Suicide by Drowning: Coroner Releases Black CDC Researcher’s Cause of Death, Family and Public Skeptical

After Dr. Tim Cunningham, pictured above, went missing in February, there was widespread speculation that he had discovered that the flu vaccine was the cause of the winter epidemic of flu deaths and that as a result he was kidnapped and murdered.

If he was murdered, the killer(s) made it look like something else.

The medical examiner says he killed himself, presumably by jumping into the Chattahoochee River.

Pardon us for being skeptical, Mr. M.E.


Medical examiner releases CDC researcher’s cause of death
ATLANTA – The death of an Atlanta researcher whose body was pulled from the Chattahoochee River has been ruled a suicide by drowning, the Fulton County medical examiner said Tuesday.

Timothy Cunningham, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was reported missing Feb. 14 from his northwest Atlanta home.

On April 3, the 35-year-old’s body was found in the Chattahoochee River.

Cunningham’s parents told investigators their son had not been diagnosed with depression but did have mood swings, according to documents released by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

His parents also questioned whether he could have been given some type of drug that changed his behavior in the days before his disappearance.

Toxicology tests performed on his body showed Cunningham had marijuana in his system, but there were no other significant findings, Dr. Jan Gorniak, chief medical examiner, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. There were no signs of other trauma, and it’s still unknown how he came to be in the river.

His parents and sister told investigators that in phone calls and text messages with Cunningham shortly before he disappeared, they noticed a difference in his tone.

Atlanta police previously said Cunningham had been upset over not getting a promotion, though the CDC later said he had received a promotion several months before his disappearance.

Cunningham’s parents suspected something was wrong when they were unable to reach him by phone. The two drove from their Maryland home to their son’s Atlanta home, where they found all of his personal belongings inside the house, including his wallet, cellphone, SUV and beloved dog, Mr. Bojangles.

Fishermen spotted a body in the Chattahoochee on April 3, and two days later, the Medical Examiner’s Office identified the remains as belonging to Cunningham.

Atlanta police have said the department’s investigation into Cunningham’s disappearance and death has been closed.

Hundreds attended the memorial service for Cunningham, a graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard University. Family and friends described a goal-oriented, driven man with a passion for helping others.

“It wasn’t just a career or job for him,” Capt. Marcella Law, with the National Center for Chronic Disease, told the crowd. “Tim felt that it was his calling to use his gift and change lives.”


There’s no mention of a suicide note. And all his belongings were found in Tim’s house, including his beloved dog.

This doesn’t add up to suicide, but to a homicide.

If Tim was murdered, it was probably to protect the obscene profits of the Jewish pharmaceutical industry.

13 thoughts on “Suicide by Drowning: Coroner Releases Black CDC Researcher’s Cause of Death, Family and Public Skeptical

  1. Hey Guv, that was my first instinct too…..but something is way off here. I do believe that this guy found, saw, or knew something and was about to go public. He was murdered. Everything about this case is wrong. I suspect he may have been one of the few good ones that are talked about but are really so elusive. I read somewhere, perhaps on this site, about a CDC plane that was loaded with something (no one knows what) and allowed to fly out of Atlanta when all the other planes were grounded (for weather, I think). I believe that this all went down in Dec. of last year. It is my opinion (and I am no one important, or even really smart) that what ever was on that plane triggered this. Now I don’t know and probably will never know what really went down. I just know it can’t be good for the American people. I feel sad for his family. I have heard of people killing themselves by jumping from bridges, but drowning themselves? Everything about this is fishy. The CDC no longer seems to work for the people. Like every gov’t agency it has become a beast all its own. There is some shady stuff going down here.

  2. I appreciate the article. I’m not all that big on the conspiracy theory here Paladin.Sorry. Also, don’t need the critiquing by other commenters. Can’t we all just get along?

    • Base ugliness when presented with useful information about the rare good black is what makes us look like toothless White trash. Getting along entails working towards a common goal. That goal, in part, is Whites showing that we are intellectually superior and capable of discernment. Your comment, as I said, is more fit for the Daily Stormer.

      • I use the word “nigger” here from time to time, but wouldn’t use it with Tim. I look for stories that show blacks doing something good, like volunteering at an animal rescue or diving into a pool to save a drowning boy. Those stories are few in number. I want to encourage blacks to do better, not hate on the good ones.

  3. So cry me a river, one comment and I’m a hater. Negroes have a way of letting me down. You don’t know the guys character any more than I do. As far as the daily stormer goes, Rays comments about Israel belong there as well. Also, ray, you go on about the first amendment yet don’t want me to have my say here. You are a NIMBY. I doubt you would let your daughter marry a spade.

    • Actually, I’ll expand on my comment. I did t call you a “hater” because I never use that ridiculous term. I don’t know what a NIMBY is. Please explain. You clearly miss the point. I will rip on a nigger for nigger behavior in a heartbeat. But, in this case the man deserves at least the benefit of the doubt. First amendment? I’m not trying to deny anyone their free speech. Just suggesting you repress your people more thoughtfully. I’m not sure why you had such a hard time with this.

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