IHOP Name Change to IHOb Looking Disastrous at This Point

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t black culture include early morning stops at IHOP for pancakes after a night of twerking, hip-hopping, and so forth?

Could it be that the name from from pancakes to burgers is partly motivated by racial considerations? As in hoping that blacks, notorious for bad behavior in restaurants, will go somewhere else? Like for waffles?

Anyway, social media and business experts are weighing in on the significance of the temporary name change.

Let’s not forget that there once was a similar restaurant named Sambo’s. Political correctness drove it out of business by the early 1980s.

Excerpt from Adweek

If Twitter is any gauge of consumer sentiments, the International House of Pancakes’ announcement Monday that it was changing its name to the International House of Burgers (colloquially: IHOP to IHOb) hasn’t exactly been met with a warm embrace. Granted, as many media outlets have ventured, the name change is temporary, merely an effort by the 60-year-old chain to stoke everybody about its new “steak burgers” amid flattening pancake sales. In other words, the switch is evidently just a play for attention.

Boy, did it generate that.

One rake quipped that IHOb really stands for the “International House of Bad Marketing.” Another observant consumer pointed out that the IHOb logo now bears a disturbing resemblance to o.b. tampons. Comedian Tim Young declared: “The first thing Chairman Kim and President Trump agreed on was that changing IHOP to IHOb was a terrible idea.”

The name change also left the door open for rival restaurant chains to get their zingers in. Perkins pointed out that it’s “been cooking up classic burgers for 60 years … no need to change our name to prove it.” And Burger King mockingly changed its name to Pancake King.

Say what you will about IHOb, the announcement did generate tens of millions of impressions for the company and no shortage of media attention (including Adweek.) So if the name’s clunky, the marketing’s pretty smooth.

8 thoughts on “IHOP Name Change to IHOb Looking Disastrous at This Point

  1. As soon as I heard of IHOP’s decision, I knew it would be a disaster.

    “Let’s not forget that there once was a similar restaurant named Sambo’s. Political correctness drove it out of business by the early 1980s.”

    It’s a surprise that it lasted that long. PC sucks. Back when we were a white nation and didn’t worry and apologize about hurt inferior feelings…

  2. In recent decades IHOP (like defunct “Red Lobster”) has become a negro restaurant complete with the usual late night mayhem and niggers running out without paying for their food…..
    I remember going to one of these all White “International House of Pancakes” as a kid and how civilized it was….

  3. Sambo’s was a great restaurant. I truly enjoyed that place. It’s stupid that political correctness over its name killed it.

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