Christian Crossfit Exec’s Belief that LGBT Pride is a Sin Causes Him to be FIRED


Russell Berger rebelled against the (((Deep State))) social engineering that requires everyone to worship sodomites.

His company, Crossfit, well aware that the Deep State can destroy it anytime via the IRS, OSHA, etc., quickly fired him.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, it was the state that directly did the dirty work. In the USSA, the United Soviet States of America, companies do the dirty work for the Deep State in order to stay in business.

Daily Signal

Russell Berger, the chief knowledge officer for the fitness movement and company known as CrossFit, was fired Wednesday for saying that LGBTQ pride and celebrations of such are a “sin.”

His criticism came after showing support for a CrossFit facility in Indianapolis, which canceled a workout session that was intended to support Pride Month, according to BuzzFeed News.

“We believe that true health forever can only be found within humility, not pride,” the CrossFit gym said in an email to members, reports CBS4. “Humility is seeing oneself as they truly are, and as God truly defines them to be. As a business we will choose to deploy our resources towards those efforts and causes that line up with our own values and beliefs.”

Berger expressed solidarity with the partner branch.

“As someone who personally believes celebrating ‘pride’ is a sin, I’d like to personally encourage #CrossFitInfiltrate for standing by their convictions and refusing to host an @indypride workout,” Berger reportedly wrote on Twitter. “The intolerance of the LGBTQ ideology toward any alternative views is mind-blowing,” he continued, ostensibly conveying intolerance.

Several members, coaches, and other staff quit as a result of that particular CrossFit’s decision to cancel the themed workout event.

CrossFit originally placed Berger, an Orthodox Christian and pastor at a local church in Alabama, on unpaid leave, and soon after fired him.

“CrossFit is a diverse community in every way, and that’s what makes us strong,” the workout company said. “No matter who you are, how you’re built, what you believe, or who or how you love—we are proud of you.”

Berger, who also served as a spokesman, may have saw his termination as a surprise since he said in prior tweets that he appreciates working for a company “that tolerates disagreement,” according to BuzzFeed News.

“I have homosexual coworkers who I love and respect, and as far as I am aware, they aren’t demanding I be punished for my views,” he continued.

Berger may also be surprised since he said such criticism isn’t very different than what’s been expressed on his social media accounts before.

Within those public pieces of communication, Berger described the “tactics of some in the LGBTQ movement toward dissent” as “an existential threat to freedom of expression.”

Those tweets have since been deleted.

“He needs to take a big dose of ‘shut the f— up’ and hide out for awhile,” CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman told BuzzFeed News. “It’s sad.”

Berger doesn’t have personal remorse over the situation, but regrets what he sees as a company capitulating to public pressure.

“I have no qualms with the gym owner expressing his personal convictions, I have no qualms with customers and coaches leaving because they have different convictions,” he said, reports BuzzFeed News. “But I did have qualms with the massive response from people who had no direct business relationship with the affiliate, but just engaged in social media—organized public destruction of his business’ reputation and forced him to shut his doors. I think that’s an expression of pure intolerance, not being able to disagree with someone and engage in meaningful discourse.”

Filthy, disgusting faggots will NEVER receive the approval of a decent people because their lives are lived in violation of natural law. You don’t even have to be a Christian to see that.

The only thing that ISIS gets right is throwing queers off tall buildings.

9 thoughts on “Christian Crossfit Exec’s Belief that LGBT Pride is a Sin Causes Him to be FIRED

  1. No news here! Last year a well respected specialist in one of Boston’s premier teaching hospitals made a comment that the gay lifestyle was toxic and opens the participants to a vast array of infectious disease.

    He was fired on the spot POST HASTE! for homophobic remarks; damn a well respected doctor canned for telling the truth! Since this weekend is Boston gay “pride goethe before destruction” weekend rainbow flags and pride this and pride that banners are everywhere. I see that updated the pride banners to me more inclusive; adding brown and black stripes (to include turd world shot stains)

    In today’s now a-go-go hip inclusive world the only sins and abominations there are, are being white, Christian and male.

  2. Well, heres another company that needs to be…um, uh, boycotted. They just cant stand the truth, can they? as the Bible says the dark hates the light…
    Firing this guy doesnt change the facts, and this fellow is correct. However, how can he have ‘respect’ for queers he knows and works with? Maybe seeing [[[their]]] tactics first hand will wake him up.
    Hope the lawsuit is filed already; this is obviously ‘discrimination due to [not only race , but] religious convictions, so should be a slam dunk and voila, he owns the stupid company. But we all know that wont happen…were he a queer and the tables were turned, he would be a millionaire before it ever got to court.
    People, wake up and smell the pizza; the reasons are multitudinous that the Bible calls fudge packing a capital crime. Youre seeing one of them right now – these creatures can NOT be dealt with rationally, and will do anything to try and make themselves seem ‘normal’ and right to themselves and each other; they KNOW that they are an abomination, yet want to continue in their perversion. This incessant bullying and attempts to screw society up to fit their sinful ‘lifestyle’ are simply side effects of their perversion and are hurtful in and of themselves. Society suffers. Such should not be tolerated. Period.

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  4. Bombarding people with indecencies is a specialty among those who are going to ramrod perverted ideas into “law”, while using the taxpayers money in order to do it – No matter what Americans think. The jew’s ACLU makes sure that the jews and Freemason employers hold people accountable when they object.

    “Court orders gender transition for Q-C transgender woman” [Iowa Jun 7, 2018]

    “A transgender woman from the Quad-Cities won a legal victory Thursday over Iowa Department of Human Services after challenging the state’s ban on using Medicaid funds for sex transition medical procedures.

    On Thursday, Chief District Judge Arthur Gamble ruled the state ban violated the Iowa Constitution and its Civil Rights Act, which has included “gender identity” provisions since 2007.

    “DHS has an obligation to keep up with the medical science,” Gamble wrote in his decision. “DHS failed to do so when it denied coverage to Good and Beal for medically necessary gender affirming surgery.

    American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa represented to the two women.” [Continues]

  5. They will find new ways to create evil….as said in the good book.

    Corporations bow and pander to their only God…the bottom line of fiat money.

    We can squash them very simply with the action that occurs from one word: BOYCOTT

    Yes the corporations are doing the dirty work for the Communists Zog regime but they will only operate if they are solvent.

    Boycott and start winning some battles.

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