Feeding a Wild Fox (Video)

Every evening I take a half hour or so and drive a little, then walk into some woods where I have plastic bowls and plates set out for the two foxes I feed and water.

Sometimes I see them, but most of the time I don’t. The small one, who probably weighs no more than a few pounds, came up to within a few feet of me on Thursday at dusk to snatch a few bites of iced oatmeal cookie off a plate, one of the food items I put out. Mostly, I give them pizza that’s no longer hot and ready, which I get free from a certain pizza restaurant.

As you can see from looking at the two and a half minute video above, they are a nervous animal.

An Aussie fellow has a fox eating out of his hand. I’m a long way from being there. Poor volume:

3 thoughts on “Feeding a Wild Fox (Video)

    • I just got back from leaving them their food. I didn’t see them tonight, probably because they found goodies elsewhere and they work their way to where I have their feeding station. Maybe one day I can hand feed them like the fellow in the video.

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