Anthony Bourdain: “In 70 years there will be no white people anymore” (Video)


It’s OK. You can hate Anthony Bourdain and rejoice that he killed himself. By his own words he hated the white race.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 17, 2016

This clip is from Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (S07E07).
This is where he travels to Cologne, Germany to interview some celebrity chef – René Stessl and then talk about the “final solution” for racism in Germany…

– In, I don’t know, 70-80 years, there will be no White people anymore, and only cappuccino colored people. It’s good. It’s good.
– This is the only solution… It’s our only hope is to fuck our way out of this…

Nice comment on youtube:

5 months ago
Why do these people think that racism will be solved if people mix? As if the color of skin is a catalyst to racism. It’s not. It’s only a convenient handle. People will just find something else to hate on. It will be the tone of your skin; like you’re not dark enough or light enough. Nothing will change, except European cultures might be lost forever.

Not only will European cultures be lost, but so will anything resembling civilization as we’ve known it. Only the European has the intelligence to create and maintain an advanced civilization, although the Asians give it a good try.

11 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain: “In 70 years there will be no white people anymore” (Video)

  1. good riddance ! he was a first rate douche bag, going around the world eating worms and rats. he took every opportunity to debase our president and to mock white people and white culture.

    • Jeff — “10 more years and it’s over for Whites”.

      I agree. But I’m confused by your entire comment. What does the first sentence have anything to do with the second? You do realize that Bourdain was NOT a White man. Correct?

  2. Do Jews go to hell, or have they made a deal with their devil ? These Kikes are not aware of what they say or do. They just blurt evil out and then blame Goyim for getting it all wrong. It is doubtful if they can stop their own insanity.
    These serpents are weird. Throwing them out is no end to their infestation. These horrors coil outside and wait for darkness, then slither back to drink blood.
    What’s the solution ? Finally, there must be an end to these snakes..
    But, they are in every room of the house.

  3. My first reaction upon hearing he was dead was “good”! Didn’t know a thing about his as I don’t watch TV and even if I did I would avoid CNN like the plaque. Npr saying good things about him was all I needed to know that I would have hated the kike.

  4. Since I don’t have/want cable, the only I ever saw him was when I was in the hospital and watched stuff from The Food Network, Travel Channel, Sci-Fi etc. I could only take Bourdain in small doses as he repeatedly was “white bashing” much like they do on PBS, Thavel and History channels etc

  5. One less self important Dumbass who was only too glad to share his feel good views & opinions as if they mattered.
    I would hope his inspiring self sacrifice would set a shining example for the similarly like minded to unquestioningly follow

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