Creator of Pepe the Frog Forces Daily Stormer to Remove the Alt-Right Icon

The Daily Stormer says it is the most censored publication in history. I can believe it.

Raw Story

Pepe has been disappeared from neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

The frog that became an icon of the alt-right was removed after a copyright claim by its creator, Motherboard reports.

The frog was introduced in an apolitical web cartoon by artist Matt Furie, who has sought to reclaim him from the alt-right. The Pepe character was intended to be “laid back” but was taken up by white nationalists like Richard Spencer until Furie started sending them cease and desist letters.

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi website that was targeted by activists in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville rally. It originally moved to a Russian server but is now on the dark web. The site is run by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin.

The site’s disorganization made it harder to serve the paperwork to get Pepe off the site.

“We had seen for a while that they had been using Pepe images in a few places,” one of the lawyers working on the case told Motherboard. “The problem was that they would be up and then their entire site will be down and move somewhere else and reorganize… their website moves around a bunch.”

More Pepe news from Motherboard:

Harder still are the hundreds of sellers who use Amazon to peddle hateful Pepe merchandise. A recent report from the Partnership for Working Families and the Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE), a nonprofit focused on racial justice and Wall Street accountability, noted that Amazon’s storefront is a hub of racist and anti-Semitic merchandise. Many of the assorted t-shirts, pins, and ephemera featured Pepe.

“That’s what I call the whack-a-mole aspect of this work,” Tompros said. “Amazon is great about taking those down when we notify them. We’ve used their process at least 10 to 15 times. We’re going through the process now of looking at all of the things identified in the report.”

ACRE called out Amazon for even allowing such merchandise on the storefront in the first place. “I get what they’re suggesting, that Amazon can be more proactive,” Tompros said. “But from a copyright perspective [Amazon has] done a great job responding to what we’ve asked for.”

On the whole, Tompros is positive about the future of Pepe and said that Furie is happy with the progress as well. “It’s not very often that intellectual property lawyers get enlisted into an anti-Nazi campaign,” Tompros said. “But when we do, we’re ready.”

13 thoughts on “Creator of Pepe the Frog Forces Daily Stormer to Remove the Alt-Right Icon

  1. How stupid…we all know Neo Nazis are (((Neo Nazis))) look at all the neocons on tv, in our Government..they are for the most part JUs …Anglin, to me, is a bit of a twit… and it would not surprise me to find out he’s a sheckel grabber.

    • Anglin is a genius.

      Of couse he wants shekels. He has sacrificed his employability for his cause.

      Just because you can’t understand his irony…

    • Has one single (((neocon))) ever been banned from Twitter or Faceberg? Has anyone demanding a new war ever been banned form Twatter or Faceshekels?

  2. Its a fucking Shitty drawn frog. How much protection does this shit minded creator think its worth lmfao. What an ass clown. Like a little baby whining.

    • Like the Mexicans want Los Angeles now that whitey set up a water supply and made it better than the desert it used to be, Matt wants his stupid frog back because it’s famous now.

  3. Irony is that the frog is green – not white. How could a green frog ever symbolise White Superlativcy? Pepe is probably a good fit for the Green Party or for Greenies in general. Frogs in the environment are like canaries in the coal mine. When frogs disappear – the local environment is up shit creek without a paddle.

    • It seems that the search engines have been scrubbed of info about who the real creator of Pepe may be. I have more information on that, but it is in my older files. There has always been controversy, but Furie was viewed as falsely claiming the title, and his bono fides were backed by the same ADL jew-goons who censor the internet. It’s no wonder that his claim picked up steam following his alliance with them. To the jews, it’s not so much who owns Pepe as it is that Pepe has been effective in exposing the jews and the networks of jews who try to control all communications.

      “In the fall of 2016, the ADL teamed with Pepe creator Matt Furie to form a #SavePepe campaign to reclaim the symbol from those who use it with hateful intentions.”

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