Pedo Fag Sentenced to 50 Years: Intentionally Contracted HIV to Pass on to Others


Meth, child porn, and faggotry featuring the HIV virus sketch out a degenerate pervert’s life, as reported in an Arkansas trial.

Stephen Koch’s strong desire, according to his own words, was to hurt other people by giving them the virus.

This nut job isn’t really that different from the average fag. Most of them are drug users. Most of them are attracted to children. And most of them are reckless when it comes to sodomy and the medical consequences of their lifestyle choices.

Can’t we just throw Koch off the top of a tall building?

An Arkansas man admitted in court this week that he intentionally infected himself with HIV so that he could expose others to the virus.

While in court, 25-year-old Stephen Koch, of Scranton, was asked by the judge whether that was really his intent, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported.

“Just so I can get my brain around this, did I understand the state correctly?” Circuit Judge Robin Green asked. “Mr. Koch intentionally contracted the HIV virus so he could then infect others?”

The judge then asked Koch whether the reason he contracted the disease was to hurt other people.

“Yes,” Scranton replied, according to the newspaper.

According to court documents obtained by KNWA, Benton County prosecutors discovered Koch infected himself with the virus after searching through his computer for child pornography.

Stuart Cearley, chief deputy prosecutor, said in court that text messages and other communications found during the search indicated that Koch infected himself with HIV, the Democrat Gazette reported. The prosecutor said Koch was making plans for a double date where he could deceive people about his HIV status.

Koch pleaded guilty on Monday to attempting to expose another person to HIV, possession of meth with purpose to deliver and eight counts of distributing or viewing child pornography, KNWA reported. He was then sentenced to 50 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction and required to register as a sex offender.

6 thoughts on “Pedo Fag Sentenced to 50 Years: Intentionally Contracted HIV to Pass on to Others

  1. Hmmmmm. Many of these faggots today are involved in “bug chasing”. Deliberately trying to get GRIDS. He may have been a “gift giver” and didn’t want to make his “community “ look bad. Look up bug chasers and gift givers. Those people are sick.

    • Exactly, right you are. The gay community needs to seriously address “bug chasing” before they plaster their Globohomo flags everywhere and force footballers to wear “pride” colours.

      • There was another kind of issue we saw in the early years of HIV, and that was the secretive toilet-block cruiser who would go home and then infect his (female) wife, because, being married, he wasn’t “Gay” you see, so how could he possibly pick up the “Gay” disease? This was an actual thought process seen on a number of occasions here. This illustrates the danger of confusing identities with what are really just behaviours.

  2. Faggotry is a grave sin and faggots and lesbos are dangerous mentally unstable individuals that belong in locked psych wards. Any civilization that tolerated faggotry, nevermind celebrate it like this one does, didn’t last too long. The West is hoplessly degenerate and has a death wish .

  3. It’s going around. He isn’t the only one. Possibly his crime was expressing his intent publicly.

    Check this out.

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