Ex-Feetsballer Held without Bail in Death of White Female Classmate

It appears (unconfirmed as yet) that the filthy nigger accused of murdering a white Bar Harbor, Maine, girl was adopted by a white family who unleashed the criminal monster on an otherwise white, peaceful community.

In fact, the Keene family adopted four children. The evidence from old Mr. Keene’s obituary is that they were all nogs. At this point, the Keenes should be tarred and feathered and run out of town. Seriously. Except the father died already. Here’s the dead bastard who brought a family of niggers to Maine:


What we know at this point is that the former star high school feetsball player and the victim were “friends” on Facebook.

Big mistake!

I’m speculating that there’s a rape to go along with the murder. The judge has sealed details of the crime, which would suggest that it’s a particularly horrific murder.

New York Post

ELLSWORTH, Maine — A judge has ordered a former football running back held without bail in the killing of a 19-year-old former classmate whose body was found over the weekend in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Twenty-one-year-old Jalique Keene appeared in court Wednesday. He wasn’t required to enter a plea. His attorney didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

Keene’s charged with murder in the death of Mikaela Conley, of Bar Harbor. Her body was found by a state police K-9 unit on Saturday near the intersection of Route 3 and West Street.

The two attended Mount Desert High School together. Keene was a football player who went on to play for West Virginia State University.

Family members left court without commenting.

The judge sealed a state police affidavit with details of the alleged killing.


Keene had a prior criminal record that began in 2012 when he was sentenced for a felony charge of burglary at the age of 15, the Daily News reports. He was ordered to serve a year of probation and pay restitution of $260.70.

Four years later, he was convicted of three misdemeanor counts of furnishing a place to consume liquor and served two days in jail, the Daily News reports.

According to a report by the Mount Desert Islander from 2016, Keene was 19 at the time, and his arrest was part of the break up of a “post-prom” party. His younger brother, Isaiah Keene, was also arrested and among the 16 people charged. Police told the newspaper the Keenes were “in control” of the lakefront property where the party was taking place.

Keene’s father, Gerald Keene, passed away later that year, the Daily News reports. According to the obituary for Gerald Keene, he left behind eight children, including Jalique, when he died following a battle with cancer.

According to the Daily News, Keene is one of four siblings adopted by Gerald Keene and Barbara Smith-Keene.

Grady Dobbs, who said Keene is one of his best friends, told the Daily News that his friend was no more a troublemaker than anyone else.

“He didn’t do it,” he told the newspaper.

Conley worked at Mount Dessert Bakery in Bar Harbor, according News Center Maine. The business shared a photo of a chalkboard drawing by the teen on social media, extending condolences to the young woman’s family.

“We are so saddened by the loss of Mikaela Conley,” the bakery wrote. “Our thoughts and love are with her family as we remember a girl with an electric smile, amazing art skills, work ethic, enthusiasm, determination, and so much promise and potential.”

Many residents of Bar Harbor told the Daily News their sense of security and safety in the small island town was shaken after the discovery of Conley’s body on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, the area where her body was found is known as a place where underage kids hang out without being seen from the road or from the nearby school property. But because of the nearby playgrounds and soccer fields, passersby are a normal occurrence.

“There’s definitely a ton of shock,” Kristin Clements told the newspaper. “There’s a kind of misbelieving that it’s real and that it’s happening. And people are really reaching out to her family. The community is so close, I know there’s going to be a ton of outreach and a ton of help … but there’s also a huge sense of fear. I hate that. I don’t want to live in fear.”

Tim Rich, owner of Independent Cafe in Bar Harbor, said the sense of safety in town has been “shattered,” particularly because so little information has been released by the authorities.

“I can tell you that I’m terrified,” Rich told the Daily News. “At my cafe, on slow nights we have one person closing, and I’m not comfortable with that anymore.”

It only takes one nigger to terrorize a town. The only way to restore calm is to take care of business. The way our ancestors did.

13 thoughts on “Ex-Feetsballer Held without Bail in Death of White Female Classmate

  1. Sad. She looked like a sweet Irish girl.

    “It only takes one nigger to terrorize a town.”

    And it only takes one liberal moron like Keene to unleash hell and wreck a town.

    “Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, (the typical college “educated” liberal SJW shit-tard) triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.” ~ Mein Kampf

    Think about it. Once we are gone, the savages will gain control of unbelievable weapons of mass destruction. Some might call Hitler a prophet, but his prophecy as expressed here (written long before nuclear weapons) was only due to his understanding of Nature and his intimate knowledge of the destructive Jew.

    That IMHO, was the greatness of Adolf Hitler.

  2. It takes only 1 nigger to ruin a community. ! Any is too many. Segregation Now ! The fact that the judge is “blackwashing” the details of the case shows how much the judicial system bends over to kiss nigger ass . If a White man did this to a negress every detail of the crime would be “leaked” to the press.

  3. Male Negroes – Zero impulse control coupled with aggression and animal like desire for sex spells out DISASTER for any White woman stupid or unlucky enough to be isolated with one. AVOID THE GROID is the only safe route until White men decide to finally ANNIHILATE THE GROID.

  4. We try and try to warn them but they’ll take ‘they are just like us’ to the grave with them. This is a race with a long history of no effort to construct a civilization, no struggle through trial and error to build something resembling a civilization and no desire to conform to any civilization worldwide. They are pariahs because the majority of the world has left them behind. If left to their own devices (say, in Africa) they would go extinct within a few generations.

  5. Being raised by white foster parents in an all white state like Maine gave him a sense of entitlement.
    An entitlement to the white wimmins…

    A nigger will pursue a white woman at all costs even it means his self destruction.
    Google Joshua Thompson a black British man who was dating a 15yr old white girl(!).
    She ended the relationship so he killed her then killed himself.

    Niggers? Just say no.

  6. Oh but too many white folk in Maine love them some apes, as indeed do many in the other formally nearly all white states in New England. They make such lovely adornments and pets don’t you know.

    The coon here doesn’t look like a Somali nigger of which Maine is afloat in, so it was likely bought down in Boston and brought up by old man Keene.

    Eight kids in the fambly? Maine is a rather poor state where the biggest employer is government just like in Vermont. Where did Keene get the money for his ape farm? Bet a lot of government aid figures into the equation.

    Maine, I see, doesn’t have a death penalty. They should enact one just for this nigger.

    Keene looks like a self righteous arrogant fuck.

    • “They make such lovely adornments and pets don’t you know.”

      Yes, that is true.

      Always enjoyed the Good ‘ol Rebel tune BTW.

      • That reminds me of Obama who is going to spend all of eternity as the lawn jockey at the end of Satan’s driveway.

  7. Bar Harbor is a wealthy community that gave us such Jew collaborators as the Bush family and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The biter bit! I must confess I don’t feel much compassion for them.

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