Gennifer Flowers Says Bill Clinton Should be Charged for Sex Crimes, with Hillary Indicted as Co-Conspirator (Updated)

The Gennifer Flowers interview starts at about the 29 minute mark.

Besides calling for Bill and Hillary to be criminally prosecuted, Gennifer also now claims that she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton into having their sexual relationship. She’s following the #metoo crowd in making that claim.

Although Bill is a sleezball and a probable crook, Gennifer doesn’t exactly have clean hands either. She entered into an affair with a married man and later appeared in Penthouse magazine in porographic pictures to cash in on her infamy.


More Jewish chutzpah from Laura, who previously Loomered Hillary and Chelsea. Bill’s security knew that Laura was going to ask him about raping Juanita Broddrick. LOL! Two minutes.

Bill’s new book, allegedly written with thriller author James Patterson, had a million copy advance printing and is #1 on the best seller lists. My local Walmart has the book prominently displayed.

During his book tour, the ex-president has taken some heat for the way he handled his relationship with (((Monica.))) The MSM won’t bring up the rape accusations against Bill, though.

Gennifer compares Clinton to Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, standing with Juanita Broddrick in her claim that Clinton violently raped her.


In her first interview in six years, Gennifer Flowers spoke out against former President Bill Clinton in the wake of his recent remarks about Monica Lewinsky and the #MeToo movement.

Appearing on The Ingraham Angle, Flowers began by saying Clinton was not “as good of a liar as he used to be” and that he’s “afraid.” She even urged him to be prosecuted for his “sex crimes” like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, invoking the rape allegation made by Juanita Broaddrick.

However, decades after Flowers came forward about her affair with Clinton, she now alleges that he sexually harassed her for months until they entered a consensual relationship.

“Well, it’s very interesting because back in 1977 when I met bill, didn’t have the laws to protect us,” Flowers told Laura Ingraham. “When I first met Bill Clinton, it was when I was sent out on my first story by myself after my training with my camera man. He came out on to me that night. I told him to knock it off. He proceeded to continue to come onto me for three months before I decided that I wanted to have a relationship with him, which at that point was consensual. But in today’s standards, and in hindsight, it was definitely sexual harassment. I was a little bit ashamed to admit that because in a way, I mean, I felt guilty because I was a willing participant, at a point. So I felt guilty about saying that I was sexually harassed in the beginning. But it definitely was, absolutely.”

Flowers bursted into laughter after hearing Clinton say that he “supports” the #MeToo movement.

“That’s the fourth biggest lie- and you know some of what the others are,” Flowers reacted. “He would say that of course, what would he say but he’s in support of it? He’s a huge abuser of the Me Too movement. And I would like for the Me Too movement to be so kind and recognize myself and Paula (Jones) and Juanita and Kathleen (Willey) and many, many other women starting many years ago that have come out with claims of sexual harassment from Bill Clinton. They haven’t given us any respect as far as I’m concerned. We are the ‘Me Not’ movement is what we are.”

Flowers also went after Hillary Clinton, suggesting she be charged as a “co-conspirator” because she “enabled” her husband’s behavior.

Lock them up.

I wish.

At this point, I’m reasonably certain that if Bill is locked up it would have more to do with his trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island,” than with the rape of Broddrick.

2 thoughts on “Gennifer Flowers Says Bill Clinton Should be Charged for Sex Crimes, with Hillary Indicted as Co-Conspirator (Updated)

  1. While #MeToo has run other men out of town for a less, Slick Willie seems to be getting a pass. Losing your minds over “grab them by the pussy” while allowing the Groper in Chief and an accused rapist to continue shilling his books, speaking tours and supporting his wife for re-election. Bit of a double standard there.

  2. Hillary said every woman has a right to be believed. Except for women accusing her slimeball husband and getting in the way of her own lust for power. Her amoral supporters wholeheartedly agree.

    20 years after it was firmly established as FACT that Bill Clinton is a low life POS and a traitor, it amazes me that anyone is stupid enough to buy his book, or pay to listen to his lies. It only goes to show that there are plenty of degenerates out there like those two.

    I have to admit that I thought no one could be a lower scumbag criminal than he is, but then I underestimated his sickening wife. What an embarrassment. Every time I hear that stupid song “Proud To Be An American”, I have to fight the impulse to vomit.

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