$300K a Year African San Diego State Provost Mysteriously Returning to Teaching After Putting a CURSE on White Professor


A Provost is in charge of managing academics at a university. A president’s job is to raise money.

The provost at SDSU has a 100 percent African name, so let’s assume he’s from Africa. Putting a curse on someone fits that speculation.

You can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African.

Putting a person of Negroid genes in a position of high responsibility is guaranteed to end badly, as we’ve noted before.

Inside Higher Ed

San Diego State University’s provost resigned from his position suddenly this week, and both he and the university have declined comment as to why.

But there is one glaring clue: an unusual email he sent to a former professor last year, which has since been made public.


If “all I have ever done was to promote your wellbeing and progress as previously detailed, and in return you willfully sought to harm or hurt me, may my Lord Jesus Christ ensure that you reap what you sowed,” the former provost, Chukuka S. Enwemeka wrote in the September email, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

So that “instead of blessings,” he continued, “you are showered with unending curse and harmed, hurt and visited by evil a million fold in everything you do throughout the rest of your life.”

Enwemeka ended the email by saying, “I am not necessarily cursing or wishing you evil. I am simply invoking the natural Law of Karma; the Law of Retributive Justice.”

Enwemeka, who was appointed provost in 2014, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday. He reportedly wrote the fire and brimstone-style email to Douglas Deutschman, a former professor of biology and associate dean of sciences at San Diego State who is now the dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Deutschman asked the university to conduct an early performance review for Enwemeka, according to the Union-Tribune. And while the March review turned out positive overall — save a few, perhaps now ironic pointers about communicating with the campus community — Enwemeka was apparently irked by the request.

The university in a statement thanked Enwemeka for his service as provost and said he will assume a professorship in the College of Health and Human Services.

Sally Roush, interim president, is expected to name an interim provost by June 8.

A university spokesperson said that San Diego State doesn’t comment on “specific” personnel matters.

If a white provost had threatened a black faculty member, he would be fired.

Double standard?

Africans and African-Americans get cut a hell of a lot of slack in higher education.

9 thoughts on “$300K a Year African San Diego State Provost Mysteriously Returning to Teaching After Putting a CURSE on White Professor

    • oh, the negro often invokes Jesus’ name…they know their is power in the name, they just want to use it in their own little voodoo fashion. The result of hundreds of years of trying to teach and Christianize these creatures is that some of them have morphed true Christianity into their own versions of voodoo, causing a really bizarre amalgamation. I know of one particular instance locally, where some africans got together to ‘pray’ to God that Jesus would protect them and bring them success…before they committed robberies!

      • Here’s stupid for you…Here we have so called pastors buying big truck loads full of bricks, he blesses them and expects a ” donation” of US$10 for each brick, supposedly they will ensure one will be able to build his dream home…..do the maths, 10 thousand bricks a shot….oh man, I’m in the wrong business!. There is a current court case where some wealthy nog donated his new Rolls Royce to the pastor,as he was assured the blessings would return ten fold. Needless to say, obviously they didn’t, so the pastor is being sued for its return . One cant help but ask how the hell did someone wealthy enough to afford a Rolls, be stupid enough to fall for this?

      • LOL! My grandmother used to follow these kind of preachers too. She donated $100 of a $150 a month social security check to one of them. She kept saying her ship was going to come in.

    • Here in Marxachuetts bastardizations of Christianity are becoming mainstream. The latrinos here incorporate some aspects of Roman Catholicism which is not Christianity in the pure sense, but rolled into Santaria witchcraft.

      It seems what missionaries tried to accomplish (making Christians out of savages) backfired, and now some whites are adopting the savage butchering of the faith as “so progressive and inclusive.

  1. Nogs are pathetic. Yesterday I was forced to stop at a drug store in a South Georgia town to buy a tube of anti itch creme. The sheboon ahead of me in line bought lottery tickets and one of those ‘Dream Books’. Then she paid for her stash of junk food with an EBT card. Black thinking in action.

  2. The only reason a negro should darken the door of a college or university is to empty trash cans or mop the floors.

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