Death Toll for Nagger Serial Killer Rises to Six

When is a nigger a white man?

The question is not a joke.

The police sketch of a serial killer, now known to be Dwight Lamon Jones, was drawn to look racially indeterminate, actually more like a white man than a negro.

Jones terrorized the Phoenix area until he did the decent thing and killed himself as police closed in on him.

His killing spree was equal opportunity, taking in white, Jewish, and black victims.


The death toll in an Arizona killing spree has risen to six, after police found the bodies of a man and a woman inside a Fountain Hills home on Monday, police said.

Earlier in the day, the suspect, Dwight Jones, 56, fatally shot himself in a hotel as SWAT team members closed in, police said.

Scottsdale and Phoenix police officers had tracked the suspect to an Extended Stay hotel, authorities said. As guests were being evacuated, officers heard multiple gunshots from inside the man’s room.

A robot sent into the room showed Jones dead with a self-inflected gunshot wound, according to authorities.

Jones is believed to have killed four professionals involved in his 9-year-old, bitter divorce within a 30-hour time span. The man and woman found after his suicide have not been identified and police did not say how they were related to the other four victims.

The couple is believed to have been slain just hours before Jones committed suicide, police said.

The first victim was a prominent a forensic psychiatrist who consulted in the high-profile murder investigation of JonBenét Ramsey. Steven Pitt, 59, was shot outside his office Thursday afternoon, police said. Pitt wrote a psychological profile of Jones during his divorce proceedings and testified against him during his divorce, local reports said.

His ex-wife, Connie Jones, said in a statement Monday that her ex-husband was an emotionally disturbed person. She said she has feared for her safety for the past nine years.


Less than 24 hours later, two paralegals were gunned down at their law offices in downtown Scottsdale. One of the women, who was shot in the head, was able to stagger outside and flag down a bus driver before she died.

Responding police officers followed the trail of blood inside the office, where they found the other victim.

Laura Anderson, 49, and Veleria Sharp, 48, worked for the family law firm Burt Feldman Grenier. police said. The firm represented Jones’ wife during their divorce.

The fourth person shot was 72-year-old Marshall Levine, a life coach and marriage and divorce counselor. He reportedly had provided divorce counseling to the couple.

The investigation into the murders is ongoing.

Heavy offers detailed information on the killer’s divorce and subsequent reign of terror.

We advise white women to avoid the groid. Very light skinned black Connie Jones might offer the same advice. Lord knows she would be justified in giving that advice.

4 thoughts on “Death Toll for Nagger Serial Killer Rises to Six

  1. So in this case it appears holding up the narrative that only white males are serial killers is more important than actually catching said serial killer.

    • That definitely seems to be the case. That police sketch is a downright abomination and most certainly was intentional.

  2. I believe the police should have to post the race of any suspected killers. How else can we get these NIGGERS under control?

  3. Apparently the fight was over custody of a 20 yo. Very strange. This dude should have just left town but the need to win always overrides common sense. So happy when these dudes off themselves and then we don’t have to be subjected to years of pearl clutching bleeding heart BS. Good riddance!!!!

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