After Calling 911 About Colored Family, Subway Sandwich Worker Placed on Leave


A white female Negro-wise sandwich maker in Georgia put her safety and that of other patrons above political correctness.

For her unselfish act, our heroine has been suspended by Subway, which has issued an apology to the obsolete farm workers pictured above.

Her crime was in calling the police while white.

Huffington Post

The Subway employee who called the police on a black family eating dinner has been placed on administrative leave.

The white female employee of the Subway store in Newnan, Ga., called 911 because she believed the family visited the restroom a “suspicious” number of times. On the call, she said she thought the family planned to rob the restaurant.

You know, a family robbing — bring the kids along!

The Dobsons were on their way home from their grandmother’s birthday party when Othniel and Felicia Dobson, along with their children, aged 19, 13, 12, and 8, stopped to have dinner.

“One employee, a white woman named Sandra, wasn’t that friendly — it seemed like she was making our sandwiches begrudgingly — but we didn’t pay much attention,” Felicia, 40, told Yahoo Lifestyle. “We paid for our food, sat at a table, and I read a few pages of my book.”

For the drive, the family had packed their car full of snacks, including juice, which they drank from cups they had purchased for ice.

Sandra also allegedly told police the family filled their water cups with soda.

WFMY-TV reports that the worker is now on administrative leave. The franchise owner and the police officer who responded to the call have both apologized to the family.

A spokeswoman for Subway said in a statement: “Respect for every individual is a core value of Subway. It is our expectation and each Franchisee’s goal to make sure that every guest will always be treated with the respect and integrity they deserve. The Franchisee has personally apologized to the family and the employee in question has been placed on leave until a full review is completed.”

Rosh Patel, the franchise owner, released the following statement: “I take this very seriously and I am fully investigating. I have interviewed all employees involved and will reach out to the family to offer my sincerest apology. I have also used this opportunity to reiterate to my staff the importance of making everyone feel welcome and providing great customer service.”

One of my long deceased distant relatives by marriage was a constable in Coweta County, Georgia. He used the word “nigger” all the time. He was also wise to the tricks of the colored race.

He would be appalled to see the level of negro worship in America today.

22 thoughts on “After Calling 911 About Colored Family, Subway Sandwich Worker Placed on Leave

  1. These Jew bastards are trying to restrict white people’s instinct. How could it be that every negro is innocent at all times? We know this is Fantasyland. On the other side of the token, the Jews make their billions off the prison industrial complex which is loaded with…..drum roll……those very same Niggers! Only the Jew can try to have it both ways with total immunity.

  2. It is usually not permitted to consume drinks bought elsewhere at any “sit down” establishment. This is a type of low level shoplifting. A bit like drinking a cheap beer from a can or bottle at a pub chair/table, when the cold beer has been purchased take away at a supermarket for half the price of a beer from the bar.

    The higher prices for drinks bought helps to offset the costs of providing seats and tables. The rental of this space is not free, it costs money.

    So, these niggers were shoplifters. The white woman was fired for trying to protect the revenue stream of her employer.

    When will USA whites finally learn that niggers can do no wrong? They are Holy Cows, niggers can swim, eat, drink, piss and shit anywhere that they want, no questions asked.

    • All Indian restaurants have “No outside food or drink” signs.

      She said they were filling their water cups from the soda fountain. That’s theft. Why is the cop apologising?

    • Good work my friend👍 That’s the kind of thinking we need to step our movement up with. Remember to *67 before dialing the number if you prefer to go ninja(which I do). No threats or racial comments, as I’m sure there looking to be victimized. There’s probably also ways to trace the calls regardless if the police buffoons are motivated. Which they may be?

      Of course if this poor minimum wage white woman, whose probably supporting her family with this shit job, got stabbed, shot or assaulted the subway franchise would just put there hands up like “nothing we can do”. It’s your obligation to put your life on the line for subways bottom line. Makes my blood boil!!!!!

      • Subway is going down the tubes, we learned recently, with many franchises losing money and closing down.

  3. The employee “Sandra” told police that the niggers had filled their water cups with soda. Evidently from the shops soda fountain. (Not made clear in the article) This is positively theft. The smart white girl applies rule number 1 and calls the nigger wranglers to do the dirty work. Now, the nasty Paki turns the tables on her, begging for mercy from the sacred negro gods. The niggers claim dinsdonuffins. Also, I have seen niggers in action at Subway many times. They demand more of this topping, more of that, not so much of this, etc.etc until the poor employee gets frustrated. Can you imagine the frustration level by the time you make six nigger sandwiches? If I were the poor girl, I would apply for unemployment, then go find a job at a decent establishment not run by a sand nigger.

  4. So we can now go to Subway and get free soda? Get a cup for water and get soda. How about chips
    So much for honor system.

  5. For one, Indians and Pakis HATE niggers with a steaming passion. The “Negro can do no wrong pacification tour” is running full blown amok. Everyone is caving to their fear of liberal prosecution and protest. Someone needs to step it up and stand their ground against these thieving black shit stains.

  6. So, Patel is no longer just the name for cheap motel owners? Those are the ones that smell like a used barf bag for dying fish, and has pillows made from them once they’ve died. I think everyone of those motel owners are named Patel. They need to be run out of our country along with the jews whose policies they are so quick to emulate.

  7. Subway isn’t that great anymore. The last time I was on vacation, we stopped at one in a white town in Wisconsin. The one young white male was a complete dullard and the female employee (full of tats) was pumped up from probably Adderall.

    It cost me and my husband about $15 for two sandwiches and a coke. Waste of money actually, I’d been better off buying Oscar Meyer Cold cuts with some generic cheese and bread. I purchased two car coolers and now take that with us for snacks and food. For about $30 on Amazon, I can keep food and drink cold all day. I just stop at a local grocery store that sells good food (not the Walmart shit) and I’m actually healthier.

    These Patel sand niggers dominate most of the hotel industry. I had a run-in with one on my way home. They’re used to cowardly passive cucked whites and I didn’t back down. I got my way. Now the conundrum is to find a hotel not owned by dotheads.

  8. Soon any White person who calls police on hyper violent anti-social burrhaid niggers will immediately be arrested and fired from their job.

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