This Was A Huge Mistake! They Just Jeopardized The Lives Of Thousands Of People! (Video)

10 minutes. Published June 5. 162,000 views.

Tucker Carlson talks about Obama’s affirmative action program for air traffic controllers. It’s insane. You won’t believe it.

People respond on youtube:

darkstar. hooter bell
1 day ago
White men create aircraft… then airports then radar…. as usual share the technology with all races within the species….now hand it all over whitey you are not allowed to be involved in your own creations….

1 day ago
Every day past Trump’s inauguration is another day we learn of how Obama rotted the government and country from within.

Tim McGivney
1 day ago
This reminds me of the FDNY being forced to accept females that couldn’t pass the fitness test. People’s lives hang in the balance but the SJW’s are more concerned with virtue signalling.

22 hours ago
“Ain’t nobody got time for this” – Unqualified Black 911 operator diversity hire

Crenshanda Williams <– Sentenced to jail after hanging up on thousands of 911 calls.

When investigators asked why she had hung up on so many people, she told them that sometimes she just didn’t feel like talking.

I can't wait for one of them to ignore air traffic calls.

Dale Roger
1 day ago
We have all seen and heard blacks that simply can't speak English. So when a black is trying to speak but using ghetto how is the pilot going to interpret that crap while flying a plane full of humans!?! The pilots will have to sit there and try to think about what the black just said while completing extremely complex and difficult tasks and now they will have to decipher ghetto speak at the same time!
The first time they cause 3OO + people to die = dindu nuffinz.

5 thoughts on “This Was A Huge Mistake! They Just Jeopardized The Lives Of Thousands Of People! (Video)

  1. One more reason to NOT fly commercial.
    Of course, all this BS making flight so uncomfortable is merely a ploy to bankrupt the airlines so the govt can come in ‘cleanly’ and nationalise/take over the entire industry in the interest of ‘national security’…

  2. In the UK, we have the RAF Regiment. They are effectively the RAF’s own army and they are a pretty tough bunch. Recently, for the usual BS reasons, it was decided that women should be allowed to sign-up. I think that three did, but anyway one got to basic training. Despite the RAF having lowered the fitness standard, she dropped-out after only two weeks. In fairness to her she was extremely fit. The simple fact is that women are not physically capable of the kind of full-pack training that recruits must complete. It’s not their fault. It’s just the way it is.
    It’s the same as this ATC BS. The only thing achieved by lowering standards is more failures of protocol. And, likely, more deaths.

  3. This biographical testing concept actually came in during Criminal Bill’s administration for other less critical federal jobs. As the Tucker vid indicates, it was an easy way to get around real tests.

    Some years ago I heard of this ATC scandal. I remember watching a vid that featured graduates from an ATC pre-course sponsored by a community college that specialized in aviation type training. Anyway several of the graduates had applied for A.T. Controller and were rejected. In the past graduation from the course would virtually guarantee acceptance into the ATC Academy, but not now. Ironically, all those rejected (white) graduates including one female, were certified private pilots. It was pointed out that among those accepted to the Academy had no pre-training and certainly were not pilots. I recall thinking: now, ain’t this some horse shit.

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