Elites Promote LSD Microdoses to Hinder Opposition to Globalist Agenda

Small daily does of LSD are good for you, say the elites.

They’ll make you more creative and put your soul in touch with the universe.

You’ll see that you and every other creature are one.


No more racism, sexism, nationalism, or populism.

Utopia on earth is our destiny, so turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

The shifts in consciousness brought about by psychedelics could help to dissolve our fear of ‘the other’…


“Microdosing” on psychedelic substances like LSD – ingesting just enough to heighten cognitive faculties, enhance creativity, improve concentration and alleviate depression – is currently back in vogue among people not normally associated with anything remotely ‘countercultural’ in the USA.

Large parts of the world are being polarized at a rate rarely seen before, helped in no small measure by social media ‘filter bubbles’ and algorithms that divide people sharply along the lines of nationality or ideology, their underlying human connections rendered increasingly irrelevant. Perhaps such deep hatred and suspicion of the other was always there, but now it has taken center stage and is being used as a potent election strategy by populist and hyper-nationalist leaders the world over. Like herds of cattle, large numbers of people are being programmed and deployed as pawns for a larger agenda.

Therefore, perhaps real change begins with rewiring our perceptual framework. Psychedelic substances have been ingested sacramentally by indigenous cultures to achieve this goal since the dawn of time, and now they’re being validated by the scientific and medical communities. The shifts in consciousness that can be brought about by psychedelics can help in dissolving the man-made boundaries or fear of the other that are implanted in our collective psyche.

While Silicon Valley bio-hackers microdosing on LSD to enhance their workplace performance may not be looking to bring about tectonic shifts in collective consciousness, there’s no reason to restrict the use of psychedelics to these groups and purposes. They could also work as a potent catalyst to awaken humankind to the dangers of toxic nationalism and rabid nativism that threaten to engulf us.

Average American? There won’t be an America, except as an administrative region of the one world government that turns the planet into a third world mess.

7 thoughts on “Elites Promote LSD Microdoses to Hinder Opposition to Globalist Agenda

  1. Nothing wrong with expanding your mind/perception occasionally, in my opinion. Not every day. HOWEVER…..the last time I ate shrooms I was laying on my living room floor with headphones on enjoying some fantastic music and suddenly started thinking about all the shit I read on sites like this and new nation, etc. “What if a negro kicked my door in right now?” Finished my trip with my gun in my hand staring out the window. ☹️ Just one more thing niggers ruined.

  2. This is like OXY LOVE DRUG and LITHIUM IN WATER AND FROM CHEMTRAILS…as well as the GOD GENE VIRUS….the dealiest virus is the Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Zombie Virus..Related to WITIKO (WINDIGO) and Doberman Syndrome of the Mongol Aryan Mixes..,Canibals Genociders and having SKITZO…Beware of all GOV sold Maryjane..its a GMO plant made scientoically in lab to screw the brains up….

  3. Having taken LSD on multiple occasions, I agree that it is mind expanding. It is NOT for everyone. I have witnessed people ruin their lives while under its influence. This idea of offering it to everyone is foolish. It would make the niggers crazy just by making them actually think for once in their retarded lives.

    • Yes, it’s not for everyone. After the initial peak of laughter and amazement, there then follows self consciousness and introspection. If you are not at peace in life or with who you are, you may experience extreme emotional and mental discomfort. Some have gone insane. I’ve had some “challenging “ experiences that have made me stronger as a person and changed my perspective on life, death, and spirituality. As a former atheist, salvia divinorum caused me to understand with utter certainty that there is a higher power, energy, or intelligence that exists. Not a god in flowing robes or anything silly and contrived like that. They’re is an energetic flow that laughed at me and humbled me so that I now view the world in an entirely different way. Using these tools to escape reality is not how they should be utilized. I’m sure some here will scoff at this. I did in the past. Be always open minded.

      • You are absolutely correct here Ray. I was blessed to have changed my life forever after LSD. I was totally closed minded before and am now able to be open minded regarding things I once thought were set in stone.

  4. Niggers on acid……hmmm! I was in the military during the height of the 60s psychedelic era. Lets see, the Chambers Brothers “Time has come today” and Jimi Hendrix billed as the greatest guitarist in human history, to me he was just a hack compared to Clapton, Robin Trower. ….niggers trying to b psychedelic….no thanks. Another drug that was popular during my NAVY years was DMT, which supposedly the (((CIA))) had synthesized; sometimes called “the businessman’s trip”

    I had one bad reaction to LSD back in 1969 when I was tabbed at a party…pretty weird shit!
    I would not be surprised if it came out that the (((elite ruling class))) were putting low doses of acid the drinking water, food additives or in chemtrails along with subliminal messages to “watch more TV it’s good for you”

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