“White Bitch Take That!” Sheboon Arrested for NYC Racially Motivated Assault

The sacred Negro goddess, Amy Bell, pictured above, has sent a message to white women: You will be paying the price for slavery and other apostasy. Amy, a true daughter of Wakanda, knows that if not for white interference in the lives of the African peoples, they would be kangz.

Patch New York

RIBECA, NY — A Brooklyn woman was arrested and charged with assault and harassment Wednesday for allegedly bashing a Manhattan lawyer in the face with a metal make-up box and shouting ‘White b—h, take that,’ police said.

Crown Heights resident Amy Bell, 37, was walking along Warren Street near West Broadway just after 10:50 a.m. on May 31 when she allegedly struck a woman in the head with the box, screamed an anti-white slur and laughed in her face, authorities said.

Police say Bell fled west on Warren Street, leaving the 57-year-old victim with a gash on her face. The woman, a lawyer who works on civil rights, juvenile justice and immigration issues, was treated at NYU Langone Medical Center. She was on her way back to her office when she was clobbered.

The victim spoke out to The Daily News earlier this week and said she thought her attacker was dancing moments before she was brutally assaulted.

“I was walking down the block and I did see this woman take her arm and swing it all the way back,” the victim, who asked that her identity not be revealed for fear of reprisal, told the newspaper. “In my head I thought she was dancing, and to myself I said, ‘Isn’t that nice, a woman is dancing on the street’. And the next thing you know, kapow! Right in the eye, cheek — I mean, the pain was excruciating.”


The white bitch deserved to be attacked for racial stereotyping like that. Blacks don’t walk down the street dancing. Right? … right?

10 thoughts on ““White Bitch Take That!” Sheboon Arrested for NYC Racially Motivated Assault

  1. “The woman, a lawyer who works on civil rights, juvenile justice and immigration issues,”

    How ironic is that? She dedicates her career to helping savages, and one of them personally thanks her. LOL!

    • That’s why she was unable to register the approaching chaotic monkey movements as attack mode and get out of the way. She thought it was dancing when it was actually uncontained gleeful agitation caused by the overflowing expectation of the impending strike. No niggulational awareness in that one.

  2. actually, in this case, she probably DOES deserve it. Of course, the wakandan had no way of knowing that; this is just another brazen attack on white folk because [[[they]]] keep telling the jigs that dey be oppressed an shit. AND, the negroes just keep getting away with it.
    Wheres the outcry? wheres the 24/7 [[[media]]] coverage? wheres the ‘antifa’ screaming racism? wheres the NAAWP? oh hold it… having a ‘W’ in there as opposed to a ‘c’ makes it racist…

  3. When I visit Stockton ca., I am amazed at how many niggers I see walking , or riding bicycles, while rapping out loud. I would not be surprised to see them dance also. Always avoid the groid!

    • As in Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Stranger” we cannot “see their minds”.

      We have trouble reading their intent and they continue to surprise us. They act kind of like women in that respect, but far nastier. (Also when they see a white man they actually begin to exhibit female-specific behaviors, such as crossing your path, colliding with you, making loud utterances, and other signals designed to attract attention.)

  4. Fucking liberal lawyer that’s exactly what she needed to dee WTF these monkeys are like now hopefully she woke up to a different field in law for instance working with FEMA and how to keep all these fucking welfare mother fuckers in their detention centers indefinitely. Now that’s what a good lawyer would do. What these white liberal fuck faces don’t get is hey asshoethey hate you the fuckingmost so stop defending them in any instance idiots! As for this nigger bitch she wont get shit done to her cause of liberal judges and scared judged trying to avoid a nigger rally I’m sick of it look what this cunt did and is out on bail cause it was only 50,000 which comes out to 5,000 in Calif I my ex said I scratched him years ago but I wasn’t even home thats why he was pissed and my bail was 100,000 but this nigger bitch was shit and look what she did … 20 seconds into the video you’ll see what the baboon does …

  5. Sorry didn’t proofread and my comment but I’m sure you get it . I’m convinced just looking at my comment that my autocorrect is a negro woman that works for AT&T customers service I’m sure of it! LOL

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