John Schneider Calls Out Judicial Biases Against Men and Conservatives After Release from Jail

John “Bo Duke” Schneider is out of jail and talking.

He’s p*ssed at judges who dislike conservative Trump supporters. He’s also not happy with the idea that women can have “luxury without work” at the expense of men like himself who work 80 hours a week.

Commenters at Fox News are blasting him as a crybaby. He’s not crying. He’s telling the truth.

Fox News

“Going to jail was nothing like I ever imagined it was going to be,” Schneider told us. “First of all, I was given no preferential treatment at all except they didn’t detain me with the general population.

“I was arrested, I was searched, I was handcuffed, I had my wallet and my phone and they took my belt and shoelaces and it was put into a plastic bag,” the 58-year-old recalled.

“It was totally life-changing,” he added.

“I do think there’s a bias against conservatives, Republicans, in Hollywood, but I think if you let that alter how you are, then I question how you are,” he said. “If you believe it, speak it, live it.”

“I supported the last president [even though] I didn’t vote for him, but I supported him because I believe that’s my duty as a United States citizen,” he said. “The difference here is that I did vote [for Trump] and I don’t mind people knowing that.”

Meanwhile, the actor offered nothing but praise for the prison guards he encountered in jail.

“I never saw anything but people being treated with respect with dignity and with humor, which really surprised me, and whatever authority they needed to show in order to keep everybody safe,” he said, adding he was “so very impressed with every aspect of the penal system.”

His experience with the judicial system, however, was the opposite.

“[Within the] court system, I was treated like I was guilty until proven innocent, like a second-class citizen,” he claimed.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star was sentenced to three days in jail Monday for failing to pay his estranged wife, Elvira Castle, alimony. He says he cannot afford the payments. The actor claims that he has hit hard financial times and spent most of his money repairing his movie studio in Louisiana after it was destroyed in a March 2016 flood.

“I’ve worked seven days a week, 80 hours a week, at least since 1978,” he told us as he prepared to turn himself in. “I have, as every working person has, a mountain of debt that was attached to my dream. And there’s a group now that somehow feels they’re entitled to life or even luxury without work and the judicial system apparently agrees with that.”

Schneider and Castle have been estranged since she filed for divorce in 2014. They married in 1993 and have three adult children together, two of which were Castle’s children from a previous marriage.

“If I had it [money], I would’ve given it to her just to let this go away but I don’t have it,” he said early Tuesday.

There is no alimony in Texas, where John used to live. I’m not sure about Louisiana. I’m also not sure why California has jurisdiction in his case.

Texas is a community property state, which I think is true of most states. The increase in family assets over the course of the marriage is split 50-50 by the legal system. Both parties get to keep whatever they brought into the marriage.

Elvira may want to find another rich husband or get used to living on less than $19,000 a month, her current alimony payment. John’s peak earning years are probably behind him.

That’s life.

7 thoughts on “John Schneider Calls Out Judicial Biases Against Men and Conservatives After Release from Jail

  1. Plenty of good reasons to never get married in the first place. However, many more reasons to never marry a Hollywood hooker pretending to be marriage material. Unfortunately many men out there who don’t understand the birds and the bees.

  2. Sorry to hear this about John…Seems very positive anyway….
    Listen to how this bullshit was worded:
    “They married in 1993 and have three adult children together, two of which were Castle’s children from a previous marriage”.

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