Principal Catches Teachers Having Sex in Elementary School Classroom: She Says There’s Nothing Wrong with it


Latin Lothario Justin Pinto was in his first year of teaching. It looks like his last year as well. He’s already been fired.

According to sources, Pinto wanted to bang every female teacher in the school. The aging race traitor Wilhide may not have been his only teacher lover.

Consider their trysts a win for students, though. Neither of the lovers has been accused of sex with students.

Daily Mail

Florida elementary school teachers, Justin Pinto and Samantha Wilhide, were caught having sex in a classroom by the school’s principal.



The principal of Heights Elementary in Fort Myers, had been alerted to early morning liaisons between the 5th grade teachers after another teacher noticed the door to a classroom closed, with the lights out, and was unable to see through the door’s window.

Pinto, who was still under his one-year probation with the district, was fired. Wilhide who has been working in the district for four years, thought it was unfair she was in trouble because the trysts were off the clock.

After being busted in the act, an incredulous Wilhide told the principal, ‘I am doing this on my own time and not being paid,’ according to Fort Myers News-Press.

Principal Doug Palow walked into the classroom just before 7am and found the door locked.

With his keys, Palow unlocked the door and found Wilhide sitting on a desk wearing only a bra, while Pinto was pulling up his pants.

‘I went to Justin’s classroom and when I walked by the classroom door, the lights were out and I could not see anyone through the window,’ Principal Doug Palow wrote in a Lee County school district investigative report.

‘I told both of them to put their clothes on and meet me at my office.’

In the meeting with their principal, Pinto did not respond to Palow’s query about what led to the romp, and only responded with an I’m sorry.’

Wilhide said it was the first time they ever engaged in a sex act, however school surveillance showed that Pinto and Wilhide met in Pinto’s classroom on multiple occasions before the start of classes at 6:45am.

Because Pinto was still on his probationary term with the district, they were able to fire him, however Wilhide was reassigned to the School District of Lee County’s administrative office.

‘Our contract employees that are probationary … can be excused at any time for any reason,’ Rob Spicker, a school district spokesman told the News-Press.

However Wilhide’s case is different, as she was beyond her probationary period.

‘She is entitled to due process,’ Spicker said. ‘In fact, her hearing has not even happened.

‘So rather than simply suspending employees with pay, they get reassigned to the district. We are paying them anyway, so we have them come down here and work.’

‘Additionally, multiple female colleagues reported that Mr. Pinto made inappropriate comments and/or sexual advances toward them during the 2017-18 school year,’ according to a school district reporting document that contained several text exchanged between Pinto and his female colleagues.

A teacher might have sex in a classroom because it’s daring and dangerous. I’ve noticed that a significant number of women want to have sex in public places for that reason.

The second reason for doing the dirty in a classroom is because you’re too cheap to pay for a motel and you can’t do it at home because your spouse and/or children are there.

If Wilhide thinks there’s nothing wrong with sex in a classroom, then she’s unfit to teach. Give her her due process and then fire her ass.

If there is a cuckolded husband at home, he might want to think about divorcing her and obtaining custody of the children, if any.

He’ll need this at some point in the future:

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