Remembering D-Day 74 Years Later

The U.S. should have either stayed out of World War II or sided with Germany while pressuring Britain to capitulate. The entire West would have been better off fighting Jewish communism.

That said, although you may feel differently, I can’t fault the foot soldiers (virtually all young white males) who were propagandized into thinking they were doing the right thing by killing other young white males.

CBS News

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — U.S. and other allied troops have joined veterans of the D-Day invasion and families of fallen soldiers to mark 74 years since the massive military operation that change the course of World War II. Amid fog and wind, ceremonies were held Wednesday at the American military cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer and along the Normandy beaches and cliffs where Allied forces landed in Nazi-occupied France.

Thousands of U.S., British, Canadian and French troops launched a combined naval, air and land assault as dawn was breaking on June 6, 1944. The invasion weakened the Nazis’ hold on Western Europe after they suffered a punishing defeat in Stalingrad in the east.

Wednesday’s ceremonies were relatively low-key, while bigger events are planned for the 75th anniversary next year.

13 thoughts on “Remembering D-Day 74 Years Later

  1. You are correct Mr Saboteur, we were duped. But as you say, those thousands of white males were doing not only what they thought was right, but were forced by the government TO do it; they have nothing but my respect.
    My great uncle was there, and after seeing what was REALLY happening and figuring out what had been done to the people on both sides, and seeing what the truth actually was, very nearly refused to talk about it all for decades. His conscience hurt him I believe; only when he was quite aged did he begin to open up a bit. RIP Leonard, it wasnt your fault.

    • Funny, My 2 Polish great uncles were there as well (straight out of Pennsylvania coal mines), one finally badly wounded in north africa (a German medic patched him up and saved him)….The other one couldn’t get a job so he rejoined for the genocide in Korea a few years later…
      The one who went on to Korea was a medic and told a few horror stories about Korea…
      Plenty of American heads blown off (just a little hair left on the back of their necks)…AND “basket cases” (a soldier who got BOTH arms and legs blown off but survived)….

  2. Nope, don’t fault the fighting men. They were patriotic but propagandized citizens who thought that they were doing the right and noble thing at the cost of their lives. By that time, jews controlled all media/press in the U.S, the judiciary/legal system, finance/banking- Roosevelts inner circle had jews (king-makers), etc. Our poor fighting men were just pawns and stooges in a much greater game. Yeah, we won at the cost of millions of dead Caucasians and their descendants who would never be born. And, all of it for benefit of the Christ-killers who have completed their Long March through our institutions and brought us to where we are today: complete jew control of our levers of power/influence, jew fomented degeneracy (homosexuality, transsexuality, porn, atheism, mass illegal immigration of tens of millions of Third-World white-hating peasants, the niggers and other non-Caucasians turned loose upon whitey to destroy his cities and the country founded by our Founding Fathers, abortion, feminism, environmentalism, usury, a deliberately collapsed/gutted economy to benefit jew share-holders and our politicians, ruined/polluted academia, ad nauseum). WWII was the greatest hoax in history. It surpassed the Holohoax. Yay, we won.

    • About 15 years ago I said to my Grandfather “England and France declared war on Germany FIRST”….He was so brainwashed from a lifetime of jew media propaganda he almost became hysterical…..(he worked in a shipyard in WWjew…)…

  3. It’s great that we sent over our boys (shabbos goy) to murder 10 million Krauts (who were trying to take over the world…)…..Unleashing nigger soldiers (along with some white trash and USSR mongols as well) to perpetuate rape warfare across Europe was a nice plus….

  4. Glad to hear opposing views here. Nobody really knows what could have been the outcome of the world if the US did not intervene in WW2. Yes, too bad US troops were killed however, nobody knows what the JAPS may have done had they been victorious. Also, Hitler was crazy and may have done pretty much anything. This war was not about white is right, it was more about ideas. If one thinks that Hitler cared about white folks in general, they are incorrect. Yes, he wanted to stop the Jew. Winning the war however would have stoked his fire, and anything was possible.

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