Yahoo Article on Anthony “White Men of Privilege” Bourdain Draws Intense Mockery

A Yahoo article that sparked widespread ridicule originally appeared on a woman’s website, Glamour.

Here’s the full title: Why Anthony Bourdain’s Life Is a Lesson for White Men of Privilege on How to Be an Ally

The article goes on to briefly hit on a dozen or so social justice issues where Bourdain, a Jew (half Jew technically), takes the politically correct stance that resulted in him being held in good standing by (((TV execs.)))

Yahoo readers were not pleased!

BTW, in their efforts to canonize St. Bourdain, the leftist media is totally ignoring what CAUSED him to kill himself. I am assuming that he really did hang himself and wasn’t murdered by the (((Deep State))) for some secret transgression that put on their hit list. Normally, the MSM goes into speculation about what motivated the suicide. Not this time. Strange!

Excerpt from Glamour via Yahoo

In recognizing his privilege, Bourdain was able to stand up for women, marginalized communities, and even question how his own past choices lent themselves to perpetuating dangerous environments. It would have been effortless for Bourdain to adopt the worldview of men who share his status and influence. Bourdain, instead, explored worlds besieged by that power and challenged its beneficiaries to do better.

That’s some really sickening prose. Bourdoin was no profile in courage, but rather a profile in PC.

On Latino immigration in America, Bourdain once stated: “The bald fact is that the entire restaurant industry in America would close down overnight, would never recover, if current immigration laws were enforced quickly and thoroughly across the board. Everyone in the industry knows this. It is undeniable. Illegal labor is the backbone of the service and hospitality industry—Mexican, Salvadoran and Ecuadoran in particular…. Let’s at least try to be honest when discussing this issue.”

This was in 2007, before Trump’s walls or the fervent pitch of nationalist rhetoric reached its ascendance.

Bourdain’s ideals reached beyond the food sector to industries outside of his own. When Bourdain’s girlfriend, Asia Argento, added her voice to the symphony of women whose pleas for justice against Harvey Weinstein and sexual violence were finally being acknowledged in the mainstream press, Bourdain accompanied her. “To @dkny,” he tweeted to the designer after she seemed to suggest women had a role in being sexual assault victims, “[H]ow many seventeen year olds have you dressed like they are, in your words, ‘asking for it?'”

He called out the media.

He called out Weinstein’s associates by name.

And he called out the complicity with rape culture embedded in Hollywood and society at large.

How “white” of him. Did he ever call out black criminality? Did he ever note that 37,000 white women are raped by black males every year?

In an interview with GQ magazine, Bourdain was asked about his 2014 Parts Unknown episode on the heroin and opioid crisis. He addressed both the double standard of pharmaceutical companies who traffic in drug sales without the stigma of criminality and the sympathy afforded to small-town communities and rural whites (which policy makers and media outlets failed to extend to the largely black victims of the 1980s crack epidemic).

“Now that the white captain of the football team and his cheerleader girlfriend in small-town America are hooked on dope,” Bourdain asserted, “maybe we’ll now stop demonizing heroin as a criminal problem and start dealing with it as the medical and public-health problem that it is, and should be.”

Drugs? And silence about MS-13 by Bourdoin.

He was an ally, alright. An ally of PC and a teller of partial truths, holding back the real truths that might have gotten him in trouble.

Maybe he killed himself because he was tired of the lies.

Yahoo responded with mockery. Here are a few of the several thousand responses.

Nick 9 hr ago
Even for Yahoo the title of this article was funny!

Show replies (25) Reply 792 21
Pendejo 8 hr ago
Since when is it “privilege” to earn enjoy the success one earns from hard work and risk-taking?

Show replies (17) Reply 334 8
always right 9 hr ago
Privilege. Really

Show replies (51) Reply 803 31
Madcat7722 8 hr ago
Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform and Golf Foxtrot Yankee.

Show replies (25) Reply 417 11
Chris J 8 hr ago
As soon as I saw “Privilege” I knew this article would be a real beauty.

Show replies (14) Reply 789 13
jeff 8 hr ago
privilege ???

Show replies (2) Reply 209 4
miles longwood 9 hr ago
can we get some real news please, wheres paul harvey?

Show replies (15) Reply 569 23
Uncle B 8 hr ago
Vote 2018!

Show replies (3) Reply 95 4
Deviser 8 hr ago
Proof anybody can be a writer for Glamour.

Show replies (3) Reply 206 6
B W 9 hr ago
I’m not going to lie, I saw the title and I knew I had to immediately jump to the comments. Best decision of the day.

Show replies (18) Reply 889 13
PargoS 8 hr ago
Why is everything about race now?

Show replies (46) Reply 525 20
Henry Kokkeler 8 hr ago
You’ve got to be kidding me with this title.

Show replies (5) Reply 451 11
Anti-Troll 9 hr ago
Thanks for sending the GOP more voters, yahoo.

Show replies (10) Reply 660 30
ONEREBEL 8 hr ago
It’s amazing how the left turns everything into a political issue!

Show replies (28) Reply 599 38
Ken 8 hr ago
No privilege he worked and earned it.

Show replies (5) Reply 254 3
Nobody 8 hr ago
The Red Tide is coming!

Show replies (5) Reply 263 23
Ethan G 8 hr ago
Dear lord the left is incredible….

Show replies (7) Reply 293 14
Kathy 8 hr ago
I feel like yahoo is still trying to make fetch happen

Reply 63
CHris 8 hr ago
Yep someone had to make it about race.

Show replies (3) Reply 272 5

Ha! All of the first set of comments were critical of the crap the fake news media put out with this piece.

19 thoughts on “Yahoo Article on Anthony “White Men of Privilege” Bourdain Draws Intense Mockery

  1. He stood up for the marginalized all the way to his fat bank account.
    It will be interesting to see what the MSM narrative on his death will be.
    His failed marriage, drugs, bad soup?

      • Nobody is ever depressed “about” anything. It’s just a disease. Remember that you filthy bigots. How can someone with that much privilege be depressed “about” anything?

        Except, the one thing you can be depressed about – your privilege.

        Come on. (((They))) want us to JUST DO IT.

        Check your privilege.

        Check the suicide box.

  2. I’d bet he simply overdosed; but the media doesn’t want him to go down like that. “Suicide” is much more ‘victimhood’. The jews love to be victims.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear he had a relative who survived the “showers” at Auschitz.

  3. a creep who slammed white society every chance he got. recently made a derogatory comment about president trump. not unlike george looney.

  4. I will cofess I enjoyed some of his early shows. I knew he was a typical NY liberal dbag. A wealthy limosine liberal “down with the cause” and all, but he came off as likable. What a coward though, I know he has a youngish daughter, lots of money, and is in demand for shows. Boo Hoo Im so sad, what a fuckin pussy !

  5. “I am assuming that he really did hang himself and wasn’t murdered by the (((Deep State)))”

    Interesting you should raise that, because it appears others have. Others have recently speculated that the wife was the real target, something to do with the Weinstein business and the sending of messages.

  6. I think the motive for suicide was finally recognising his privilege and “doing the right thing”.

    Come on guys, when are you going to do the right thing too? POX depend on you.

  7. I love when rich liberals tell me how to live and what to think then jump into their chauffeur driven monster SUV’s and run back to their gated communities to eat duck confit and sip Chateau Margaux. Good riddance!!!
    All that money and you couldn’t get the best psychiatric care?

    • Queen…You seem OBSESSED with jew “psychiatric care”….(being a zonked out drug addict shabbos goy for the jew big pharma complex)….

  8. Bourdain was not white. He was a jew. His mother was jewish, thus he is a jew. BTW, he would have never achieved his fame/fortune if he was not a jew. The jews keep everything within the Jew Circle of Trust, thus he was promoted/feted by the jew entertainment Leviathan and acquired wealth/fame. A goy would never be given such an opportunity.

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