Jew Fact Checker RESIGNS Over Nazi Slander of Veteran


Jews see Nazis everywhere.

Fox News

The New York fact checker who falsely accused an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employee of being a Nazi over an innocuous tattoo has resigned and apologized on social media.

Never apologize when you’re right. In Talia Lavin’s case she was dead wrong about a fact. It was right to apologize.


Talia Lavin, a former employee of the New Yorker magazine, issued an apology on Sunday and revealed that she’s no longer part of the outlet.

“To Justin Gaertner, I apologize, sincerely: all I saw in you was the photo ICE tweeted, and not the human being depicted inside it. It was uncharitable, and the hasty deletion doesn’t change that. I’m sorry and I have voluntarily resigned after three years at the New Yorker,” she tweeted.

Her apology stems from the backlash after she accused Gaertner, a combat-wounded Marine veteran and ICE forensic analyst, of being a Nazi sympathizer over a tattoo she perceived as being the “Iron Cross” used by Nazi Germany.

ICE strongly pushed back against the unfounded allegations, going as far as to demand the apology from Lavin for “baselessly slandering an American hero” and pointing it out that the tattoo on the veteran’s left elbow has nothing to do with Nazi Germany at all.

In fact, said ICE last week, it is “the ‘Titan 2,” the symbol for his platoon while he fought in Afghanistan. “The writing on his right arm is the Spartan Creed, which is about protecting family and children.”

Jewish networking will land Talia another job. She’ll suffer no real consequences.

9 thoughts on “Jew Fact Checker RESIGNS Over Nazi Slander of Veteran

  1. “In Talia Lavin’s case she was dead wrong about a fact. It was right to apologize.”

    Except jews never apologise ever pal its just not in their subversive DNA especially not this jewess by the looks of her. A simple apology or a admission of guilt is that so much to ask? what worse is this guy got his darn legs blown the hell off for these damn people fighting in their bullshit wars and being called a nazi is the thanks he gets?!

    Jews hate military men its a fact rich jews poor jews it doesn’t matter they hate all veterans of any fighting side which is appalling

    • As I said, her “apology” contained one huge disclaimer.

      Jews have star of david tattoos all the time. That symbol represents slavery and genocide on a global scale.

  2. oh, dont worry about poor talia… Im sure she already has another high paying job in the propaganda industry…

  3. Even if it was a Iron Cross logo instead of the titan 2 symbol, its none of your damn jew business what my political affiliations are as a solider is what I say! but could you imagine how ruined this poor crippled veterans life would be if he did have a nazi tattoo on him? these bolshivek journalists are relentless and completely shameless

  4. That’s like apologising to a Jew saying “I’m sorry I thought you were a filthy, disgusting, evil, dirty Zionist. I see the person inside now.”

    Even though she is getting all touchy-feely she still takes the opportunity to smear “Nazis”.

    He’s OK. She’s given him the “Good White” stamp of Kosherness.

    I’ve heard south African blacks talk like this too. They think there are good Whites and Bad Whites. The Good Whites are the ones that don’t mind white genocide of course.

  5. “Jewish networking will land Talia another job. She’ll suffer no real consequences.” No truer words were ever written.

  6. A “renowned” jewess “journalist” is begging for monies after being exposed as being the usual smear artist and PC enforcer that the jew press and MSM “workers” are widely recognized for being. I suspect she will wind up with a high-level promotion before this is all over.

    Note that the article continues and never makes a mention of her own jewish background [which is the standard when jews write about how awful White people are and attach their hate labels to them, while writing anonymously (often pretending to be White)] and implies that Conde’ Nast is her only gig, but a quick search of her “name and jewish” turns up many connections.

    A search reveals many other jew jobs for Lavin, and not just the one referred to in the story. This is only a few of them.

    “Talia Lavin is a fact checker for the New Yorker and a Forward columnist writing about Jews in American politics.”

    “Talia Lavin, Author at Jewish Telegraphic Agency”

    “Talia Lavin @ The Times of Israel”

    Talia Lavin @ The New Yorker – “I had eaten dill, of course, in my family’s Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, but visiting the Old World upped the ante.”

    In case some of the above doesn’t match the Fox article, I got my info on it from RT.

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