With Economics on His Mind, Trump Unloads on Trudeau and Macron Before G7 Summit Today

American president Donald Trump has potentially thrown a monkey wrench into the globalist plan for one world government, one world currency, one world religion (Islam), and so forth. He’s doing it the old fashioned way, with tariffs.

Or maybe this is all Kabuki theater designed to fool the people.

The G-7 summit meeting in Canada on Friday and Saturday is going to spark fireworks if the pundits are right.

With Trump, though, there are always surprises. Sit back and watch and see if Trump actually tears into Justin and Emmanuel during and after the summit.


Daily Mail

Donald Trump is planning to leave the G7 summit early – skipping the climate discussions – following a furious Twitter spat with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump also attacked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, labeling him as ‘indignant’ and accusing him of damaging US agriculture, while complaining that both he and President Macron ‘are charging the U.S. massive tariffs.’

Macron fired back on Twitter that the summit did not need the US.

‘The American President may not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a 6 country agreement if need be,’ he wrote.

‘Because these 6 countries represent values, they represent an economic market which has the weight of history behind it and which is now a true international force.’

Now Trump, who will meet with both Macron and Trudeau tomorrow, has announced he plans to leave the summit several hours early. The White House confirmed that he will depart mid-morning on Saturday, skipping the sessions on climate change and the environment.

A White House aide will take his place.

Trump reportedly even considered scrapping the visit to Canada entirely because he’d be outnumbered on issues like trade and climate change, sources told CNN.

The US president was also unhappy over Trudeau’s barbs about Canada’s better relationship with the US under Barack Obama.

‘Prime Minister Trudeau is being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that the U.S. and Canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things…but he doesn’t bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy — hurting our Farmers, killing our Agriculture!’ Trump tweeted Thursday.

The tweet followed another, where he wrote that: ‘The EU trade surplus with the U.S. is $151 Billion, and Canada keeps our farmers and others out.’

He concluded his message by writing: ‘Look forward to seeing them tomorrow.’

4 thoughts on “With Economics on His Mind, Trump Unloads on Trudeau and Macron Before G7 Summit Today

  1. Piss on those hosers.
    Tariff any country by at l;east the same amount they tariff us.
    Stop worrying about ‘trade’ ; make our OWN industries strong and the US self sufficient! Take back our technology and industry shipped abroad. WE can do fine w/o them, if the govt would just allow it. And hey macron – we should certainly WANT to be isolated from places like the sh#thole your country has become!

  2. You know after ww2 al of the above country’s had nothing if they chose to wipe their ass they called us for tp. When the Russians blockaded Berlin the US had to drop food to feed them.
    The French flag is just a white rag. The first thing they say ( we surrender) hey u.s. come save us again. Hard working smart Americans are the only reason they even exist.
    Maybe next time we let them all burn.

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