March Supporting Tommy Robinson Turns into Clash with London Police

The way I understand the alt-right’s objections to Tommy Robinson is that he’s diverting attention away from the real problem in Britain, the Jews, and focusing attention on Islam and Muslims, who are a symptom of the problem, but not the root cause.

Did I get that right?

People opposed to the jailing of Tommy by the British government turned out on the street Saturday to protest. Some minor violence ensued, leading to five arrests.

It seems likely that there were Deep State infiltrators among the marchers whose mission was to make the political right look bad.

Sky News

Violent scenes erupted as hundreds of demonstrators marched through London against the jailing of former far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

The march on Whitehall on Saturday was the latest following Robinson’s imprisonment for contempt of court last month.

Steel fences and bottles were thrown at police, who made five arrests.

“During the protest there were scenes of violence which saw bottles, metal barriers and other objects thrown at officers,” police said in a statement.

“Five officers have reported injuries, which are not serious.”

The protesters also took over an open-topped bus for sight-seers, holding up flags and placards.

Two of those arrested were held over an assault on a police officer, one for possessing an offensive weapon, one for possession of a flare and another for causing criminal damage to a bus.

The founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson – real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon – was sentenced to 10 months in jail in May.

He left the EDL, known for its violent street protests and accused of Islamophobia, in 2013, claiming he could not contain its “extremist elements”.

The Dutch far-right anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders was among those present at the demonstration.

On Twitter, he said he had been questioned at the UK border regarding the purpose of his visit.

He said he told the immigration officers that he was in the country “to free Tommy Robinson” and was let in after waiting “a few minutes with my security detail”.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP attended the demonstration and said on Twitter: “A pleasure to meet Geert Wilders again and to listen to his great speech at the Free Tommy Robinson rally.”

Neither Batten nor Wilders made any mention of the violence at the protests on Twitter.

Robinson, 35, pleaded guilty to contempt after using social media to broadcast details of an ongoing trial.

The trial was subject to blanket reporting restrictions, a routine legal process in English law designed to protect the impartiality of a jury.

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23 thoughts on “March Supporting Tommy Robinson Turns into Clash with London Police

  1. Nothing good comes from controlled opposition. We want the “immigrants” who have been imported here into America out of the country, and so do the British people, but Robison will lead them straight into futility, except if the jews decide to promote him as being a “leader” by providing a “victory” against the Muzzies whom jewry has worked so hard to import for all of these years. Maybe the jews have decided that they can’t control enough of the ones they have already imported.

    “Indeed, when Robinson left the EDL in 2013, he cited “extremism” as being the reason and suddenly started working with the Leftist/Muslim think tank Quilliam and appearing on the BBC, no longer as an antagonist, but as one of the fold. In 2016, he was invited for a trip to Israel by Jewish Youtuber “Brian of London” (but obviously rather more of Tel Aviv), where he became a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda. He has since worked for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media, a Jewish Canadian internet media outlet that has promoted Israeli intersts in the Middle East and Jewish interests in the West, including the usual Jewish hypocracy of advocating a Jewish ethnostate while undermining ethno-nationalism in other countries. Let us be clear: Robinson has always undermined ethno-nationalism for Whites. Just last year during the Charlottesville march, he tweeted this: [at the link below]”.

  2. “Tommy Robinson, Former EDL Leader Holds Secret Meeting with Manchester Jews” [July 7, 2017]

    “His secret meeting with the Jewish Community in Manchester has apparently sparked controversy with other Jewish activists. —- However, Robinson has made no secret of the fact that he is committed Zionist – which may explain why members of the UK’s Jewish Community are now courting and supporting him: —- [According to his own Tweet, it appears that Robinson had collected money from the Jewish Community].”

  3. “The Quilliam think-tank which influenced Tommy while in the EDL is a pro-Islam public relations group led by Majid Nawa and Ed Husain which promotes “Moderate Islam” and fights “far-right extremism” (white people who are tired of the lies).

    Quilliam has known Islamic terrorists on their payroll. So it seems while on the weekend Tommy fights the Islamic invaders, mon-fri he’s working with them.

    The trick being played against the People is simple: focus on fighting the Muslim migrants while you completely ignore the fact that it’s Zionists responsible for the crisis. If you believe Tommy is fighting to save England what motivation do you have to fight? Tommy will just do it for you. Only he isn’t. By not exposing the Zionists behind the migrant crisis, and by only attacking the migrants themselves, Tommy wastes everyones time. How can you stop the migrants from pouring into your country if you don’t acknowledge the cause?

    If we stop the Zionists we stop the migrant crisis. It’s that simple, and Tommy knows it.”

  4. Mr Flanders is undoubtedly correct, but…any time theres street action on a large scale against the powers that be, even if only ‘right’ in name, cant be all bad.

  5. Saboteur, you have summed up the blinkered alt-right objections to Tommy perfectly. They cannot seem to understand that Tommy has been struggling so long practically on his own, that he reached out to anyone who offered support, like the Sikhs, Jews, and subversive Muslims masquerading as “moderates” like Quilliam or fake “patriots” like Raheem Kassam, without considering their ulterior motives. Since millions of Christian Zionists have been similarly deceived, without suffering what Tommy has endured for decades, it is unjust to expect him to see what most people cannot: that Islam is just a branch of Judaism, created by Jews as a Proxy Army to destroy Christianity and the European civilization upon which it was founded.

    Jews & Muslims have always been secret allies, down through the ages, which is why very few Jews have ever been attacked or killed by Muslims at any time in history. I can explain further, but people are usually not interested.

    • Rabbis are on youtube saying “Islam will cleanse Europe of the Christian filth”.

      You are right, nobody cares.

      Until they do. then whitey is unstoppable.

  6. I don’t even believe Tommy Robinson or Yaxley Lennon is even in prison probably in a luxurious hotel or being monitored by MI5.

  7. What did I tell you about most of Tommys (((EDL))) followers?!, brainless football hooligans who just want to knock stuff over and fight like a bunch of drunk shitheads

    • Why can’t so many of these fktards figure out ((who)) is behind all this crap?? Foreign and domestic just clueless. I was reading an article from (((Breitbart))) and not one of the comments knew enough to figure out why mass migration exists, they just blame the Muslims who I guess walk and swim to other countries!!! SAD, how easily the Synagogue of Satan moves undercover

  8. Paladin Justice– Since your name comes from Charlemagne’s peers, I thought you might be interested in this:

    The Franks, Visigoths, Lombards, Irish St. Columba, and Emperor Constantine were ALL ARIANS, who believed Jesus was an immortal being created by and subordinate to Almighty God, who was greatest over all.

    This was the original Christianity of the first 300 years after Christ, but was denounced as heresy by the Roman Catholics, who converted the Franks & Visigoths by the “Catholic Spouse Strategy”, marrying them to fiercely Catholic brides.

    The Triplet Trinity Lie was created to raise Jesus & the Holy Spirit to equal status with God, in order to elevate the Human Mary to “Goddess” status ABOVE Almighty God, to force the Christian world to worship Mary instead of Christ and His Father. And that is why the Muslim Savages claim they can kill us all, for worshipping Christ as Almighty God, which Christ Himself never claimed.

    Since all my comments have disappeared, it looks like this is the third supposedly “patriotic, freedom of speech, alt-right” website that allows freedom of speech to everyone… except Protestants.

  9. Looks just like the fake protests in Charlottesville (I think that was the place) where the compromised,mostly JUish alt RIGHT and the libtard communists went at it. MOST arrived on the same bus, all funded by (((Soros))) real name ((Schwartz)) all leaders Kosher or their lapdogs ..even David Duke who I am guessing still works for the CIA ..cause when I posed that question via his twitter he BLOCKED me???

    • I don’t think David Duke is CIA from what i’ve seen him say Feds/CIA aren’t allowed to call out jews, also hes anti-war and i have never seen him call for violence or to act out on revenge.

      But I agree the charlottesville thing was very manufactured and mike enoch, baked alaska, eli mosley and richard spencer alll walked away from it like it was no big deal. All the meanwhile ordinary white folk got their lives ruined by walking into a obvious psy op but did george soros really pay for the bus? i’ve seen that claim before

      • Research his ties to CIA and Don Black and something that happened in Vietnam..Red dog something… his X wife is now married to his friend Don Black .. I like his work exposing the Cabal it is very informative and helped me figure it out .. BUT why would he block me for asking a question? There was a guy on twitter who broke it down his name was Paul Neocon Watson.. I will try to find it

      • We must also remember ((divide & conquer)) is their game ..and sometimes Duke uses the fake 911 narratives that Muslims flew into the WTrade center …when we all know the Kosher Nostra was behind it. There is a rule too If anyone appears on MSM they are usually corrupt..that’s how I found Duke when ((Wolf Blitzer)) kept telling Trump to disavow DDuke …I looked him up… see how that worked. I don’t know I am suspicious of all these creatures

      • Thanks littlefaith i’ll check those out, but as for Duke blocking you thats interesting did you ask about his CIA ties politely? I’m sure he just didn’t want to talk about something like that in such a direct manner

        Also i’ve never seen him say fake things or narratives about 911 if anything he always says the jews and saudis were behind it which is very true

    • He really does lol he has a very shiny face, hes also a shabbos goy for israel a dedicated zionist just like Tommy Robinson google gert wilders kippa israel

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