Body of Murdered Black Teen Displayed at Funeral Sitting, Playing Video Games


This post isn’t coming out the way that I thought it would.

I was going to mock black culture when I remembered that our ancient ancestors were often buried with their favorite material objects.

Of course, that was thousands of years ago. Whites have evolved since then. Blacks haven’t.

Anyway, the black youth in this story makes me feel bad for blacks, who murder each other over nothing.

The kid in this story was from New Orleans. He was reportedly a nice kid who was walking his dog when he was shot dead for his phone.

That’s a horrible nighmarish scenario. However, it’s a good example of why we had segregation and why we kept blacks under control by lynching and other means, such as the rubber hose used by police.

Blacks see us and want to be like us to a degree, but from an evolutionary standpoint they’re thousands of years (millions?) behind us.

The Independent

The family of an “avid gamer” who was murdered in New Orleans, displayed his body sitting upright in a chair with a Playstation controller in his hands, snacks at his side and wearing his favourite basketball jersey and flip-flops, in a unique memorial service.

Renard Matthews, 18, was shot dead while he was out walking his dog two weeks ago. His family said they wanted him to be surrounded by the things he loved for his final send off.

Mr Matthews, who a neighbour described as “a nice young man,” was a fan of basketball team Boston Celtics. His body was decked out in the team’s jersey and matching socks, while a TV showing a video of one of their games was placed in front of him during the wake at Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home.

His mother, Temeka Matthews, told local news station WGNO her son was a bit of a “homebody,” and mostly enjoyed staying in.

She said he had only recently started venturing outside more frequently since she bought him the dog.

Police have not given a motive for the shooting and no arrests have been made, according to The Times-Picayune newspaper. Mr Mathews’ aunt told the newspaper that his mobile phone had been stolen.

Condolences to the family. Kudos also for raising a boy who enjoyed his dog and the peaceful pursuit of video game fun.

11 thoughts on “Body of Murdered Black Teen Displayed at Funeral Sitting, Playing Video Games

  1. Speaking of dayed kneegrows, looks like the everlasting nogstopper, emit till, is being dragged about again.
    Look out for some BS “oh da pour chillin, everyone so raysis” stories to come.

  2. Every single thing in that photo was dreamed of, invented and manufactured by White men.
    Jenkem and the sharp stick are all niggers have ever come up with. Useless groids.

  3. All was going well until cousin LeRoy pulled out a 9 mm and pumped 6 shots into the deseased. When police arrested LeRoy he insisted Renard pulled a knife on him.

  4. This is going to start a trend….It is hilarious….The negro fambly showed some sense of humor and originality….
    When they do eventually put him in a box they are going to have to break his legs to get him in….

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