Police Dog Dan Recovering from Injuries Inflicted by Gang Member Hiding in Attic

K-9 Officer Dan is a rookie, having been introduced to the council in March of this year as began his job, as seen in the one minute video above.

Dan, a German Shepherd born in Hungary, has learned that the bad guys really are bad. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured as his help proved crucial in making the arrest of a wanted gang member hiding in an attic.

There’s a pleasant, funny surprise in this story. Keep reading.

The News Tribune

An attic floor gave way Wednesday as a gang member hiding in a Spanaway home was arrested and the handcuffed fugitive fell through the hole.

A Pierce County sheriff’s deputy waiting downstairs saw the floor buckling.

“Our deputy threw couch cushions under the buckled area as the ceiling above him exploded and the suspect fell through the sheetrock in a giant cloud of insulation,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

A state Department of Corrections officer also fell into the hole but was able to pull himself back into the attic.

Several officers went to the house on 21st Avenue Court East in search of a 47-year-old gang member wanted in California for violating his probation from an armed robbery conviction.

As they knocked on the door, they heard a door slam. A woman came to the door and admitted the gang member was inside.

A police dog looking for the fugitive led his handler to a bedroom closet with an attic hatch in the ceiling.

Deputies couldn’t push open the hatch, but managed to open it by ramming a pole repeatedly into the door.

The fugitive was found beneath a pile of insulation.

“The suspect grabbed handfuls of insulation and threw them into K9 Dan’s mouth and eyes, causing the dog to cough and vomit,” according to the department.

The dog latched onto the gang member’s leg until a Corrections Department officer put handcuffs on him.

Then the floor gave way.

Deputies said they found $3,000 and heroin on the fugitive.

He was not hurt from the fall, and a sheriff’s spokesman said the dog is recovering well.

The gang member was booked into the Pierce County Jail on his warrant, as well as suspicion of assault of a police dog, obstructing law enforcement and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

This short Facebook video is very moving:

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