New White Welterweight Boxing Champ Says He’s Bringing Title Belt to Trump’s White House

Colby Covington defeated a Latino challenger Saturday night.

Excerpt from ESPN

“All I want to say is this is the real championship belt,” Covington said. “I’m taking this belt to the White House and putting it on Donald Trump’s desk.

“Woodley is a coward. You can’t run. You can’t hide. I’m coming for you. This is the real championship belt. If you got something to say, come see me.”

Asked if he could help Covington take his belt to the White House, UFC president Dana White said after Saturday’s card, “I can make that happen.”

5 thoughts on “New White Welterweight Boxing Champ Says He’s Bringing Title Belt to Trump’s White House

  1. Boxing was always a ghetto sport (back in the 1920s and 30s mostly jews, Italians and Irish)….We’ll be seeing more White guys enter boxing and MMA because not much opportunity elsewhere for White men….

  2. Ooops…This was MMA not boxing….I never saw this White champ before but I have seen this Brazilian in some great fights….An Italian guy broke his jaw a few years back….

  3. Good for Colby what an a original american sounding name, Colby Covington almost sounds like a wild west gunslinger type name to me lol I don’t even like MMA or boxing but i’m glad a red blooded white american won especially against the eternal spic

    • When it comes to fighting sports is usually harder to ROB the White man of his due deserve… So if a nigger or spic wins legit I have no animosity towards their fair win….If this wasn’t an OBVIOUS win the White guy would have lost the decision. Obviously any NORMAL White person will root for a White fighter 100 percent of the time…. I remember watching olympic boxing as a kid and always rooting AGAINST the “american” niggers and spics….

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