HS Tennis Team Facing Discipline for Wearing White Bags Over Their Heads

There always seems to be a snitch around when youths express their natural racism in harmless ways.

When the evidence is delivered to a cuck administrator, the kids pay the price of offending the negro gods.

New York Post

Members of Georgia’s Telfair County High School tennis team are facing punishment after a photo of them wearing white paper bags over their heads surfaced on social media last week.

The photo, originally posted on Snapchat, was circulated on Facebook and shared with Georgia TV station 13WMAZ on Thursday due to its racist nature, with the bags resembling the white hoods of KKK members. The Telfair players reportedly posed with the paper bags while on the bus ride home from the tennis state championships in Rome, after they lost to a team that included black players.

Telfair County’s school superintendent, Lenard Harrelson, told the station he’s been investigating the incident since learning of the “highly offensive” photo last Tuesday, three days after the team competed in the tournament.

“We are in the process of finishing up the investigation and disciplining those students involved,” he said on Thursday.

Harrelson said he couldn’t offer any more information on the subject, including the number of students involved or the nature of the punishment he would hand down.

Memo to Harrelson: You’re a faggot.

15 thoughts on “HS Tennis Team Facing Discipline for Wearing White Bags Over Their Heads

  1. You don’t really deserve the favor of an explanation Mr. Superintendent, but I’ll throw you a bone. These kids had just lost in the tennis tournament and they felt embarrassed, they felt they had let their school down, they felt like …, are you ready… they couldn’t show their faces in public. So, they all posed with bags over their heads as a sort of self-deprecating joke. You see, Mr. Superintendent, ‘jokes’ are a thing those of us in the real world use to help make life’s travails a little more bearable. Ironically, Mr. Superintendent, there are some ‘jokes’, such as your being employed in such a position of power, that have the opposite effect.

    • Ah, hell… these kids are screwed. I glanced back at the story and saw the Superintendent’s first name is ‘Lenard’. I couldn’t find his photo online, but he’s almost certainly black, and I’ve never encountered a black person in my 55 years on Earth who had any idea what ‘irony

  2. Yeah.
    It is time to stop whining the forced assimilation.
    Instead let us push back hard and let us make racism and segregation trendy and fashionable again.

  3. My favorite comedian in the 70s was the Unknown Comic who wore a bag over his head during his. Gong Show act. Very funny guy.
    He admitted he was so bad on stage he needed to conceal his identity.

    • Yeah, they were all the Unknown Comic. Yeah, that’s the ticket. F*ck those niggers and their white cuck enablers.

  4. OK. So what if there was no black players on the other team? Thin skinned liberals can not take a joke. I used to put a bag on my head when I would crash out of a motorcycle race to make my friends laugh. When you are young, life is supposed to be fun.

    • precisely ; there was a group of guys locally bitd who were rabid hockey fans. our local ‘professional’ hockey team was so bad, these guys went to all the games with sacks on their heads, so, ostensibly , as to not be recognised as fans. All in good fun.
      what if the sacks these kids had gotten from whatever store were brown?!? would dat be rayciss an shit?
      Folk, we cannot reason with clowns like this. Even the dullest among us certainly must begin to realise that the [[[media]]] is merely a controlled tool and is there solely to propagandise for the left and lead to our destruction. Turn off the stupid television. Immediately, swiftly, surely and savagely correct anyone you know who espouses this garbage ; take no prisoners – they dont.

      ammo up folk.

  5. There should be laws that anything posted online can’t be disciplined. It only becomes offensive when it’s shared to millions of social justice warriors on social media platforms. Jokes for different folks, races, cultures…..its called DIVERSITY. Diversity means different….not race mixing to become one mud colored group of people. I agree with that white people should just start laughing and pushing back hard. That is the best way to neutralize and reverse subversive pc policy!!!!!

  6. Nullify whatever punishment comes up. Don’t comply. As long as. We cave and beg for mercy these people will continue to lord it over us. Push back. Punish us? Then get yourself a new tennis team. BTW, kiss my a$$!

  7. So now posing for a picture with a bag on your head is a violation of some ridiculous sort.

    White Man, do you really want to live in a PC police state? Neither do I.

    NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It’s the only way out.

      • >NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It’s the only way out.
        I agree too, however at this point ZOG will never allow it. It will launch an army of ZOGbots to crush us.
        Take a look to the following video where it is shown a very interesting weak flank of ZOG. It has the potential for ideological injection and mass recruiting if done right.
        Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xP9TjNj9C8

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