LOL! Husband of “Real Housewives” Star to be Deported

Since I don’t have TV, I have no idea who these two degenerates are, but the word “deportation” is music to my ears.

Get ’em outta here!!!

NBC New York

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, the incarcerated husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, is in the process of being deported, officials say.

Giudice, who’s serving a more than 41-month sentence in federal prison on bankruptcy fraud charges, is in removal proceedings to return to his native Italy after Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer on him, an ICE spokesman confirmed.

RadarOnline first reported that Giudice, who isn’t scheduled for release until March 2019, could be deported before his sentence is up. If he does complete his sentence, he’ll immediately be transferred into the care of ICE instead of returning home to his wife and four daughters.

The 46-year-old Giudice is more than two years into the three-year-plus sentence. He first reported to Fort Dix’s federal prison in New Jersey, but was recently transferred to Allenwood prison in Pennsylvania, RadarOnline reports.

Giudice came to the U.S. as an infant but never became a citizen. As a legal permanent resident, he had always faced possible deportation to Italy after he completes his sentence. Wife Teresa Giudice has said she “wouldn’t mind” moving to Italy if her husband was deported.

The couple pleaded guilty in 2014 to bankruptcy fraud, and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to not paying about $200,000 in taxes.

The judge staggered their sentences so that one of them would be able to take care of their four young daughters.

Muh chilluns! Muh chilluns!

There goes Trump separating families again.

The four kids can learn to speak Italian. It’s in their genes.

4 thoughts on “LOL! Husband of “Real Housewives” Star to be Deported

  1. I feel sorry for Italy! Dumping this family of “wonderbread wops” on them. This disgusting family is the typical American mind screwed materialist scum that makes my skin crawl. Buying into and perpetuating every stereotype including their repulsive spoiled brat offsprings’s all about the bling. You know materialistic whores. Seems to be a NY New Jersey thing…turds like this make Italian Americans look bad.

  2. I would say SHE was the STUPID one

    As she was doing her TV show Real Housewives of NJ

    She and her husband were building a mansion of a house and bragging about it while showing it off on TV

    Driving a Benz brand new and shiny

    She walked into stores many stores with hugh wads of cash buying up everything

    All the while the married couple were in the process of filing bankruptcy

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