Soros: “everything that could go wrong has gone wrong”

If you’re against Donald Trump, you have something in common with George Soros. In a Thursday interview, Soros opined that Trump is “willing to destroy the world.”

Soros is willing to destroy the white race and white countries, so it could be that he’s simply projecting his own values on Trump.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that ‘everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.’

The 87-year-old, who frequently donates to the Clintons, did not mince his words and accused the President of being ‘willing to destroy the world.’

‘The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it,’ Soros said Thursday in an interview with The Washington Post.

Soros is still in shock that Trump won the election, something he didn’t see happening.

‘Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,’ he said.

Soros plans to spend roughly $15million in the 2018 elections but has already faced some rejections as several of his bids for district attorneys in California lost their elections on Tuesday.

‘We ran into a brick wall in California,’ he added.

The billionaire describes Trump as a ‘marcissist’ who ‘considers himself all-powerful.

Soros had additional complaints, as reported at Western Journal

Soros made no bones about his opposition to Trump, who he branded as a narcissist.

“He didn’t believe he would actually get elected. And the fact that he has succeeded has really changed him, and he now kind of considers himself all-powerful. He was kept under control by his minders, the generals, but he got rid of most of them, there’s only one that is left, and he has now got people who are his servants, so it is a very dangerous situation, and I’m very happy that he chose North Korea as the only country that he wants to get closer to. … I’m greatly relieved because I really believe there is a danger to the end of our civilization,” Soros said.

He said Trump’s combative nature worries him.

“He is fighting a trade war, which is liable to cause financial disruptions and possibly a financial crisis, and he is also ready to fight real wars, particularly in the Middle East. He might be willing to attack Iran militarily, which would be a big danger,” he said, adding, “I didn’t like his behavior as a businessman.”

Although Soros has not been shy about investing in California’s elections, he kept his 2020 cards close to his chest.

“I refuse to get involved in the presidential elections because they will divide the Democratic Party. And there’s no presidential election in 2018, and the party needs to be united,” Soros said. “I think there are many qualified candidates, and I think also that some will distinguish themselves in the 2018 elections that will give them more chances.”

Soros said there is one Democrat with presidential ambitions he will never support — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. He blamed the New York Democrat for the resignation of Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota over sexual harassment allegations. Soros said it was done “to improve her chances.”

During the interview, he was asked about his religious beliefs.

“I am an agnostic. … I am definitely the son of two Jewish parents and four Jewish grandparents, so I am Jewish by descent. I’m not a practicing Jew. But I am definitely a Jew,” he said.

Definitely a Jew?

There was never any doubt.

22 thoughts on “Soros: “everything that could go wrong has gone wrong”

  1. Of course he is a JU ..for less then 2% of the population these (((satanic))) (((turds))) control basically everything… they put I old people in prison in Germany if they question the holohoax YET this f@ck runs loose doing Rothchilds bidding all around the world for the luciferian Cabal..even though he worked with the ((Nazis)) rounding up what were probably real Jews stealing their possessions and sending them to the work camps …does ANYONE see the irony here????? I wish I could believe Trump is a decent pResident ..but from all I see and read it is just another battle between the (((communists))) and the (((Nazis))) with way Americans loose!!! HOPE I am wrong

    • “Trump is just Soros’s bitch…”
      Trump is more Sheldon Adelson’s bitch….
      Every congressman and senator is owned by a jew….
      You’re a BIG TIME JEW when you own a president…
      (the dumb shabbos goy trump was probably auctioned off at bilderberg conference…)…
      This is the latest version of “OBAMA IS ANTI IZRAHELL “

      • They’re all same synagogue, different pew (or is that Jew?)
        Well georgie, to some, everything has done right; anything to undo the Jew World Disorder

        Every time I see that demonic ugly Soros mug shot, I thin back to a description some blogger pinned on the son of Satan, “scrotum face”. The name certainly fits Georgie

  2. TRUMP is a narcissist who thinks hes all powerful??!?!?!!??! Hello pot? This is kettle… And, a danger to end [[[our]]] civilisation? Hope so – ending the jewish ‘civilisation’ is the ONLY hope for continued survival of OUR civilisation georgie boy…
    soros is just rothschilds errand boy/public face, and is , as Jesus said, ‘of his father the devil’.

  3. Lol yeah trump is at fault totally. Because the current problems that we had weren’t made up over time by the jews no no. It’s all Trump’s fault who has been the president of USA for not even 2 years. Obongo has no fault for having been the president for 8 years.

    • “Lol yeah trump is at fault totally”
      HA HA!!!!
      Has the dumb shabbos goy done anything contrary to what his jew bosses tell him to do? He’s possibly WORSE than the nigger “potus” in some respects…. Did the nigger bomb Syria? (well he was busy bombing Libya…) Look for a false flag as an excuse to bomb Iran for his jew masters…

  4. “I am an agnostic. … I am definitely the son of two Jewish parents and four Jewish grandparents, so I am Jewish by descent. I’m not a practicing Jew. But I am definitely a Jew,” he said.”

    “You have one god, and that is your money.”

    ~ Mein Kampf

  5. Just got back from coffee with normie Boomer guy who wants to date me. He’s a Zionist Christian. We got on the topic of the Holocaust and how it probably never happened. I keep reading the literature on it because it’s hard to believe the evidence for it is that flimsy. I explained a bit about how the Holocaust was used to extort money and silence criticism. He was out of the coffee shop like a scalded cat. The depth of programming astounds me. He refuses to even look at it himself. I used to be a Zionist Christian myself, so I’m sympathetic. We talked about Trump too: the difference between what he was elected to do and what he’s doing. As I said: Trump put on the Yarmulke and went to the wall. He won’t be impeached so long as he does what they want him to. Soros is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

      • Funny, when I talked to him I called it the entrance to the rabbit hole a la Alice in Wonderland. Once you start to see it, you can’t stop. He suggested I was too credulous of conspiracy theories. I explained that I was ready at any time to see it as false, but it keeps being confirmed again and again.

      • You did good, Celinda. For almost all of us it took some repeated exposures before finally coming to the point of awareness about the jew’s evils, and a longer course of searching and investigation to become awakened. You’ve planted a seed. Hopefully, others will come along to fertilize and water it.

        As for Soros:

        Soros established the European Council on Foreign Relations [ECFR] in Europe in 2007, which is an offshoot of the CFR in the US. CFR operated secretly inside America for 40 years before finally becoming exposed by an accidental blurb in a Boston newspaper in 1954, after which they decided to go public with a false face. Soros and the EU members who support him plan to do the same underhanded networking inside Europe.

        “Soros Demands Europe Give Africa 30 Billion Euros a Year to Prevent Collapse of the EU”

        “Left-wing Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros has called on European Union member states to give €30 billion to Africa annually for several years to curb the flow of migrants which he now claims could bring down the political bloc.

        Mr. Soros, who in 2015 pushed for mass migration remarking in an interview that “our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle”, now wants the EU to pay billions to Africa to prevent mass migration, Kronen Zeitung reports.

        Writing a commentary piece for Focus, Soros said that instead the bloc should go into debt and borrow money to finance the venture saying: “The financing could be done by tapping the EU’s largely untapped credit capacity.

        Soros even said that Germany and France should bear the burden of the €30 billion Africa project on their own claiming the money was “peanuts in the face of what is at stake – the collapse of the EU”.

        After a landslide electoral victory for Orbán and his Fidesz party, Soros and the OSF decided to move their operations from Budapest to Berlin.”

    • “I keep reading the literature on it because it’s hard to believe the evidence for it is that flimsy.“

      Not a problem, just do the math. The claim is 1.3 million kikes gassed and roasted in a thousand days at Auschwitz. That is more than a thousand a day. Now we must ask: How many ovens would it take to process more than a thousand yids a day?

      That is a lot of ovens. Where are all of those ovens? Mathematics is not a political science. Your date can’t or more likely won’t even do simple math.

      So what does that say about mind control and (((who))) has been doing it?

      • I mentioned the elderly women now in jail in Europe for questioning the Holocaust. I mentioned that the bodies if they had been killed by Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust) or Cyanide (Zyklon B) should have been bright red. No witnesses mentioned that. Most of the German fleet was diesel, and diesel fumes don’t kill you. I mentioned that some of the gas chambers and the ominous huge chimney were built by the Soviets after WWII. I mentioned that the crematoria couldn’t handle the number of bodies. There was a real danger of explosion because of the proximity of gas chambers to the crematoria. I explained the lack of Prussian blue staining on the walls but it’s presence on the wall of the delousing chambers. I mentioned that Auschwitz had a swimming pool, theater and brothel. I explained the Typhus outbreaks and how the Allies bombed supply lines at the end of WWI, so people died and were emaciated. I mentioned the lack of evidence of clear communication among the German hierarchy of a plan to exterminate all Jews. He said that he had no problem believing the Holocaust happened because Hitler was depraved. I sided stepped that; I’m not trying to say Hitler was a good guy. That isn’t germane to the topic. I explained how billions of Euros have been bled off Germany to pay Israel. He countered that Israel was not “liked” in the hates plucky little Israel. I finished telling him not to believe what I told him, but to look at it himself. He refused.

  6. If you haven’t dumped your living room flickering worship symbol entirely yet, at least dump Netflix. If you are going to have demons tinkling into your ear and perversions into your children’s minds, at least don’t let it be Soros who does it. I double checked another more current site and as of 2018-03-31. Soros seems to have increased his investment in Netflix.

    [Nov 2015 ] “An RBC Capital Markets report, which surveyed 1,000 people, suggested that 51% chose Netflix for their television and film viewing.

    This usage surpassed that of rivals YouTube, owned by Alphabet, and Amazon. The latter’s “Prime Video” service is prohibited by Google’s “Chromecast,” and Apple’s “Apple TV,” slowing down subscriber growth. At 40 million subscribers, Netflix is clearly the leader in the market with no sturdy competitor…”.

    Renowned investor George Soros and other hedge funds have embraced the Netflix story. This month, Soros reported that he owned 317,534 Netflix shares (NFLX) worth $32.79 million. Investment firms Viking Global and Renaissance Technologies also grabbed fresh stakes in the company.”

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