Data Show Baby Bust Hitting American Hispanics the Hardest

For the U.S. population to replace itself, the birth rate must equal 2.1 births per year per 1,000 women.

Let’s pick up the story about America’s declining birth rate with a focus on the above bar graph. The writer is the race realist with the strong interest in math, John Derbyshire.

Excerpt from UNZ

What’s that? You want to know the breakdowns by race? Shame on you!

Since you ask, though, here’s a different summary of the CDC figures at the Institute for Family Studies website: Baby Bust: Fertility is Declining the Most Among Minority Women, by Lyman Stone, May 16, 2018.

That’s right. Where the Baby Bust is concerned, you can bring out the old New York Times cliché: “minorities hardest hit.” The biggest decline across the last decade has been among Hispanics, who went from 2.85 to 2.1, a drop of 36 percent.

Hispanics are the only group that are replacing themselves. The other racial groups (Jews and Asian data are not given here) are shrinking in numbers unless something changes.

Hispanics started high, though. Aborigines—American Indians and Alaska natives—started lower, with a TFR of 1.62, and dropped to 1.23 across the decade. Nobody’s sure why.

Black fertility dropped from 2.15 births per woman to 1.89. Non-Hispanic whites went from 1.95 to 1.72, a comparable drop from a somewhat lower start point.

The general decline of interest in sexual intercourse must also be playing in to these numbers somehow.

I have often reflected on how odd it has been, across my own lifetime, to see the general decline in libido all over the Western world. Fifty years ago—I was there, reader, I was there—when not one citizen in a hundred had a gym membership, and halitosis and body odor were common, and the male-female imbalance in workplaces, clubs, sports, schools was way more marked than it is today, making it harder to get to know the opposite sex; back in those benighted days—with all those disadvantages and deterrents, the people of the West were going at it like rabbits.

The young adults of today, contrariwise, with their buff bodies, perfect dentition, and daily showers, with sex segregation actually outlawed almost everywhere—heck, we even have women on submarines today—they can’t be bothered. From a report in Maxim magazine last July, based on a different set of numbers from the CDC.

Between the ages of 15 and 19, 42 percent of women and 44 percent of men reported having sex, relative to … 51 percent of women and 60 percent of men in 1988.

Derbyshire included this gif in his article. Sophia Loren in her prime:

Several news organizations have reported this story, without bringing in race, including NPR.

Their numbers show that Caucasians are still producing more babies than any single other group. Not that the numbers make the white baby the majority by very much.

Here’s how some of the 2017 numbers were reported:

All Races and Origins: 3,853,472
White: 1,991,348
Hispanic: 897,518
Black: 560,560
Asian: 249,214
American Indian or Alaska Native: 29,878
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 9,418

If you see a white woman with three white children or more, you might want to thank her for furthering the survival of our race.

If you see a childless Latina, you might think about doing the same.

13 thoughts on “Data Show Baby Bust Hitting American Hispanics the Hardest

  1. This story is meaningless in reality because it ignores the massive breeding still going on in black shitholes in this world. The worst and most violent nations in the world are having 6 or 7 babies per woman. These black kiddies almost all survive due to white do gooderism and jew malarkey and almost all of these bastards are moving to the West during the next 20 years or so. 200 million of them to Europe before 2050. How many to the USA? Maybe somewhere between 50 and 150 million fresh niggers. Not counting the extra babies popping out after migrating.

    The flow of niggers from shitholes to the West must be stopped, or the West will cease to exist.
    “Their numbers show that Caucasians are still producing more babies than any single other group.”
    Pat Buchanan would disagree. He says that white US babies have been a minority as of many years now, since earlier this Century. So the statistics quoted are probably bullshit, I would first trust Pat Buchanan.

    • There’s a sentence that Derbyshire wrote that’s way too optimistic. I think I left it out of the excerpt.

      The local Mexican middle class here generally limit their children to 2, but it’s the vast underclass that’s still reproducing. Illegals may not have been counted in the data used to generate this story.

      Let’s see what the comments at UNZ look like once they start. When I posted there were not yet any comments.

      • True,in Florida I always see what I am guessing are illegals with their “free food gov cards” in the super markets and they always have at least 4 kids ..

    • Stop welfare and they’ll stop coming. Probably most of them will even leave. Really, the only problem is welfare for non-citizens. The government should be paid by the people, for the people. Not paid by the people through harsh taxes and then bringing in invaders on their dime, while prosecuting the citizens that talk against it. The people are literally just slaves paying for their own replacement.

      Imagine if all those tax money going towards welfare, were actually tax cuts or given to people from the middle class or good, hard working citizens who wanted to have families. I’m willing to bet that in 5 years a lot more people would have at least 2 children, often 3 as well, especially if the divorce laws are remade as well to actually be equal and not favor women extremely.

      You can’t make hard working citizens out of leeches. Ofc if you feed leeches, you’ll breed more leeches. Instead, feed your good citizens and guess what. You’ll get more good citizens. I don’t understand why some are so delusional about it.

      • “Stop welfare and they’ll stop coming. Probably most of them will even leave.”
        Well put.

    • >>The flow of niggers from shitholes to the West must be stopped, or the West >>will cease to exist.

      I remember a passing statement that creepy pederast Joe Biden made during bath house barry’s 1st term in the oval orifice

      “American can easily accommodate 300-500 million black Africans and we should aim for this goal by 2030

  2. Simple..Just drive around ..go by schools..what do you see..hardly any White Kids rest are all Mystery Meats..Go to Hospitals and look at the Baby Ward Areas were they show the babys born..,..Most are non white…Go to Malls..what the hell do you see? Go to all the Big Metro Cities drive around..what do you see.???..65 Immigration Act was a knife in the back to Founding White Racial,Stock of America…Plus the Whigger Golem Cyborg Virus is running wild..Most Whites are infected with this Viris now..They Love ZOG and will kill for ZOG and think race mixing is OK. and when you say you love White Aryan Race they triggered and Programed by Virus in the brain to go into Attack Mode and will talk Poo- trash about you and stab you in the back…..Plus look at how many stupid Whites take OPIODS??? Plus what about Wifi and G 5 targeting Whites and GMOS for sterilization…So what is the Poo Country of the World??? What you see dont lie..its a facxt…

    • You are right warlord. What we see every day contradicts these “statistics” and anything the media says about race.

  3. If it’s true, does some folks realize there no more white guys lead to the unintended consequence of how to maintain the “welfare industrial complex” if there’s no more white guys to finance it?

  4. When their is not enough of tax paying White Whiggers to keep Zog Babylon afloat….look out ..Implosion will start and Civil War 2 or Tribulation..The Fall of Zog Babylon the Third and Final will come naturally…Martin Lindstedt talks about this alot…The Bubble will pop…Pop Goes the Weavil…

  5. The Racism of Ants by Jim Cricket

    The ants are not sharing with the cricket community. Their in-group preferences are called specious by Jim Cricket.
    Jim Cricket said,”Just because those ants have permanent homes and we crickets have a more mobile and natural type of lifestyle, the ants refuse to share their food and lodgings with us.”
    The ant workers were furious. “There is something wrong with the Queen. We worked hard for that food and built these nests. We need not share anything with these lazy crickets that jump and play and then keep us up all night with their chirping.” said an outraged ant soldier.
    “See that’s just specious there. This speciousness, and speciocity is against nature and the share and share alike philosophy.”, said Jim Cricket.
    The Queen was said to be sick and some claimed she had a parasite living in her head, but still the ants could not find relief.
    Greeny the Grasshopper joined Jim Cricket in lobbying for her people to also share in the ant’s bounty. Some ants however wouldn’t even consider this as a possibility.
    One ant spoke on condition of anonymity. “That thing is a locust! If we feed her, she and her kind will kill us all!”
    Jim Cricket just laughed. “See that shows how selfish those specious ants are. Feed everyone I say!”


    PC Fables, by Nero Enlightenment Books

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