Congressional intern yells ‘Mr. President, f— you!’ at Trump in U.S. Capitol

A crazy female feminist intern who presumably will never adjust to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost turned her foul mouth toward President Donald Trump today.

While we don’t know who she is or what she looks like, a good guess might be something like this.

Or this.

Or this.

Washington Times

A young woman shouted an expletive at President Trump Tuesday evening as he arrived at the Capitol for a meeting with Republican lawmakers.

“Mr. President, f– you,” the woman, reportedly a congressional intern, can be heard yelling in a video clip recorded by NBC’s Frank Thorp V.

The president and his aides were walking to the office of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan when the heckler, who hasn’t been identified, shouted the profanity that echoed in the Capitol rotunda.

Mr. Trump visited the Capitol to discuss immigration policy with House Republicans, as he faces a storm of criticism over the administration’s “zero tolerance” decision to prosecute all adults who cross the border illegally, resulting in the separation of children from their parents.

OK, Internet sleuths. Track her down, dox her, and get her fired and blacklisted from future employment.

6 thoughts on “Congressional intern yells ‘Mr. President, f— you!’ at Trump in U.S. Capitol

    • They learn it and learn it well from their lord and savior Satan and his little helpers; Barak Obama, the Klintons, George Soros and Kommunist Jewry. Satan is proud of his little children as they ban any reference to sanity and replace it with Baphomet statues

  1. Let her be a martyr. She got her 5 minutes of fame, being escorted out of the White House. The lefties will never admit that billary lost.

  2. Personally I just can not wait to see the Libtard reaction when Trump wins a second term. During the last Presidential election I stayed up all night just to hear that cunt Maddow have to say it.

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