“Axis of the Willing:” Three European Countries Unite to Defy Merkle’s Open Door Policies


Angela Merkel’s open invitation to invasion by Muslim scum from across the Middle East is being attacked from within her own government and by a new breed of European leader who says he’s committed to keep Europe for Europeans.

The three politicians from Germany, Italy, and Austria who have formed an alliance to impede illegal immigration call their partnership the “axis”, evoking memories of Hitler’s axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan). Deliberately provocative? I hope so.

Daily Mail

The hardline interior ministers of Austria, Germany and Italy have formed an ‘axis of the willing’ to combat illegal immigration, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Wednesday, escalating a Europe-wide row over the issue.

The announcement by Kurz in Berlin after talks with German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer marks a shot across the bow at Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is trying to pull together a deal for EU cooperation on placing asylum seekers.

Seehofer – who is locked in an open migration feud with Merkel that is threatening the stability of her coalition government – said that he and his far-right Austrian and Italian counterparts, Herbert Kickl and Matteo Salvini, formed their alliance this week.

Their cooperation would extend to ‘issues of security and terrorism’, he said, but did not offer specifics on what it would entail.

The news comes as Merkel called for tolerance amid a wave of support for anti-immigration parties across Europe, with the Chancellor saying the current political crop’s migration policy would act as a ‘litmus test’ for the future of the continent.

Kurz, whose country assumes the EU’s rotating presidency on July 1, said he welcomed the ‘good cooperation that we want to develop between Rome, Vienna and Berlin’.

‘I think it marks very sensible cooperation that will contribute to reducing illegal migration to Europe,’ Kurz told reporters at a convivial news conference with Seehofer, in marked contrast with the far more formal exchange he had with Merkel late Tuesday.

‘We believe an axis of the willing is needed to fight illegal migration.’

The use of the phrase raised eyebrows on social media for its echoes of the World War II alliance of fascist powers, as well as the deep divisions in Europe left by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 backed by a ‘coalition of the willing’.

3 thoughts on ““Axis of the Willing:” Three European Countries Unite to Defy Merkle’s Open Door Policies

  1. what about Victor ORBAN he is adamant about the Kosher manipulated genocide of his people ??? He should be first in this group! Don’t trust Germany or Austria because too many (((satanists))) in control ..guess we will see.

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