Swastika Tattoo on UFC Fighter’s Husband’s Arm Sparks Outrage


Andrea “KGB” Lee and her husband spent their weekend cucking out over his “Nazi” tat (or tats–he may have more than one).

KGB, according to Andrea, stands for Kicking Guys Balls.


Fox News

The husband of UFC star Andrea Lee has come under fire after a photo of him emerged on social media exposing his swastika tattoo.

Lee posted a snap of the pair together at a lake, and the Twittersphere quickly noticed the pro-Nazi ink on Donny Aaron’s left arm.

On Saturday, Aaron also addressed the controversy, calling his tattoo a “20-year-old mistake” in a tweet. He also said his ink doesn’t define him and if it was possible, he would get it removed.

There were also suggestions Aaron had a double lighting bolt — the symbol of the SS, the Nazi military force — tattooed on his right arm.


Half the news these days involves someone posting something crappy on Twitter, followed by fake outrage from social justice lefty virtue signalers.

This pattern is part of the problem with the Internet.

It’s hard to believe that not that long ago people minded their won business. Minding your own business is a lost virtue today.

I don’t care about this guy’s sh*tty tats nor his sh*tty wife’s lowlife initials.

5 thoughts on “Swastika Tattoo on UFC Fighter’s Husband’s Arm Sparks Outrage

  1. “Eurotrash” says:

    “the fact the guy won’t remove or cover them means he is still a racist. What kind of sane person would tolerate having those VILE symbols on their body if they weren’t a supporter of the thought behind it”

    Vile symbols. Only a filthy kike or an ignorant lemming would consider the symbols of our blood to be vile.

  2. Who exactly is he apologizing to? A bunch of people who he’ll never meet, who will be on to a new outrage fix with something else the following day. Yes I totally agree that the internet creates Mountain out of molehill pasteria with the virtue signaling obsessed mentally deranged leftists. It’s about time that people who aren’t on the left should just get off of all social media platforms and leave them as sterile wastelands.

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