Evil Gook Babe Arrested Again for Scamming Men Out of All They Owned


A warning for white men who suffer from yellow fever.

CBS Los Angeles

IRVINE (CBSLA/CBSSF) – Police on Friday were searching for additional victims of a woman who allegedly has accused men of domestic violence, only to clear out their homes after the men were arrested.

Sunmee Kim, 44, was arrested Thursday after an ongoing investigation that dated back to January.

In that incident, Kim, who was identifying herself by a different name, reported to police that a man she claimed was her fiancée had attacked her. When officers interviewed the man after his arrest, he insisted that he was her housemate and had no romantic involvement with Kim.

After he was eventually released when officers determined he had not committed a crime, the man went home and discovered that Kim had cleared the house they shared of valuables and left.

Officers investigating the case suspected that Kim had filed a false report. The Mountain View Police Department uncovered additional cases in which Kim had targeted a number of men in a similar fashion with false accusations of abuse, they said.

Police say she was on parole in Orange County after serving four years behind bars for targeting men in Garden Grove, Orange and Irvine seven years ago.

Mountain View police believe she may have victimized other individuals in the Bay Area and throughout the state. Additional aliases she has used include Sunny Jean Kim, Jean Kim, Jiin and Ashley Kim. The suspect is also known to use a Korean dating site to find potential victims.

A man who lives in an Irvine condominium said he met Kim on the dating site. He knew her just one week when she accused him of domestic violence.

He was arrested.

Only later did police learn the truth and release him.

The homeowner didn’t want to go on camera. But he said he trusted Kim because they shared the same Korean heritage.

Kim was charged with several crimes in 2011 and was released from prison three years ago.

The Charlotte Observer offers additional details on the misbehaving Miss Kim.

One of the businessmen she was accused of conning, Deukman Lee of Irvine, sued the city for $150,000 after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault, according to The Orange County Register. He was released the next day when Irvine police recognized inconsistencies in Kim’s story.

Mountain View police are working with Santa Clara County prosecutors to determine what criminal charges to file against her, in addition to the parole violation she faces, according to the Mountain View Voice.

The newspaper also reported that the 2011 frauds that ended in her 2013 conviction were not her first foray into the life of a conwoman. In 2009, she reportedly faked her own kidnapping in Los Angeles in an attempt to shake down the man with whom she was living for the fake ransom money.

Why hasn’t this POS been deported!

5 thoughts on “Evil Gook Babe Arrested Again for Scamming Men Out of All They Owned

  1. Look at the face and eyes….no soul…Obviously not human….But some gooks and negros occasionally are…Yes, I have even noticed negroes showing altruism towards Whites but it is rare….
    This type of gook frequently targets old dumb White guys….

    • Yup, reminds me of the gooks I encountered while in the Navy, “me love you Joe, no shit, make love you long time Joe, me cherry, you mally me yes? take me back to Amerllica”………and the sheer stupid numbers of white military that fell for this was mind numbing.

      Hell if I want to reminisce about my military dayz, I’ll visit the Marxachusetts mill town I grew up in which is not about 95% Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laos ….with a touch of taco bender and spear chucker to round out the die-versity

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