New Netflix “Super Drags” Cartoon Series Features Superhero DRAG QUEENS

Netflix wants you to know that it takes a drag queen to save the world.

As the saying goes, God either must destroy America or apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.


Netflix has debuted a teaser for its new animated show Super Drags and it looks to combine everything we love in this world. Superheroes — CHECK. Animation — CHECK. Drag queens — CHECK.

From Brazilian studio Combo Studios, Super Drags follows Patrick, Donny and Ramon as they work by day and WERK by night. According to Brazilian website Cosmonerd, the three “work in a department store with annoying customers and a picky boss. At night, they release their inner divas to become Lemon Chiffon, Cran’s Sapphire and Crimson Scarlet: three incredibly fabulous Super Drags who have been recruited to gather the LGBT community and spread glitter in the world.” And they don’t mean that glitter part in a figurative way. According to the teaser’s YouTube description, the Super Drags are “ready to combat shade and rescue the world’s glitter from the evil villains.” No tea, no shade, NO GLITTER? Save us, Super Drags!

This is truly a perfect gift to kick off Pride month. Executive producer Marcelo Pereira said, “Thanks to Netflix we can take the Brazilian animation and mainly the LGBTQ representativeness to the 190 countries that have access to the service.”

For Netflix, the feeling is mutual. Chris Sanagustin, director of original international content for Netflix, said, “We are thrilled that our first Brazilian animation will present our audiences with the daring, scandalous and fabulous world of Super Drags! Netflix is ​​fortunate to invest in great animation talent from Brazil, bringing the vibrant trait of Combo and the acidic mood of our producers to the beautiful and the canvases from every corner.”

We don’t know much more yet but we’ll tell you when we do. Whatever it is, it will be what? SICKENING.

6 thoughts on “New Netflix “Super Drags” Cartoon Series Features Superhero DRAG QUEENS

      • Paladin, I’ve been getting moderation on all my comments. Do you know what the problem is?

        If I remember right, Netflix is owned by Soros, so expect more programs to kill White people and our country, America.

      • Two years ago I was given a 2 month free unlimited Netflix membership; I watched and downloaded a bunch of stuff then nixed the offer to continue at some monthly rate. Although I have read reviews of some interesting Netflix Sci-Fi and other movies….i’ll pass,

        Just the fact that Bathhouse Barry and Big Mike O will be producing hosting 24×7 poopaganda programs is enough for me to say “no way”

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