Nagger Teens TERRORIZE Las Vegas Neighborhood (Video)

Two and a half minutes. A TV news report shows cell phone video of nigger youths totally out of control in a nice neighborhood.

Residents say cops will do nothing to stop the predators.

Sample youtube comments:

Do they not allow guns in Las Vegas? If so why aren’t those monkey’s brains spread out across the street?

Start shooting these animal thugs

remeber to thank the jews every day for the wonderful privilege of multiculturalism brought t our white countires. Jews are awesome

Arm yourselves and kill any attackers. WTF are you waiting for?

These monsters were raised by subhumans. America is headed for civil war. We do not want to integrate with subhuman 3rd world trash. America will have its final solution.

Somebody needs to beat the black off those little niglets.

When the news says, “group of teenagers” they mean blacks, but can’t say the truth without repercussions. Little animals that will never hold a job, get a degree, or have a child within wedlock. Cull them and their families.

“knockout game”? Why not just call it what it is? Feral apes attacking humans.

27 thoughts on “Nagger Teens TERRORIZE Las Vegas Neighborhood (Video)

  1. Those YT comments are exactly why a lot of anti-White “news” orgs (along with anti-White YouTubers) disable the comment-sections on their sites. Because of goyim-knowing! Mass-awakening is taking place…. slowly but surely!

      • Yes, “slowly” is, especially when it comes to White genocide, too slowly. I agree. White people are known of late for being slow reactors. Just look at how the Whites in the Bolshevik-era Soviet Union sat back and let themselves be overwhelmed by the degenerates and jews that slaughtered so many. And just look at the apathy right now towards the plight of the White South Africans who’re being robbed and murdered. I’m 100% in agreement with you, Ray. Too slowly. And Whites, when we do wake up, underreact.

      • Last New Year’s Eve I had a carload of niggers come roaring down my street and had to stop in front of my house because it’s a dead end. The car was stolen of course. My son had been playing in the street just 20 minutes earlier. He would’ve been run down. That really pissed me off. Seconds after they stopped, the cops pulled up behind them and got out with guns drawn. So, I had to tell my family to get down and away from the windows. The niggers scattered and got away. About 20 minutes after the cops left one of the niggers came back and was in my back yard looking for his cellphone. Said nigger found himself with a gun in his face and was forced to lay face down in shorts and t shirt while I waited for the cops to arrive. They took 45 minutes. That negro was so cold he begged the cops to let him sit in the cruiser. My point being, I do not fuck around with these animals. Whites need to man the fuck up. Most people I know would’ve let him rummage around their backyard and do nothing but post their experience on Faceberg. Fuck that.

      • I agree, Ray. Good on you for manning-up! Unfortunately, I can’t own a firearm because of my past, over 30-year-old felony convictions… But that don’t mean I can’t defend myself and my family against the jigs or other threats, and it don’t mean I won’t. I certainly will, legality be damned.

      • “Sherlock Holmes: You don’t mind breaking the law?

        Dr. John Watson: Not in the least.

        Sherlock Holmes: Nor running the chance of arrest?

        Dr. John Watson: Not in a good cause.

        Sherlock Holmes: Oh, the cause is excellent.

        Dr. John Watson: Well, then I am your man. “

    • How about a speargun? Make sure to have also flippers and snorkel to prove sporting usage, maybe a wetsuit also. The belt with lead weights would also be great for slamming invading niggers with.
      A lot of things are legal at home. Gardening tools – a garden fork would impale a nigger nicely. If you have a few acres you might even use a pitchfork for hay, a favorite weapon of the past.

      One legal protection – always use everyday items which are at hand e.g. a bar stool in a bar. The use of a baseball bat in a bedroom or a public bar will very likely be seen as illegal and planned use of a weapon. So near the bed keep some artistic object – maybe a cheap and heavy statue (or candlestick) on display on your bedside table (keep photos of your bedroom with this item on display) but ready for nigger heads. If your bedroom has an open fire your fire irons, tongs etc are handy and legal and ready for self defense use. These are all used non stop in Alfred Hitchcock Presents – watch all the series, be entertained but above all educated.

    • I have a pretty mean flare-gun. Perfectly legal to carry in my glove box in the state I’m in. And it’ll burn a cauterized hole several inches wide and a few inches deep into an oak. I’m sure it’ll set a greasy head on fire or give em a raging case of throat burn.

  2. Leviticus 26:22 I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate.

  3. To quote from Sherlock Holmes again, these white folks need to carry a “Life Preserver”. They should study how the Koreans dealt with niggers in the 1992 L.A. riots. I wonder how many of these white soft cocks vote Republican? How many support the KKK? The KKK is what is needed to drive those niggers out.

    When that guys wife was being beaten he kept filming but told them to stop. Why not stop filming and punch these 12 year olds in the head as hard as he could, or kick them anywhere on their body or head? A man is entitled to protect his wife and family. No court could convict him even 12 niggers on a jury. When the odds are 60 to 1 a man can not have too many scruples about not hurting people. Killing some of them would have been sad but reasonable. George Zimmerman, jew, was not convicted for shooting a Coon that attacked him – and that was only 1 on 1.

    The media does not even dare to say whites are being attacked by blacks, inside what looks like a nice gated community. Watch out jews, the niggers will get you also, in a bigly way. The chickens come home to roost.

    The USA is turning in to Africa. I hope Europe is watching, but doubt it.

    • Roger that. If I’m ever caught unarmed and facing more than one nog, at least one of them is losing an eye. Minimally.

  4. How about for starters, the entire neighborhood put outdoor cameras on every house to record everything on the entire street.

    Secondly, the entire neighborhood should have a game plan in place to protect each other from Nog invasions. This would include fighting back and putting your own neck on the line.

    One of the biggest hurdles I see for White people is to overcome the RESISTANCE to get their hands dirty. You can only fight violence with violence. It’s about time we start culling these violent niggers.

    • That’s where the jewish destruction of community comes into play. Whites are at each other’s throats about left/right bullshit constantly and I’ll say right now that if I saw a White that I knew had a BLM sign on their lawn getting the shit kicked out of them by a pack of niggers, they’d get no assistance from me. I’ve often thought of getting on my neighborhood forum and waving my flag, so to speak, to try to create alliances. I know what would happen, though. Every liberal POS would denounce me as a racist and I’d be black baller and out of business in a Jew York minute.

      • Yep, this is the problem. Our sense of community, or dare I say, racial identity and staying together for protection has been destroyed. Segregation is natural, because as this shows, you can’t protect yourself otherwise since the police can’t be everywhere all the time.

        And yeah, if anyone there did something against those niggers, you can bet that if the neighbours were interviewed they’d say omg i never knew X was such a racist, how could he do that.

        I think part of it is actually the term “white”. It should be european. Or of european descent. Allowing the jews to brand us as white allowed them to infiltrate, pose as whites and separate us. Divide and conquer.

    • I’ll add that a lawsuit against the city and/or the police would help, if there’s a lawyer in the neighborhood willing to volunteer his time. The lawsuit probably wouldn’t be successful, but sometimes changes are made because of them or even the threat “I going to sue you and force you to hand over documents related to this.” Pols don’t like bad publicity.

  5. “Residents say cops will do nothing to stop the predators.”

    Wow, what a coincidence. Police ignoring crime, just like Rotherham England.

    I bet if someone shot one of the scumbags, the police would be all over it. Also, if some brave soul shot one of the scumbags, the terror would stop. Bet on it.

  6. this should never be allowed not even for five minutes. i had no idea that las vegas had a nigger problem. i do know that areas around palm springs are infested with them and not the rent paying kind either. they live in their hovels next to gated communities and harass and threaten without compunction. they “all” need to be shipped to afrika (their motherland) either that, or sent over to live with the idiot prince and his nigger bride.

    • Everybodys got a nigger problem except in the mountainous areas where snow falls 3 or more feet thick. Its time to start becoming the niggers problem. Don’t go the Nazi decorated route, just pack a Glock 40 with a 15 round clip. Let them see it. Make sure you can use it not just to hit stationary targets, which any dumbass can do. Train yourself to hit moving targets, to whirl and fire and not have to sight ever shot. The feel of where the barrel points is a good indication of that bullets going where you want.

  7. Felon that I am does not keep me from possessing guns. These folks need to do things like hide on their rooftops and fire at will when the shit hits the fan. Take out half a dozen of these troglodytes and they won’t come back. If they do, take out more of them. Mad Celt is correct. We don’t have a NIGGER to be seen up here in the California Mother Lode.

  8. Happens, here in Melbourne, western suburbs & south eastern suburbs as well, all the perps are Irish or Swedish of African appearance ?? (that’s how it’s reported in the media)

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