Another One! NFL Star LeSean McCoy Allegedly Beat ex-Girlfriend to a Bloody Pulp

It may be a while before Delicia Cordon does more modeling work, not the way that face has been beaten up on.

Unlike the two feetsballers we featured yesterday who were involved in violent attacks, LeSean is a current NFL star. According to his Wikipedia page, McCoy is under contract to the Buffalo Bills for $40 million.

He’s had trouble with women before. There’s also an allegation that he beat his pet dog.

One quick observation: These million dollar negros, many of them, shun white women and go for very light skinned blacks as wives and girlfriends. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but I’m not complaining.


NFL player LeSean “Shady” McCoy has been accused of being responsible for a violent attack on his former girlfriend.


On Tuesday, a horrific photograph of the player’s ex, Delicia Cordon, went viral on social media. In the photograph, obtained by PEOPLE, the designer is covered in blood and lying in a hospital bed.

The legal firm representing Cordon said in a statement to PEOPLE that she was attacked at around 3am Tuesday morning as she slept in the Georgia home that she shares with the football star. The pair is currently estranged.

“Ms. Cordon was physically assaulted in the home by a male assailant who entered the home with no signs of forced entry,” the statement says.

The man allegedly demanded a number of specific pieces of jewelry and when he could not get bracelets off her wrist he pistol-whipped her multiple times and her cousin was also struck, according to the firm.

“Ms. Cordon sustained multiple injuries to her head, face and arms during this horrendous attack,” the statement continues.

If guilty, McCoy should be kicked out of the NFL and kicked into prison.

Blacks won’t care much, but whatever white fans the NFL still has should demand better behavior form the apes who don their pads and go out on the field on Sunday. That would include requiring them to stand during the National Anthem.

12 thoughts on “Another One! NFL Star LeSean McCoy Allegedly Beat ex-Girlfriend to a Bloody Pulp

  1. I can’t remember what site I was on, but in the comment section some niggas in da know were saying that the woman was a psycho gold digger that he was trying to evict from his home. One homie alleged that he wasn’t the one that did her ugly but that he hired some other groids to do it. Who knows? I saw virtually no objections to her getting the shit beaten out of her, though. They were all saying how “brothas need to stay away from da crazy bitches”. What a fucked up culture.

  2. RIGHT…The nigger footballer Din Du No NUFFINS!!!!(as usual…)…
    She looks better AFTER she got beat up…..

  3. You’ve got to laugh at these DA women who think once homeboy has made a stash o’ cash he’s automatically civilized. This isn’t Cary Grant we’re talking about. Its a thug only 4 years out of the ghetto who enrolled at a college to play with a ball! He’d never have gotten anywhere without white handlers directing his every move. They were too busy trying to coach him to use proper English to correct his jungleman behavior. You can’t take a spearchucker and turn him into Ronald Coleman. For him civilization is a veneer to sell shaving cream.

  4. Ya, he’s real sneaky to get some other niggers to do the dirty work. As soon as they catch one of them, they will sell his nigger ass out.

  5. It is lucky that skin colour means nothing. we are all the same. White women sleep easy at night after inviting millions of Africans to come and live next door, or maybe in their bedroom.

    It seems that tinted men do not take rejection well. Why should they? The media and the law says that blacks are Holy and Can Do No Wrong. Blacks are dumb enough to believe the jewsmedia.

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