” about Racism and they too would need an educational upgrade on that subject. White Racism nowadays is just self-defensive stance, it is ability to understand Racial differences and react on anticipated hostilities accordingly. As this is the FACT, moronic “compassion and understanding” why Nigger-gangs are so cruel with White victims is worthless in real life.

    I would recommend to every “Oracle”, go face the relatives of horrendous Black on White crime and relief their pain with idiotic “theory” how – ” black people are perceivd to be more violent its because of historically much of the social infastructure has aggresivly repressed them, which over genertaions may have led to incresed levels of anger and disillusionment”

    According to “Oracle academic mind”, it could mean that victim’s privileged Whiteness actually, is culpable for what happened to them,.

    “Oracle’s” next pearl is also “worth” of quoting – “That does not mean that black people are in any way inferior or more prone to aggresion than other races”. – Seriously, check in Africa – corpses dismembering, beheadings, “Long/Short Sleeves” limbs “corrections” with Machete “instruments”, burning tire “collars”, eating internal organs etc. It’s evident, no traces about proneness.

    Next pearl deserves quote too – “simply that, only that sadly due to racists such as yourself they live in a more hostile environment” – wow, this is really “scientific” explanation, what happened with inherited violence exercised in non-racist peaceful African homeland.

    While “oracle” doubts that Paladin “ever travelled abroad”, I honestly doubt that “oracle” ever had close contact with Nigger-gangs. I would bet, although I never do, that “oracle” is dwelling in predominantly White community; otherwise, his “social science” wouldn’t float so high in clouds.

    I hope that this one, and other “oracles”, would experience similar fate as their comrade David Ruenzel, Black Crime Apologist, who made living from writing about white privilege and had been killed by own Negro-pets. In difference to Ruenzel, I wish them staying alive and paralyzed, so they could continue with “rationally based criticism” against bigots.

      • Yup Oracle couldn’t resist his parting shot but even the blind drunk getting booted out of the pub managed to say: “Well f.. you. I was leaving anyway!”

        All Oracle managed after wasting so mach space with his non-argument is “LOL”

        Deserves a Nobel Prize this one.

    • Thanks for your support, Lew. You have more patience with Marxist psycho-babble than I do, so I’m glad you extracted those pearls of wisdom and analyzed them. Since I have better things to do than point him to articles and books he won’t read, he’s being banned. I read a hundred or so articles a day to prepare for writing this blog and responding to leftists who are simply insulting me and my commenters isn’t a good use of my time. Now I have to see if I can remember how to block someone from commenting. LOL.

    • Lew, I’ve only banned three commenters. Now, with the oracle, it makes four. Saul Alinksky’s rules for radicals seem to be his inspiration in engaging me. You try to engage them, but they come back at you claiming you’re not engaging them. Then they call you a fraud and a liar. LOL. I had a lot of experience with leftist colleagues at the university, so it’s pretty easy to predict how some things will play out. BTW, I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s a student at a university in Europe. Maybe this exchange was a class assignment!!!

      • Paladin, since long time ago I learned that argumentative dialog with Libturd or Lib-retard or Homo-Lib, is impossible. Special sort are Lib-retarded academics and “academics”, which reactions are often combo of certain autism and down syndrome, artistic prattling and idiotic theorizing. You can tranquilize them with mirroring effect only, facing them back with own crap. This crap-facing is derived from an advice that I heard somewhere, when you want to stop your puppy defecating within a house, we are supposed to push his snout in his shit. I never tried this with my dogs, as it is idiotic for dog, but efficient with Libturds, where Lib and Turd are in perfect synergy anyway. Obviously it worked with this creep “oracle”, as he just coughed – LOL .

      • Paladin, I’m late to this discussion so you probably won’t see this, but I still have to say…..you have the patience of Job, lol! 🙂


    • Thanks. I do my best. I have to run now, but as soon as I get back I’ll check and the link and see what’s up. I also have several of your posts I need to like and possibly comment on. Many thanks. But headed out the door now!!!

    • Yours is the usual leftist response. People like me just want to be left alone, but leftists won’t allow that. You justify your tyrannical acts in the name of human rights.

      Our crime is noticing. We’re not the ones chanting “Kill the pigs” and such. We’re not going away and we’ll keep noticing. The hate is coming from the left, not from us.

  13. His name is CENSORED. This is his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/CENSORED Here is his phone number: CENSORED Here is his email: CENSORED. So much for staying anonymous.


  14. Thank you for your candor …American fatigue with libtards and their thug “culture” is turning the corner. Lock ‘n Load.

  15. Hello, this is Mark Fahmy, and I found a post about me on your blog. “Arab Immigrant in Sweden Says Swedes Should Cut Immigration”. This is totally misleading since I am neither an immigrant nor a Muslim. I am actually half-Swedish discussing an important Swedish subject. Please remove the post. All the info you wrote about me is incorrect, thank you!

    • Your reply stands as your response. The information posted came from The Local. Insofar as i am aware Egyptians clima to be Arabs. You state that you are half Egyptian. No one said you were an immigrant. I described you as an “invader” in Sweden. I stand by that word. This is America. We have free speech. We’re allowed to speak the truth here without being arrested, as is the case in Sweden.

      • Quotes from Mark Fahmy –

        “As a Swedish guy myself who’s olive skinned with dark hair and eyes” – and – “Growing up, I spent every summer travelling from Egypt to Sweden to stay with my mother’s family in Skåne”

        It’s interesting that where hi said – “I am actually half-Swedish” – he omitted other half, which is obviously Egyptian, hence Arab

        Without being disrespectful to Mr. Fahmy, he is not a Swedish guy. Swedes are autochthone European ethnicity, with distinctive physical appearance and with full Swedish ancestry. He could be Swedish citizen, but in no way Swede, ever. According to photo, he could be nice looking Middle Eastern or Hispanic or South Italian alike, but in no way Nordic type.

        Cases like this clearly show us how autochthone European nations will be ridiculously dissolved with TW tsunami, causing possible misapprehensions, even conflicting situations. I don’t see Mr. Fahmy as a problem, but other people of his Arab descent are THE PROBLEM, where his half remains the part of that descent, weather he likes it or not.

        There is absolutely no reason for meeting his request, as there is nothing insulting in said post.

      • Thank you for your support Lew. He must see Arabs as a problem himself or he wouldn’t have written the immigration piece that he did. He’s left a second comment, which clarifies on his behalf, but I’m not inclined to change anything in the post or delete it. The fact that he is half Egyptian, meaning half Arab, adds strength to the story. Whether he was born on Swedish soil or on Egyptian soil is irrelevant to the point that Arabs are creating a problem for Sweden. Obviously, it matters to Mr. Fahmy which soil he was born on. It would be much preferable to anyone with any sense to be born in Sweden. And like you say, I for example could become a Swedish citizen, but I could never be a Swede.

      • The title you used states “Arab immigrant”, and I am clearly not an immigrant nor a Muslim. It is not an issue of freedom of speech, which I clearly support, but rather that of sharing misleading information about me as a person. I am pinpointing false facts.

      • And I have to add that it is such a pity how you guys are trying so hard to assign people into specific categories and countries. I am proud of both my Egyptian and Swedish heritage, and it is quite unfathomable why you are trying so hard to modify my identity. Simply put, I’m not only a Swedish citizen, but a also a very proud Swede. Does being blonde give a person the ‘you are the best’ stamp? This is so distorted. You should really review your ideas about races and prejudices and share more acceptance and love. Good day!

  16. @Mark Fahmy – As Paladin is momentarily off, I will try to explain you where you are wrong and what you are refusing to understand.

    As an intelligent person, you obviously understand what reality is, and Paladin’s blog is about realism, Race Realism to be precise. Why are we focused on Race Realism – because Liberal surrealistic socio-engineers to be, are denying existence of Races for the purpose of sick political tendencies, with main agenda to decompose White Race, White Men primarily, White civilization actually. This is indisputable, and there is over-abundance of evidence and in a case of your unawareness, we can provide it for you.

    You are what you are, so we are what we are, where difference is that you claim to be something else, while we are just accepting reality of our being. We are not assigning people into specific categories and countries, we have no power to do that, we only admit that this is as it is. Mother Nature (or God if you wish) “assigned” people in “categories”, and on assigned categories (Races and Nations) people formed countries and civilizations. I hope you are capable of recognizing this part of reality.

    You said – “I am proud of both, my Egyptian and Swedish heritage” – good and you should, as no one has any problem with that and we see you as a person of Egyptian and Swedish heritage.

    Now to the point – “why you are trying so hard to modify my identity” – Where and when, how we could modify your identity, we don’t have that power. Even more, we accept you exactly the way you described yourself – “Egyptian and Swedish heritage” – You are the one that is trying to modify what you already defined as yourself – “Egyptian and Swedish heritage” or can we say Egipto-Swede or Swedo-Egyptian. As you can see, I am very precise with this, I am not taking anything from you, nor am I implanting anything on you. That is the REALITY, and nothing else.

    As a half-Swedish citizen, you can FEEL yourself as a Swede, but you are not autochthon Swede, and we don’t see you as a Swede. Let me give you a parallel, by breeding Lion and Tiger – what you get – Lion, Tiger, or something third, which could be nice or ugly, depends on luck.

    Same principle applies with people, where you have been lucky with not being ugly. You are young, smart, god looking, and all you need is common sense and reality. Why are you so frustrated if you are not seen as a Swede, but exactly as you are?

    Yours – “You should really review your ideas about races and prejudices” – At this point, I assume you finally get it, we have no IDEAS about Races, and we accept their EXISTENCE, as they are, which is why we are REALISTS.

    As of “prejudices” – can you point on where you noticed a single prejudice, where in my post resides that infamous prejudice. I have nothing against you, I don’t hate you, nor I love you, I am just accepting you as you are, an individual who posted his comments here with which I partially disagree, and we clinched in a dialog, that’s all.

    Finally the last one – “more acceptance and love” – acceptance of what, Third World immigration or rather saying massive relocation of totally incompatible and hostile hordes in our World – that NEVER. Hey, wait a minute; you are the one actually, who is not willing to share more acceptances with your half-brothers, and obviously it goes same with love. If you don’t, why would we.

  17. Thank you lewgc for the constructive reply you provided. However, the main difference between you and me is that you put so much weight and value on races. Why are races that important? In my point of view, I care about the person’s values, principles and humanity instead of his/her race. Nobody chooses his own race, so why judge someone based on it? I was described on this blog as a “Muslim invader living on sacred Swedish soil” because I have dark features! This is blatant prejudice. This is why I wrote this in my article: “It will be those who strongly admire and take pride in Sweden’s values, but don’t have a typical Swedish appearance, that are bound to suffer the most.” My fear’s actually been answered. Do you think that claiming that people like me, who are not of ‘full’ Swedish ancestry or adopted people or loyal immigrants, are NOT SWEDES and can NEVER be.. can bring any positive effect on the society? Isn’t it better that people who want to belong should be given the opportunity to belong? What harm can they do if they already support the Swedish values? My problem is with those who don’t and view Sweden as a place to impose their beliefs and reject the core principles of freedom. Those should not be tolerated by the government. Your argument is about the importance of preserving the race, and mine is about preserving the values (which I see as the essential pillar of a forward society). If race is most important, and I’d assume that you guys are American, should I call you “invaders of the sacred American soil”? (which belongs to the one and only Native American Indians). I find this ridiculous.

    • It will take an elaborate to decipher for you situation as yours, so you could understand Race Realism and its importance. Please, bear next two in your mind:

      Generalization is unfair for individuals that don’t fall in a general cultural pattern of that particular Race, or ethnicity, however, GENERAL is what causes conflict, actually.

      Racism is not what Liberals and other concerned interpret like, in contrast to that idiotic delusion it is stance, which admits that Races do exist, and that they are substantially different. Emphasize is on DIFFERENT, which is further explained below

      YOURS – “the main difference between you and me is that you put so much weight and value on races. Why are races that important?” –

      ANSWER – They are, because Races are the carriers of certain specifics immanent to particular Race only, where skin color is not an issue, but culture, habits, temperament, attitude, life style and values, which are those controversial values or “values”. Races are substantially different in physical appearances, where I don’t know which is the first, whether appearance affects culture, or culture affects appearance. In the end, it’s irrelevant.

      YOURS – “I care about the person’s values, principles and humanity instead of his/her race”

      ANSWER – On individual level, this holds, with big numbers it is completely different game. Take this simplified parallel – Dog and cat, in a single household could be friends, but on the streets, dogs and cats are enemies. Even within an ethnicity, differences do clash, hence no wonder that huge cultural differences in big numbers do clash. Mother Nature definitely was aware of this problem, and for that reason different Races and cultures occupy own territories. Take history, whenever one nation came in direct contact with other, there was always war.

      YOURS – “Nobody chooses his own race, so why judge someone based on it”

      ANSWER – Because I KNOW what to expect, not just from HIM, but from THEM.

      YOURS – “It will be those who strongly admire and take pride in Sweden’s values, but don’t have a typical Swedish appearance, that are bound to suffer the most.”

      ANSWER – Say big fat thank-you to the Race of your half-origin. In the wars, innocent always suffered the most, and unfortunately, they still do. In your case, if it would be only few people like you, in Sweden or any White country, it wouldn’t be any problem, but PROBLEM is in the NUMBERS.

      YOURS – “Do you think that claiming that people like me, who are not of ‘full’ Swedish ancestry or adopted people or loyal immigrants, are NOT SWEDES and can NEVER be.. can bring any positive effect on the society”

      ANSWER – As I already explained, PROBLEM is in NUMBERS of those others, who are not like you. Your look and unbreakable umbilical with them is your curse, here. With your look, you wouldn’t have any issues in Egypt for instance, except partially cultural, eventually.

      YOURS – “Isn’t it better that people who want to belong should be given the opportunity to belong? What harm can they do if they already support the Swedish values”

      ANSWER – Be honest, how many of TW immigrants “wont to belong”, they actually DEMAND that Sweden BELONG to them, and they are very ardent with this. As I said, PROBLEM is in INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS.

      YOURS – “My problem is with those who don’t and view Sweden as a place to impose their beliefs and reject the core principles of freedom. Those should not be tolerated by the government”

      ANSWER – You just confirmed what I am presenting you all the time – INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS!

      YOURS – “Your argument is about the importance of preserving the race, and mine is about preserving the values”

      ANSWER – How would you preserve the values, when those distinctive values are endangered by INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS?

      YOURS – “(which I see as the essential pillar of a forward society)”

      ANSWER – Essentially deteriorated values are pillars of degraded society

      YOURS – “If race is most important, and I’d assume that you guys are American, should I call you “invaders of the sacred American soil”? (which belongs to the one and only Native American Indians)”

      ANSWER – By the way, I am not American, I am European, and as you can see, we both fit very well, because we are of the same Race and similar cultural values – Temperament, Habits, Attitude, Life Views, which are all primaries of common Christian Civilization, disregarding religious or not.

      Any way, you fell here in a trap with – “invaders of the sacred American soil” – Following your logic; one could say that Europeans invaded “sacred European soil”. No soil or continent is “sacred”. Nomadic Indians in the North American continent had no clue that they roam the continent, which will become America. Pre-America space was something like a wild life, where animals and Humans lived in a certain cohabitation, and same was in Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia. There were now constituted countries with borders and legal systems, it was just wild life. Hence, there is nothing ridiculous in European exploration of America and settling in the aftermath.

      Americans of European descent created America. They made mistake with importing wrong type of “agricultural tools” and epically failed by not dumping them back in the origin of export. American Liberal proneness for diversity or DIEVERSHITY is actually a mother of Racial mess and turmoil we are facing on both sides of the pond.

      Washington DC – New York Wall Street evil Axis alliance, ruled by vile Jewry is the source of all Global problems, including your infamous “Swedish status”.

  18. You wish to remain anonymous because you are filled with shame. You are the problem. You are brainwashed and hate-filled. There is hope. YOU CAN CHANGE!! People have come back from where you are. Sometimes medication helps. Fight for your humanity, man. You can overcome this. I know people who have undone this sort of brainwashing. They’re alive for the first time. You can be free too! Get help! Just reach out – take one small step…

  19. Thank you for all the work you do for this website. You are way more honest than any news networks.. They are the past you are the future..

    • Thanks, honesty will lead to the best outcomes for everyone. Plus, honesty doesn’t cost anything, other than maybe some hurt feelings of some people. They can deal with hurt feelings.

  20. I don’t understand how you can write about God on your homepage and yet categorize an entire population of disadvantaged African Americans as “punk ass niggas.” I know it seems silly, but what would Jesus think of you labeling one of his valued creations as “ghetto scum”? There are many problems in the United States and indeed the world today, but racism, academia, and faithfulness to God simply do not mix. It seems that many of your claims are rooted in a belief of inherent superiority of certain people (whites). Along these same lines, I do not see why it is so terrible to “…conform to [a] politically correct egalitarian agenda…” The word “conform” has developed a negative connotation, but the truth is that there is a completely valid reason for such conformity in this case, and it is the same reason why many people would dismiss your entire blog as conservative right-wing bull crap: when you insult people as part of your “honesty,” you lose credibility. As I said before, there are definitely problems with this country, and I’m sure you have plenty of valid viewpoints regarding them, but the fact is, you could reach and appeal to a much larger audience if you were a little more tactful. Just saying.

      • But there’s a difference between trying to convey the truth and simply going on hateful rants. I mean really, would you have made such a big deal out of a 6.5 million dollar settlement over the death of a white man? Even if he was poor, unemployed, and “ghetto scum,” would you have been so outraged to see a white man benefit from the system? Saying something controversial and offensive does not make it “the truth.” Granted, the truth is often controversial and offensive to some people, but hiding prejudice behind the veil of “truth” does not make you a “paladin” of “justice,” it just makes you come off as a dick.

  21. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Sunday NY Post where there is an article about a public school in NYC with a vibrantly diverse principal who wants to ban Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Pledge of Alleigance.

    Doesn’t the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution contain the words “… and to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and OUR POSTERITY …”?

  22. Hello, Great Blog! Just! just found it a couple of days ago. I read a article on the blog and a man had commented with a craigslist post that I think was from Pittsburg or maybe Chicago. It had alot of information on race differences. anyways was trying to find it again to further my knowledge to help open the eyes of some of my fellow race realist. could you point me in the right direction?
    thanks and keep up the good work.

  23. This blog has become one I visit daily. Your perspective on reality is refreshing and colorful with the “dindu nuffins” types of comments. Keep up the good work.

  24. Great to find you again Paladin Justice, i once read all your stuff some years ago and loved the truth no one else would expound on, so glad to have found you you are a Brother in Christ and Truth, as i am a realist too, will def be reading your content and your thoughts now that america has been removed from super power status, China will rise in the east or shall i say the dragon will rise in the east, i am shocked the kenyan mooslum has not gotten us nuked yet but we are on the very edge of ww3 and just in time for marshall law , when will racism end for the negroid ? When there are zero whites left in murika, muslim immigrunts and open borders as well as paying 41k to each ilegal to be here all but guareentees our genocide, white folks built this country, allinventions were by white peaple, all the wars were mainly fought by white peaple, white folks exported electrical power production to afroka mexico ect… Google earth anywhere in mexico or afroka and see what the mud peaple have done with this technology its torn down

  25. Alguien sabe donde Esta España?? Lo pregunto porque un Americano sabe donde esta Paris, Francia, pero parece que Europa termina ahi… y despues de francia no hay nada… Y en realidad detras de los pirineos franceses esta España, Portugal, Givaltar.

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  27. stumbled upon your blog trying to discover the identity of the Swedish train knifeman, & alas, I discovered a new area of discussion void of BS!!! Please scope out returnofkings.com you’d enjoy it

    • Since I live in an area that’s 80 percent Hispanic, technically Hispanics are called Mestizos–a mix of European, native Indian, and black. Eva Longoria, for example, tested 70 percent Euro, 20 percent or so Aztec, and the rest African.

  28. Re: Austin Hilbourn: you are a POS. allegedly retarded? he is autistic. big difference. please get your facts straight about what you write. kids on the spectrum don’t “trust” the want to belong. big difference. these 4 piecesof sh*t lured him under the false pretense of friendship. they are liars, evil, thugs, disgusting black negros of the worst kind and need to be extinct. i hope the jury sees fit to give them all the maximum jail time. just because you have a blog you think you are intelligent? anyone can have a blog. that doesn’t mean you have anymore intelligence than the next person. no wonder you are writing as “anonymous” coward.

    • Anyone who writes on the Internet and provides personal information is stupid. Anonymity is smart, not cowardly. I notice that you don’t publish your real name, do you?

      As to “autism,” Jew headshrinkers keep inventing new mental Illnesses in order to make more money. Check out the work of Dr. Thomas Szasz sometime. Austin’s parents describe him as schizophrenia. And yes, he’s retarded for trusting blacks, who were acting weird before they attacked him.


      • Clearly you don’t have an autistic child, or loved ones. Or any loved ones at all, perhaps? You do not represent this white person, ever. I hope my mere existence everyday helps offset your’s.

      • No one ever speaks for all members of a group. Although if the policies I and other alt-right philosophers advocate were in place for the last 50 years everyone in all groups would be happier, healthier, and safer. Virtue signaling about “inclusion” and such is a losing proposition. Traditional values that were respected and lived for thousands of years have been trashed for a “brave new world” that is leading to chaos and World War 3. I may or may not care about humans but I do care about the wildlife that will perish because of human stupidity.

  29. Im jewish and just a normal person, the person who writes this blog is a sad man who has so many problems that they need to be racist amd preach hate to try and be happy. Your blog is stupid, get a real job and go and shove the burning cross up ure ass.

  30. Thank goodness nobody actually sees this so called website. Talk about being a bunch of degenerates! You don’t believe in your own opinions, if you did you would be using your real name (not a handle). Trash-in every sense of the word.

  31. Paladin, with all your recent activity, I’ve made your blog one of my daily go-to-sites . . . even moved it to near-the-top of my bookmarks. I appreciate all the great work brother.

  32. You claim to want to have intelligent conversation.

    How does calling someone a nigger make you intelligent? It implies to me that you
    are afraid that people of all races are indeed equal. I think it speaks to your
    own shame at not feel adequate and that’s unfortunate.

    If someone’s house is broken into and ‘nigga lover’ is spray painted on their
    walls, how is that not cause to be startled?

    You support a president who openly advocates sexual assault. I’m not interested in you listing other presidents who have done the same – I’m sure you’ll find others who have committed/openly promoted rape – but that doesn’t negate Trump’s comments.

    This isn’t about being P.C.

    Learn the 10 commandments. Learn what Jesus really wanted.

    I don’t see you as an academic. I would expect research if so.

    • LOL. Well, how you deducted that I think that the races are equal is beyond my comprehension. The races are different in DNA to start. Intelligence, interests, behavior, bone structure, brain matter–all different.

      Let’s move to Trump. By your definition, there’s probably not a man alive who hasn’t “advocated” sexual assault. It used to be called wooing a woman. The movies glamorized it. Then came feminist PC. As one who has been raped by two different women myself, I can assure you that women want the right to reach out and grab us by the **** and they want certain men to grab them too. It’s nature.

      As to Jesus, where did he say we have to accept our destruction? If he did say it, then he’s irrelevant to me. As you know the God of the Old Testament ordered his people to genocide their enemies. And as you know Jesus got very upset with another race–the race of Pharisees called money changers. Was he loving the enemy when he kicked their butts? I don’t think so.

      As to academics this is a website, not a peer-reviewed journal. You might find this politically incorrect professor’s writings interesting. I think he’s still a prof. I’m not. I get more readers here in a day than every professor in the history of my university has gotten. No one reads those academic papers. They are totally worthless.


      • I agree with what you are saying.

        Maeve thinks all people are equal, fact is they are not equal at all, I have never met one person that was equal to another yet.

        The only point in the Bible that points to equal is under God we are all equal and that’s it, in the eyes of God, not in the eyes of man.

        I don’t consider my self equal to anyone, I know of others who are better than me in one way or another and the same is so with my self being better than others in some ways than others.

        One could say that all people are equal under the Law but that’s not totally true is it, if you comprehend reality, not to mention that the Law is not infallible, not to mention it did not save Judah, they needed Grace for that and as we know Grace in Jesus Christ over rules the Law.

        We all have our place in the body of Christ Jesus and only the ego leads to ranting’s about who is greater, only the fact is the greater has more responsibility’s lay on them and that’s truly enough for anyone to truly poke there head back in and the lower is at ease in Grace because the ego is at bay.

      • All true. Thanks for commenting.

        Everyone who is honest should be willing to admit where he is on the pecking order. I was lucky enough to have an IQ of 140 (threshold for genius) and parents and a culture that stressed morality. At the university there were those with higher IQs than me. There were many who seemed to have no morality at all.

        On the downside, my eyesight and to a degree my health and energy have been weak.

        We’re all a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Egalitarians on the left say we can’t acknowledge differences. That leads to unfairness. At the end of my career in higher ed, the university president was “diversity” with a 90 level IQ, which was extremely unfair to the smart ones.

  33. When one points to a race being some how different why do some get all worked up, generally speaking we all know idiots are abound in all races, what does it matter if you call them out for what they truly are, poofter, degenerates, nigger, wigger, Sodomites, if it’s true what’s the big deal. oh you hurt their feelings and then Political Correctness comes to their aid coming the heavy with all the insane madness of total cunning low under handed threats it can muster, Even going to such lengths as destroying ones career for life and this lot of PC Nazi morons think nothing of such, if one had the Grace to comprehend logic then one could see that this action is nothing but a act of total malice. such is the work of degenerates.
    Where one calls a person a nigger it’s about a darkness of the mind that one is pointing out, nothing to do with the skin colour but nowadays the word wigger points to a white skinned person who is a degenerate possessing a darkness of the mind. in the USA it may mean something other, as an insult to being a slave I think it is claimed their.
    There is many dark skinned people of all races that are good people of virtue, but sadly as it is with all people PCness will not inspire virtue in anyone, as in fact all it does is puff peoples ego up in defence of only degenerates that push that even sodomites have to be taken as ones own equal, well that Marxism at work ! such people lack Grace ! and are enslaved by darkness of the mind and that’s what Communism and Marxism Political Correctness is all about, such can not see past the reality’s of truth, the PC mob can not distinguish or read between the lines on any subject much at all, because they are brainwashed, so they think the worst in every situation, oh he does not like poofters ? he must be going to bash or kill such people or do wrong against such a person,(because of their degenerate mind) they can not truly comprehend that the one who said such, just does not look up to such as a person of virtue and that’s the whole point of any looking down on any such of all that I have just pointed out.
    Anyone who pushes the Nazi Politically Correct line is seen by my self as a degenerate, not because of hatred but one that I feel sad for and mainly like to steer clear of because they are demented.
    The poor bastards are lost to Satan (the one who leads all astray) Communism never will improve anyone and it never has, it just enslaves simple minded stupid deranged fools, it creates little nasty narrow minded short sighted malicious pricks just as PC created the same with the Nazi’s.
    I can point out that someone is a fairy that don’t mean he is a poofter. or I could point one out as a poofter but a ok type of one and another as not to be tolerated at all because he is a f ing full on deranged total sick moron. ( but the brainwashed can’t see that difference at all) they will come to the aid of the totally deranged even the child molester.
    The same with all the other I have pointed out can be classed in the same way, that’s what’s called discernment, it’s not nasty at all, it’s just factual and not hysteria like how the PC runabout claiming with total deranged malice.

    • Lots of thoughtful commentary here. To me, I think that truth is the highest value. If certain groups of people, blacks for example, have a horribly high crime rate and a low IQ, then why can’t I speak the truth and draw out implications about those facts.

      • Under Christ Jesus truth is what it’s all about.

        As for idiots and fools what can one do for them, I know of good friends I went to school with that were not the sharpest tool in the shed, but very good people coming from good homes, but the ones who lost there way were easy lead astray, maybe more so in a what what’s called now as compulsive obsessive disorder types or someone has tampered with there mind from a young age, they don’t have charge of themselves, no true self control.

        Reality can be a challenge for some people I have know like compulsive liars.

        Real high IQ people and it’s weird how such can be very stupid with lacking of people skills and hopeless or shocking driving ability’s.

        As for the negro Africans in general some are smart, mainly if the back of the skull sticks way out then I have never seen such be a doctor or in such a field that requires high skill.
        Half cast and such can be a mix bag from what I have seen.
        As for problems with African Americans as the PC mob try to claim to call it, well that is moronic and not good for a people to have such nonsense dished up to them, it only creates division and that’s what the Satanist want to do, is cause the problems and it’s done in a way that that works on delusions, such people are Americans of African decent end of story ! unless if they were born in Africa.
        What f wit calls himself a German American if his mum or dad came from such, he would be strung up as a Nazi or something claimed to be a total nut. but the brainwashing of media love to spin this shit and the morons just pick it up, not to mention some dipstick will come the heavy with anyone who bags the term African American, and one has to turn around thinking f me dead the idiot fools can not handle the bloody facts or the truth.

        The Political Correctness and all the Social Justice Warriors and the Socialist have created a monster, kids running about the place free range, no Father guidance and a lot of unmarried woman can not control young teen age boys well because Socialism and PC has worked to destroy the Family values that Christians held highly, and sure there were always dip stick dads piss pots and such. but the Socialist will always use the lowest denominator for their spin to get it all their way. every one has to be equal and that means you are equal to just shit. no one is better that the lowest grub child molester of raving poofter bastard who roots goats chooks and what ever.
        But from my point of view looking back over 50 years the amount of white trash getting about is astounding, regardless of social class. totally hopeless useless in their job no real skill but just bullshiting their way about.

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