Tennessee Hatchet Murder Suspect Previously Arrested Near White House, Secret Service Says


Monday, Domenic Micheli allegedly savagely murdered an ex-boss who had fired him 14 months ago. About six weeks ago he had been arrested outside the White House. It’s reasonable to assume that he was out on bail on the White House arrest charge. You do have to wonder how the mentally disturbed man passed a sanity test, assuming he took one.

Is it just me or does Micheli look to be mixed race to you?

USA Today

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man wanted for killing a fitness-center manager Monday with a hatchet had previously been fired by his victim about 14 months ago, police said.

A manhunt is on for the suspect, 36-year-old Domenic Micheli of Nashville. The victim, 46-year-old Joel Paavola, 46, of the Nashville suburb of Franklin was attacked with the hatchet and another “cutting instrument” at about 7 a.m. CT at a Balance Training location in Belle Meade, a 3-square-mile city within Nashville that has about 3,000 residents.

U.S. Secret Service said Micheli was arrested in Washington, D.C., on April 27 for driving his car to a checkpoint near the White House and refusing to move. He was arrested without incident, they said.

Another photo of Micheli, who is on the run:

“(It’s) just a senseless, brutal, violent attack this morning on Mr. Paavola as he was there in the business,” said spokesman Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Video surveillance shows a man that police believe to be Micheli pacing in a parking garage below the shopping center before the attack, Aaron said. The suspect was driving an older model Toyota Yaris, possibly silver.

A Facebook page under Domenic Micheli’s name includes at least one reference to himself as the “Sun of God.”

A post from June 1 reads:

I’ve sensed there has been some
Confusion about things recently
Amongst the people.
Some people, even the strong faithful
Have indeed waivered in their belief of
Me as being the Sun of God
And their leader.
They say, this is a fine mess he has made
Of things.

Belle Meade, where notables such as singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and former Vice President Al Gore have homes, is known for being a safe place with an active local police presence. But the affluent town had two prominent murder cases in 2016.

It appears that a nut job is on the loose. Study those photos carefully and avoid contact if you see him.

Tennessean reports that a GoFundMe page for the victim has surpassed goals.

5 thoughts on “Tennessee Hatchet Murder Suspect Previously Arrested Near White House, Secret Service Says

  1. Murdered a White father with 5 White kids….This scumbag needs to be thrown in a cell with a bunch of niggers….

  2. Definitely some mystery-meat there. Do not let the name fool you. Another story of someone not carrying a firearm for self-defense and becoming a victim. The victim did not wake up this morning having a clue that he was going to be murdered by some miscegenated cunt. I read stories like these everyday, thus why I carry two firearms. No f*cking nigger, spic, gook, or mystery-meat trash or white trash for that matter will victimize me.

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