Read the IG’s Report on FBI and DOJ Actions Prior to 2016 Election

Alternatively, read as a pdf:

Early reactions:

More later, as there’s so much evidence of wrongdoing to digest in one sitting.

6 thoughts on “Read the IG’s Report on FBI and DOJ Actions Prior to 2016 Election

  1. “but says Comey was not politically motivated”

    I agree with this. He was not politically motivated. He was criminally motivated.

  2. Since there is no Clinton presidency, there is no legitimacy to be had. She was, is, and always will be a lying snake. I don’t put it past her to try another run at POTUS. She has 2 more years to worm her way in.

  3. Lisa Page. Is there a better poster child for a rat faced idiot “educated” in our modern American universities?

    I mean, this imbecile desperately hoped, and was willing to facilitate by any means, an unbelievable nation back stabbing criminal to obtain the highest office in the land. Anyone as long as they would be in favor of screwing the white man.

    Reading this idiot’s emails to her emasculated lover, I was reminded of what it was like to be in third grade again.

    If people like Page are considered to be “leaders” in Washington, a serious fumigation is in order. Of that I think all thoughtful men can agree.

    Lisa Page is absolute Marxist scum. If I saw her in person, I would have to confront the desire to spit on her. But then a realization hits me- She isn’t worth the waste of saliva.

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