Bill Clinton gets CONFRONTED about 26 Trips on Lolita Express! (Video)

Three minutes of beautiful Jewish chutzpah. Laura Loomer tried but failed to confront Bill Clinton, but was kicked out of his book signing before she could take the pervert to task. Howard Caplan gets him good.

From the youtube information box:

The Traffick Report Show
Published on Jun 6, 2018

Howard Caplan host of The Traffick Report Show CONFRONTS Bill Clinton about his 26 trips aboard Convicted Pedophile Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s plane “The Lolita Express”

8 thoughts on “Bill Clinton gets CONFRONTED about 26 Trips on Lolita Express! (Video)

  1. Jeffrey Epstein did 18 months in a federal prison for interstate transportation of minors for sexual purposes. In Florida where he was charged, the law clearly states that you receive a mandatory 20 year sentence. Let me repeat, MANDATORY. Instead, this sexual slime bag had high and might people giving reference letters about what a great guy he was.
    Why is Slick Willie still around with his book and $1500 dinners to dine with this Groper In Chief? Time for this dude to take a walk off a cliff and disappear.

    • And that’s because of the JUdiciary that has different laws for their slimy brothers. Does anyone think Epstein dropped on earth so rich? He is a ((tool)) for his satanic Kosher Nostra that blackmails turds in high positions like Government and Business. The Cabal set this pig up to do what he does …Now they say he is squealing like a pig on those he has blackmailed..blah blah blah I guess we will see..since Trump was on that plane manifesto ..surely he is ((compromised)) too ..guess that’s why his Israhell first policies come before America. All these demonic perverted scum walk and are rewarded..shameful

  2. I lived in the projects in Coney Island as a kid (actually very nice before the niggers came and infested them) and Epstein (about 10 years older than me) lived in the next building…
    He still looks exactly the same…. He was a strange, sinister loner jew….I remember noticing how strange this jew was when I was a kid…..When he first made the news about 10 years back I remembered him immediately….

    • Exactly..these turds are set up by the Kosher Nostra to do their usual blackmailing operations. Just like Hugh Hefner did too

  3. That guy Howard might not have long to live. You can almost smell a “suicide by hanging” or “an instant dart gun heart attack” coming his way.

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