Africa: Pastor Killed by Crocodile While Performing Water Baptisms on Lake


IMO, Christianity is a civilizing influence on Africa, even if Africans don’t really take to true Christianity that often.

For that reason, it’s disturbing to read that a man of the cloth has been taken away by a devil croc.

That said, it’s pretty stupid to baptize your flock in a body of water known to be infested with crocs.

Fox News

A water baptism ceremony held near a lake turned into a horrific tragedy when the pastor was reportedly grabbed by a crocodile Sunday.

Pastor Docho Eshete was baptizing at least 80 members of his Protestant congregation at Lake Abaya, in southern Ethiopia, an area known to have a huge crocodile population, when one of the creatures leaped out of the water and grabbed him.

“He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one,” a local resident told the BBC. “All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor.”

Pastor Docho died from injuries on his legs, back and hands despite efforts from the congregation, fishermen and residents trying to save him, policeman Eiwnetu Kanko said.

The crocodile escaped as the group used fishing nets to prevent it from taking the pastor’s lifeless body.

The comments at Fox that I saw were mostly just anti-Christian nonsense.

More background from The Telegraph

Protestant baptism services in Africa are frequently conducted by rivers or lakes, with the initiate being fully or partially immersed in the water in the manner of Christ’s baptism by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

The ceremony was always likely to be risky one. Abaya, Ethiopia’s second largest lake, is known for having a large crocodile population.

The reptiles have a reputation of aggression towards humans because of a dearth of fish in the lake. The lake’s reddish brown waters make it hard to spot a crocodile until it surfaces, making escape less likely.

Hundreds of people are killed in crocodile attacks in Africa every year, conservationists say. Many of the victims are women washing clothes on river rocks.

The true death toll is unknown, however, as many deaths are unreported.

Quick reaction time and speedy legs are evolutionary adoptions that characterize the African. Slow means death.

In this case, the intelligence to do baptisms in a sink or bathtub was lacking. Stupid also means death.

5 thoughts on “Africa: Pastor Killed by Crocodile While Performing Water Baptisms on Lake

  1. Actually, it is well-known among the White South Africans and other white folks living in that continent that the so-called Christian negroes were easily the worst: at least the unconverted negroes had their own identity and easily understood values, whereas the christianised negro merely apes the white man in some mish-mash fashion, and quickly becomes chaotic and ungovernable. That’s why many of the colonial-era types would not have them as employees or servants.

  2. This is sad, but again evidences the africans inability to think critically or anticipate the whole cause/effect scenario. IF the minister was indeed trying to live the life and encourage others to do same, it is a great loss to his community, and a sad event overall. at LEAST he was practising baptism as directed by Scripture; seems that this simple concept is ‘lost’ on so many ‘intellectual’ whites…
    But JB above is correct; Christianity is a white mans religion and the ideals, concepts/precepts and lifestyle contained therein is SO foreign to the thought process of the ‘people of colour’ that they simply do not seem to grasp it, and when they do ‘accept’ it, inevitably morph it into some unrecognisable amalgamation that is always illogical, ridiculous and blasphemous.
    When Jesus said to go unto the nations and tribes, He was speaking of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and the multitude of nations spawned by them. Experience has shown us that Christianity only ‘fits’ white folk – billions of dollars, countless man hours and not a few lives have been spent trying to Christian-ise the coloured races, be they black, brown, yellow, red, whatever, to virtually no effect. Certainly, ANY Christian concept[s] that can be imparted to the heathen is beneficial for both them and us, but everyone just cant seem to grasp Matthew 15:24…

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