13 Percenter Parents Assault Principal, VP at Philly Elementary School on FAMILY FUN DAY


Philly–the city whose football players refuse to meet the president and parents beat up a principal and vice-principal at an elementary school.

City of Brotherly Love? Not much.

Between the press including no pictures and adding a diversion about Ipads in the schools, you’d think someone doesn’t want the public to be thinking of the 13 percent when reading this story about parents out of control.


NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The annual Family Fun Day at the Robert B. Pollock Elementary School ended with police responding to an alleged assault on the Vice Principal and Principal by one student’s mother and father.

“They were both assaulted by the parents today,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum. “This all happened with kids around.”

Rosenbaum said it began when a parent attending the event did not follow protocol for an early dismissal for their child.

“The mother of the child refused and started an argument,” said Rosenbaum. “She assaulted the AP and the principal saw it and intervened and the father assaulted him.”

Recently parents have voiced their concerns about leadership at the school.

IPads donated to help children with autism were returned after the organizer of the foundation that donated them said he found they were sitting in a closet unused.

Sammie Sanchez, a Philadelphia Police Officer who runs the foundation Bowling for iPads, said he was shocked the principal said the school did not need them. The School District said there were technical issues.

The iPads plus other concerns from parents sparked a protest just a few weeks ago where they demanded new leadership, calling for the ousting of the principal.

Police said Wednesday’s alleged assault was not related to the recent grievances.

“Teachers, staff, administrators and principals are all considered a protected class, so that automatically becomes aggravated assault,” said Rosenbaum.

Both the assistant principal and principal did not go to the hospital, but they reportedly suffered cuts and bruises.

Students were sent home with a note detailing the incident.

I found the photo of a third grade class at the school via a bing.com photo search. The caption at the source site said that the principal’s name is Marilyn Carr. That’s her on the far right.

Chimpouts sometime injure the other chimps.

3 thoughts on “13 Percenter Parents Assault Principal, VP at Philly Elementary School on FAMILY FUN DAY

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