DOJ Reopens Investigation into Justifiable 1955 Slaying of Mouthy Negro Emmett Till


Emmett Till, the now famous deceased negro boy forever to be remembered as the 14 year old victim of white Mississippi racists, was the offspring of an American soldier hung in Europe during World War II for the rape and murder of a white Italian woman, and the rapes of two others.

The apple never falls far from the tree.

Read more about rapist Louis Till at Wikipedia.

Emmett, who would have ended up dead on the mean streets of Chicago anyway, ended up in a river in Mississippi, justifiably so.

Negro control, southern style, worked. God only knows how many white female lives were saved by negro control and by the example of Emmett Till.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — The federal government has reopened its investigation into the slaying of Emmett Till, the black teenager whose brutal killing in Mississippi shocked the world and helped inspire the civil rights movement more than 60 years ago.

Might as well reopen the investigation into the death of General Patton, the Lindbergh baby, and the Lincoln assassination while they’re at it.

The Justice Department told Congress in a report in March it is reinvestigating Till’s slaying in Money, Mississippi, in 1955 after receiving “new information.” The case was closed in 2007 with authorities saying the suspects were dead; a state grand jury didn’t file any new charges.

Deborah Watts, a cousin of Till, said she was unaware the case had been reopened until contacted by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The federal report, sent annually to lawmakers under a law that bears Till’s name, does not indicate what the new information might be.

But it was issued in late March following the publication last year of “The Blood of Emmett Till,” a book that says a key figure in the case acknowledged lying about events preceding the slaying of the 14-year-old youth from Chicago.

The book, by Timothy B. Tyson, quotes a white woman, Carolyn Donham, as acknowledging during a 2008 interview that she wasn’t truthful when she testified that Till grabbed her, whistled and made sexual advances at a store in 1955.

Two white men — Donham’s then-husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam — were charged with murder but acquitted in the slaying of Till, who had been staying with relatives in northern Mississippi at the time. The men later confessed to the crime in a magazine interview, but weren’t retried. Both are now dead.

Donham, who turns 84 this month, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. A man who came to the door at her residence declined to comment about the FBI reopening the investigation.

“We don’t want to talk to you,” the man said before going back inside.

Paula Johnson, co-director of an academic group that reviews unsolved civil rights slayings, said she can’t think of anything other than Tyson’s book that could have prompted the Justice Department to reopen the Till investigation.

“We’re happy to have that be the case so that ultimately or finally someone can be held responsible for his murder,” said Johnson, who leads the Cold Case Justice Initiative at Syracuse University.

The Justice Department declined to comment on the status of the probe.

Watts, Till’s cousin and co-founder of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, said it’s “wonderful” that the killing is getting another look, but didn’t want to discuss details.

“None of us wants to do anything that jeopardizes any investigation or impedes, but we are also very interested in justice being done,” she said.

Abducted from the home where he was staying, Till was beaten and shot, and his mutilated body was found weighted down with a cotton gin fan in the Tallahatchie River. Images of his mutilated body in the casket gave witness to the depth of racial hatred in the Deep South and helped build momentum for subsequent civil rights campaigns.

Relatives of Till pushed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reopen the case last year following publication of the book.

Donham, then known as Carolyn Bryant and 21 years old at the time, testified in 1955 as a prospective defense witness in the trial of Bryant and Milam. With jurors out of the courtroom, she said a “nigger man” she didn’t know took her by the arm.

“Just what did he say when he grabbed your hand?” defense attorney Sidney Carlton asked, according to a trial transcript released by the FBI a decade ago.

“He said, ‘How about a date, baby?'” she testified. Bryant said she pulled away, and moments later the young man “caught me at the cash register,” grasping her around the waist with both hands and pulling her toward him.

“He said, ‘What’s the matter baby, can’t you take it?'” she testified. Bryant also said he told her “you don’t need to be afraid of me,” claiming that he used an obscenity and mentioned something he had done “with white women before.”

A judge ruled the testimony inadmissible. An all-white jury freed her husband and the other man even without it. Testimony indicated a woman might have been in a car with Bryant and Milam when they abducted Till, but no one else was ever charged.

In the book, author Tyson wrote that Donham told him her testimony about Till accosting her wasn’t true.

I’m not privy to the real reason why this investigation is being reopened. I assume that the purpose is to placate the negro gods by pretending to do something.

It may also be an effort to stir up negro resentment toward whites.

27 thoughts on “DOJ Reopens Investigation into Justifiable 1955 Slaying of Mouthy Negro Emmett Till

  1. I never knew this. I knew about the niglet but not that his father was a sexual psychopath. Negros are base creatures controlled by a predatory impulse. In Africa they’re still eating each other.
    When I was 12 I had a negro neighbour who was 18. He would wear these t-shirts with sexual slogans on them. As a 12yr old boy I didn’t realise he was sexually frustrated. He was heterosexual,like all niggers he wanted a white chick but they wouldn’t go near him. He must have decided at some point that I was more attractive than a black female so he began to make suggestions about what boys can do to each other. My father was listening to our conversation and beat the crap out of this filthy ape.
    Muh dick..

  2. this is disgusting…
    but hey! I LIKE the idea of ‘re-opening’ the alleged investigation of Pattons murder… naturally, that will never happen, as we all know [[[who]]] orchestrated that one…

  3. “an academic group that reviews unsolved civil rights slayings,” uh huh….and how many sl;ayings of WHITE people do they ‘investigate’?

  4. We Whites are so dangerous to POCs that we should be separated from them and forced to in a walled-off reservation.

    The reservation can be called “America” and it will consist of everything but New York and California.

  5. Is the alt right making a race realist comeback in America? Are the elites worried the sheeple are beginning to awaken? They always go too far and underestimate their audience.

    • Brother in Arms, Please never call those jews, and those sell-out white Zionists and Freemasons who assist the globalist jews, by that exalted term which I’m sure was started by them for their ego-stroking. There is nothing at all which is elite about parasites and traitors to the White race and to America. They are scum and scabs who have gained monetary status by way of their treacherous actions.

      I agree with most of what is said in the extract from this article below, except for the slaves who were imported here on the jew’s slave ships, at least the ones who survived the trip, had made the biggest evolutionary jump ever made by the negroid race, so their descendants haven’t progressed very far, and that is by their own lack of morality and bad choices they individually make. Trillions of dollars have been handed to the blacks since LBJ’s time, and we all can see what good it has not done.

      “Anti-American activists who believe America is “racist” are, in some ways, right. America was created by and for white people. And yet, America gives non-whites a better life, certainly better than their home countries could. That is why they keep coming to “racist” America. However, real patriotism will always be difficult for non-whites, no matter how well they live here. They have trouble identifying with a past that seems foreign or even hostile.

      This is understandable. The descendants of people brought here as slaves deserve sympathy. However, non-white immigrants who come here and then lecture us on the meaning of American identity deserve our contempt. And even the most sympathetic blacks have no right take American identity away from whites. White Americans have no other flag, anthem, or identity. This is who we are.

      The polls reflect this. The people most willing to identify with and champion America are white. If America ceases to be a majority white country, it won’t be a country at all. Leaders who claim to care about the future should think about this—and white Americans should never give up the idea that this country belongs, first and foremost, to them.”

      • Must, once again, mostly agree with Mr Flanders observation vis a vis this phrase; “This is understandable. The descendants of people brought here as slaves deserve sympathy.” The issue is not only bad choices and immorality but the genetic impossibility of their integration/functionality in decent ordered society. They simply cannot do it in the main – its just not in them.
        Sorry, but no sympathy to the ingrates. The likelihood is extremely high that had their ancestors NOT been brought here, they would not exist. Slaves from africa were captured and subjugated BY THEIR OWN ‘PEOPLE’ – whitey didnt go drag em outta the jungle, the were captured by rival tribes. The best of the prisoners were sold – mostly to arab slave traders – the rest killed and occasionally eaten. SO, had the niggas not been captured and sold, ending up in the country that has wasted billions in dollars, man hours and lives trying to help them, then their ancestors would most likely have been killed in tribal wars and / or starved. Bastards should be grateful that they are here instead of still stuck in rwanda…
        of course, simply sending them all back would rectify this horrible injustice…

      • The term elite is used subjectively as a short handed description of the problematic people we’re up against. I don’t have the inclination to list all the trouble makers out there.
        The descendants of slaves don’t deserve our sympathy. They got way too much to begin with and have exploited good people in the meantime If you’re going to use that logic then we need to apologize to every nationality on earth, because they all performed slavery.
        The slaves from Africa, whom I believe you’re referring to, have had a far more enriched life than any African today. John Wayne has had many interviews lamenting that thought process

  6. I’ve read that book and believe the nigger got exactly what he deserved. That woman has never claimed that she wasn’t justified in going out to her car, which was parked at the curb, and retrieving a 1911 .45 automatic pistol and carrying it back into the store, where the incident (whatever it was) occurred, in full view of the whole town and Till himself. If the asshole didn’t do anything to her, why did she feel the need to get a gun to protect herself from him?

  7. There was not any type of problems with early blacks in America that were not communist-inspired, which means jew-inspired. It is still communists who “inspire” many of these “civil rights” types of witch hunts by the government. It’s similar to the way that the jews still go searching for any German with the slightest of connections with WWII, and try to lynch them.
    Now, they’ve made it into the “justice” department.

    “The Communist Party of America is in a vastly different place circa 2013 than say 1950. Black intellectuals and social activist have a number of other forums and groups to use as a sound board for change. In 1950, under the auspices of American conservatism ala McCarthyism, the avenues for American expression were not as open as they are in the 21st century. Hence, thinking about the Till murder, I should not be surprised that the Communist Party, led by an African-American female named Pat Ellis, were the leaders in encouraging Emmett Till’s mother to open the casket at her son’s funeral. Mother Till and the Communist Party wanted the world to witness the extent of racism and hate propagated by American injustice. Thus, the world saw the dismembered body of a 14-year-old black kid who was too young to die just because he whistled at a white woman.”

  8. Hoover advises the administration about the communists intent in using the Till case to pressure the President. He attached a copy of a Communist Party USA letter expressing that intent addressed to all the District Communist offices. [1 page PDF]


  9. So when do (((they))) start desecrating the graves of our ancestors who are guilty of these supposed racial crimes?

  10. Shows you what a POS Jeff Sessions is. Wasting resources on investigating a long ago dead nigger allegedly murdered by two white men just doing their job.

    Get ready for millions in payouts, apologies out the ass, Till statues, Till skreet names, Till skoolerships, and Till holidays.

    If you look at dead nigger Till’s photo, the guys worked him over rather well. Good job boys.

    This incident sent a message to the apes all over the south and saved who knows how many white girl’s lives. But now, white girls will suck nigger aphleak dick to help make sure niggerballers win the next bowel game while their white fathers approvingly cheer.

    Not too long ago the Baylor Bad-twists University actively recruited apes to play feetsball and the white recruiter offered up young white pussy as an incentive to the coons to come to Baylor. Several of the girls legitimately were raped because they were not nigger-wise. Other girls just enjoyed the long tube steak. Don’t think anyone was held criminally liable although some lawsuits were placed on key university staff.

    This is how far we’ve come since the days when white men took care of business.

    BTW the head coach’s salary at Alabama is just north of $11 million. For what? To entertain cucks while their culture and daughters get defiled?

    • Good points. Yes White men have allowed the Jew to attain a psychic power hold on them through incrementalism. Like the frog in the boiling pot most have succumbed to PC and lost their strength and pride. It is up to us to keep waking our brothers back up!

      • LAEN, Have you ever read anything by Francis Yockey? He had a good way to explain some things that I never did quite understand, even when I thought that I did. I recommend the full article at the link below, but here is an excerpt.

        Francis P. Yockey:

        “America belongs spiritually, and will always belong, to the Western Civilization of which it is a colonial transplantation, and no part of the true America belongs to the primitivity of the barbarians and fellaheen outside of this civilization, whether in Asia Minor, the Far East, or Africa.

        And yet, even though the Jew was not present at Valley Forge, even though he was not at New Orleans in 1814, nor at the Alamo, nor at Bull Run or Chancellorsville, nor at Guantanamo Bay or Manila, even though he took no part in the conquest of the continent – in spite of this complete dissociation of the Jew from the American past, it is a stark and gruesome fact that America today is ruled by the Jew. Where Americans hold office, they hold it at the pleasure of the Jews and use it in deference to his policy. Baruch argues with Roserman on the steps of the White House – once the residence of Washington, Madison, Adams – and the policy of America is thus determined. LaGuardia calls Lehmann by a Yiddish term of abuse in public. As lawyer, the Jew brings in excessive litigation; as judges he imports chicanery into the administration, and has the power to pronounce rules of law for Americans. A rabbi states: “The ideals of Judaism and the ideals of Americanism are one and the same,” And the “Jewish Chronicle” (April 4, 1919) says: “The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism”. The notorious rabbi Wise announces, “I have been an American for 67 years, but I have been a Jew for 6000 years”. The “Jewish Chronicle” tells us: “The Jews in America are 100% Jewish and 100% American”. These schizophrenic percentages resolve themselves into the thesis of the rabbis that Judaism, Trotskyist Bolshevism, and Americanism are one and the same. The synagogues have a parade of liberals – sub-Americans with defective instincts – come before them to parrot back at them their own view-point.

        The Jew numbers approximately 10% of the North American populations but in the Second World War, a war fought solely for Jewish interests, a war of his fomenting, a war to increase his power, the conscripts in the American Army were only 2% Jewish, according to official records. Neither in his assumed role of American, nor in his actual status as member of the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-Race-People, was he willing to risk his blood, even in his own war.”

        THE DESTINY OF AMERICA – by Francis P. Yockey (1955)

        Be sure to read the section there at: “”ZIONISM AND THE PINNACLE OF JEWISH POWER”. I had never viewed Zionism of being anything other than a jew diversion, but Yockey explains it’s true importance very well.

      • Brilliant read Flanders. I have read some of his work before in the past. He is right on the mark and this was written in the 1950s. Our ancestora have always been Jew wise but the vermon is a master exploiter and a few bad White apples sold us down the river by doing the Jews bidding instead of exploiting them as the den of thieves they are. We are in some pickle nowadays. Like I said earlier, a physic prison of mere words holds us back from telling the truth and doing something about it. I hope their demise is on the near horizon.

    • You’re easily satisfied, Rick, or maybe you are just optimistic about the typical niggeroids future propensities. I just saw this today:

      I was reading comments at an article about oregano oil when I came across this:

      A commenter, Ray, at another site was commenting about oregano oil, when something else he saw suddenly broke into his train of thought….

      “As I type this, I’m watching a negro fill a trash bag with gas at the gas station and put it in the trunk of his car. God help us……”

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