Phoenix Snowflakes are “disturbed” by “Nazi” flyers, says Press

If the flyer on the telephone pole above is representative, it appears that some Phoenix, Arizona, residents can’t deal with facts.

I don’t see “Gas the kikes.” I do see factual claims that a curious open mind would want to check out for truth.

Part of our job as good propagandists is to be able to open people’s minds to the truth, whether that truth favors our cause or not. Most of the time the truth will favor so-called Nazis or White Nationalists or fascists or whatever they want to call us.

Fox 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Over the week, flyers have been popping up around one north Phoenix neighborhood that residents call disturbing.

Some of them say things like “Hitler was right,” or “report illegal aliens.” Others show swastikas thrown into cryptic messages on signs.

“Why this neighborhood and why do you do this?”

The man we interviewed didn’t want to show his face on camera, but he took action as soon as he noticed the pro-Nazi and Hitler ads taped to their poles and street signs.

“I immediately stopped at a safe distance, put hazard lights on and I myself, at that point, made a call to the city of Phoenix non-emergency number.”

There is no number to call on the flyers, just messages urging people to report who they call “illegal aliens.”

Neighbors have no idea who is responsible.

“They [the responsible person] could only be the ones to answer the question of why they did this.”

And for whoever did it, this man tells Fox 10 Phoenix it’s not representative of what this neighborhood stands for.

“I do not want our neighborhood discredited that this is the type of thing that we accept and perhaps we had something to do with this, and we posted this to send a message to someone else, which I don’t believe anyone in this neighborhood would.”

Because the man called the non-emergency line immediately, there was a report filed.

Big deal. A report was filed. If the police have nothing better to do with their time, they’re underemployed.

The Phoenix f*cks are probably too wimpy to even consider the idea that Hitler was an animal lover, but it’s true.

4 thoughts on “Phoenix Snowflakes are “disturbed” by “Nazi” flyers, says Press

  1. Very funny. Hard to believe someone would call the cops about someone else exercising their right to free speech.

    • Regrettably, its not hard to believe any more…at least about someone telling the truth. See, if you call for the murder of white people and the elimination of the entire race, you get a cushy 100k+ a year job as a college professor, or a guest spot on TV or a column in the jew york slimes. If you advocate murder of children, planned parenthood has an opening. If you advocate murder or imprisonment of people with any semblance of a brain who are anywhere to the right of marx, you get a government job. BUT…tell the truth and youre a criminal…

      ammo up folk.

  2. Nazis! Supremists! And klansmen! Oh, my! “Hello? 911? I’d like to report a piece of paper stapled to a phone pole. Can you send a SWAT team out here right away? I feel faint!’

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