Ex-NFL Star Pacman Jones Trades Punches with Airport Employee


Atlanta airport employee Frank Ragin, a negro, has been fired as well as criminally charged for attacking former NFL star Pacman Jones.

Video of the incident is fun to watch. You can see a good part of it in the TV news report embedded below.

Police are not offering a motive for the attack by Ragin on Pacman.

I’ll offer one. Ragin’s motive was that he’s a nagger.

One positive aspect of this incident in the airport is that Pacman’s female companion is black as the ace of spades. So, here’s another million dollar gentleman of color who either can’t get a white woman or doesn’t want one. Pacman’s lady friend has that protruding boonie butt that black males seem to prefer, but which I find grotesque.


ATLANTA — Police say former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was attacked during a run-in with a facility-service employee at the airport in Atlanta.

Atlanta Police spokesman Jarius Daugherty says Jones confronted ABM Industries employee Frank Ragin after Ragin made a “gesture” toward the football player Tuesday night at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Police say words were exchanged before Ragin struck Jones with a closed fist, causing a cut to Jones’ face.

Cellphone video footage shows that Jones and Ragin traded several punches with each other. Jones ultimately knocked Ragin down to the ground with a punch to the face then hit the employee one more time before a man broke up the fight.

Daugherty says that at some point during the fight, Ragin ended up hitting a woman who was with Jones, injuring her hand. He says Ragin was the aggressor and Jones defended himself.

Jones and his friend declined medical treatment.

Ragin was arrested on two counts of battery and taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries.

Jones, a one-time Pro Bowler, spent eight seasons with the Bengals. He’s also played for the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys.

Even though police determined Jones wasn’t at fault, the NFL veteran has had other off-the-field issues. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge after his confrontation last year with hotel security personnel and an obscenity-filled tirade against arresting police officers.

Police said Jones kicked and used head-butting as he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a hotel employee. The NFL suspended Jones for one game for a violation of its personal conduct policy.

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