Rumored Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer Sex Tape Alleged to be Released Soon

OMG! Watch Laura Loomer hitting on an Aryan guy who’s uncomfortable as hell with her attention. It really defines Jewish chutzpah.

First, I don’t believe that there is a Cernovich sex tape with Laura Loomer because I don’t believe the two of them had sex.

Second, if there is a tape … yawn!

Bernard Media

Mike Cernovich Sex Tape Is Real, Majority Of Fans Believe

Two months ago, Bernard Media released a groundbreaking story: Mike Cernovich and Laura Loomer allegedly made an extramarital sex tape together. This story came from Cassandra Fairbanks, who detailed the tape’s production and distribution to a Bernard Media mole.

Bernard Media proceeded to reach out to Cernovich for comment via e-mail. Cernovich’s now ex-counsel, Marc Randazza replied and shed light on the alleged tape. “In the event that you are in possession of (or come into the possession of) a sex tape starring Mr. Cernovich, I presume that it would be somewhat old material.” Cernovich’s lawyer implied he had made sex tapes in the past, but this tape was new, made in the last year and a half, while married, sources allege.

Bernard Media then released the first story, “Gorillas Gone Wild: The Mike Cernovich Sex Tape,” and as a result received numerous inquiries from tipsters. The most informative tip was from a source that wished to stay anonymous. This source claimed to have viewed the tape and provided Bernard Media with a testimonial video detailing the content.

“There’s a lot of grunting and gorilla sounds going on in it (the tape). It’s kind of a dark room, the lighting isn’t perfect. But Mike has put on some EDM music clearly. My friend says a third party release should be coming up in the near future. And… this will not go well for Mike. Things will probably change in the marriage department.”

Cernovich denies:

If I recall correctly, Cernovich is an attorney. He should be able to stop the harassment that he discusses in the article linked in the above Tweet.

I’m not certain if Cernovich’s tormentors are leftists who are trying to shut him up or just unhinged lunatics. It’s best not to reveal your true identity on the Internet if it can be avoided.

8 thoughts on “Rumored Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer Sex Tape Alleged to be Released Soon

  1. lol a sex tape with Loomer and shill Cernovich? haha sounds jewicy wonder if they can outscrew Kim kardashians sex tape

    • Too funny and YUK! Maybe they all grease up and go at it behind the scenes of AJones’s studio? Maybe all the lapdogs and Zionist pigs are being filmed for future blackmail…Maybe bi curious ((Roger Stone)) films them ..that was his job when he “mentored” under Roy Cohn RIGHT??

  2. Why did the Aryan fellow say “You’re Aryan too.”? With her rat face and massive hooked nose, he must need eye glasses. He didn’t look very drunk.

    Also, it’s no wonder he looked uncomfortable as hell. She was Jewing all over him and bragging about her tits..

  3. Strange coincidence or is it a coincidence? That came just after Mike Cernovich posted that tweet about the next Harvey Weinstein and some people advanced it could be ex-Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider who was involved in suspicious ways at Nickelodeon.

    Let’s insert the following conspiracy theory:
    Does Nathan Bernard did this to protect Dan Schneider after receiving some bribes or being threatened by Dan Schneider?

  4. And this is how (((they))) discredit and dismember any real Opposition. They co-opt it, step up to “lead” it, and drive it into a ditch. They’ve done it yet again.

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