Coin Depicting Trump-Kim Summit Ridiculed as Trump Says Meeting May Be Delayed

Nobody cares about the Trump and Kim coin pictured above, except a few Twitter die hards and the fake news media, which are able to take a few cheap shots at President Trump because the coin isn’t to their liking.

The Independent

The White House has been mocked after it released a commemorative coin which featured a slimmer-looking Donald Trump head to head with a rather larger Kim Jong-un.

The item was minted by the White House Military Office – which designs coins for Mr Trump’s trips abroad – ahead of the US president’s planned summit with the North Korean leader in Singapore next month.

The piece displays profiles of Mr Trump and Mr Kim in front of US and North Korean flags beneath the heading “peace talks” written in English and Korean.

It describes the latter as “supreme leader”, which is a term commonly used to refer to Mr Kim albeit that it is not his official title. The other side of the coin shows Air Force One taking off over the White House.

The coin has been ridiculed on social media, where critics have not been slow to point out the less-than-even-handed treatment of the two men.

Mr Trump, leaning forward with an aquiline and steely gaze, seems to have something more by way of defined jawline than is always evident in real life. By contrast, his opposite number appears to be leaning back, accentuating the rolls of spare flesh around his neck, which the casting has carefully picked out with little creases.

However, it is not all bad news for Mr Kim – he is pictured eye to eye with Mr Trump, indicating a level of status and legitimacy many feel he does not deserve. His regime is accused of appalling human rights abuses, including rape, forced abortions, starvation and overwork leading to “countless deaths” in prison camps believed to hold between 80,000 and 130,000 of his citizens.

That is all beside the fact the event being commemorated by the coin is far from certain ever to take place.

If the meeting between the two leaders goes ahead on 12 June it will be the first summit between a sitting US president and the leader of the so-called “hermit kingdom”.

But there is growing uncertainty over the historic summit – with Mr Trump repeatedly saying he could pull out and North Korea threatening to cancel the landmark talks last week.

Fake news encompasses a lot of deception, including getting a few leftards on Twitter to knock Trump while the press reports it as real news.

An honest press would consider the possibility that Trump’s expression of doubts about when the meeting will take place is simply a good “art of the deal” tactic. Scare the other guy into thinking you don’t care and you have him on the ropes.

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