Science Explains Why Harry and Markle Will be Divorced Within Five Years

Harry and Meghan are now hitched.

We can easily see that it’s not going to work out. The Royals probably know too, but are playing along so as not to be accused of racism.

Abstracting from race and getting into human nature, the following piece is one of the best I’ve ever read that explains why some people make so much trouble for others.

The title is “She’s Trouble”—But So Is He!
Evolutionary Psychology Says Meghan and Harry Will Divorce

It’s a total of 2,000 words and even more when the comments are counted. I’m extracting about 500 words.


When British Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe dared to say what any rational person believes about the soon-to be-royal Ms. Meghan Markle (“I think she’s trouble”) she was branded a “racist dinosaur” . [A ROYAL PAIN Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe branded a ‘racist dinosaur’ after saying Meghan Markle is ‘trouble’ because of ‘her background’, By Fay Strang, The Sun, January10, 2018] In fact, the deeply religious Widdecombe, ensconced in the UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother House,” didn’t mention Markle’s ethnicity or the fact that this is a mixed-race marriage at all. But given the psychological and strongly genetic factors that predict divorce, this whole marriage is “trouble.” A “super-forecaster” acquaintance–whose meal ticket is his ability to make correct predictions—reckons about three years to separation, five or six years to divorce.

In the case of the marriage of Harry’s brother Prince William to Kate Middleton, only one of them is from a broken home. Prince Charles and two of his three siblings are divorced. Princess Diana’s parents divorced when she was 8, and her brother, the Earl Spencer, has two failed marriages behind him. Kate’s parents seem to have managed a loving and successful union and, perhaps, so will she. But divorce is about 40% genetic [Marriage and divorce: A genetic perspective. Beth Jerskey et al, Personality & Individual Differences, October 2010], so it becomes much more unlikely with Harry and the former Suits starlet.

Markle’s father has been divorced twice. Her mother has been divorced once. Her half-sister has contracted two failed marriages. And then there’s her half-brother, a divorced alcoholic, who has charged with holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head in 2017. [EXCLUSIVE: Shock for Harry’s girl: Meghan Markle’s BROTHER is arrested and charged with holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head ‘in violent row during late night drinking session at his flat’, Daily Mail, January 14, 2018]

Markle herself was already divorced at 32, after just 23 months of marriage, sending her ring back to her ex-husband via registered mail. [Is THIS the real reason Meghan Markle divorced her first husband Trevor Engelson? By Belinda Robinson, The Sun, April 20, 2018] Her divorce and her ruthless treatment of her ex imply low altruism and low impulse control, both key predictors of marital breakdown [Personality traits and mental divorce. Fani & Kheirabadi, Proceedia, 2011, 30:671-5].

Markle’s father’s side have shown themselves to be money-grabbing and dishonest, with her father setting up supposed “paparazzi” photos of himself to make a quick buck out of his daughter’s success. [,by Owen Gough, Express, May 16, 2018 ]

Links are live at the source site.

OK, these first 500 words really haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. That material focuses on J. Philippe Rushton’s Life History Strategy. The analysis is devasting for both Markle and Harry.

Brits want to believe in fairy tales. Like that Diana was a real life princess and not a race-mixing whore.

The last two paragraphs of the piece address this self-deception.

This manifestly doomed marriage will make it even worse for him in the long run. She’ll tire of him.

But we can’t say so. The bride is half-black, so the “will to believe” will be too strong . . . right up until day the inevitable split engrosses the UK tabloids.

23 thoughts on “Science Explains Why Harry and Markle Will be Divorced Within Five Years

    • She chimped out by proxy when that black pastor got up and spoke at the wedding.

      The whole thing reeked of black infiltration into Europe. Every black the media interviewed said as much.

      What a farce. It’s part of the agenda to wipe out red heads too.

  1. the queen’s face at the wedding tells the story. prince william also looked glum. prince phillip who really does have trouble with people of color. what must he think? i don’t think the royal family give a hoot because, truth be told, harry is not a windsor. he is not of their blood line. he’s a spencer (from diana) and charles is not his daddy. i don’t believe they would have sanctioned this kind of stupidity from william (who had the good sense to marry a respectable english girl)

    • That experienced blower sucked his ginger marrow right out of him. He couldn’t marry a nice 25 year old? We can see the train wreck coming – choo, choo, CRASH!!!

  2. This whole thing is bizarre him with a nothing special looking amerikan jewlatto…..He’s not Prince Charles’ son and His maternal grandmother was a jew making him a jew as well….He looks jewy with that beard and kinky jewlike hair….

  3. BTW…..Purportedly some kind of nigger priest officiated…..
    With some quotes from Martian Lucifer Coon…..

  4. Good article, and I went to UNZ and read it all.

    Here is what a violent gun toting Coon had to say, and he is entitled to speak about his own sister…..
    ” [‘It’s not too late!’ Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas pens extraordinary open letter telling Prince Harry ‘this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history’ – as he brands his sister ‘jaded, shallow and conceited’ , By Laura Forsyth, Daily Mail, May 2, 2018]”

    Harry is 33 and this mulatto is 36. What a blunder of a marriage.

    A comment from UNZ…….
    ” I smell a rat. Harry doesn’t WANT children. He could have his pick of beautiful hotties, young and fertile. Why THIS woman? Is he virtue-signaling his race credentials? Are the royals so guilty-feeling? Maybe he wants to get his marriage-and-divorce adventure over with before he’s too old to enjoy the groupie-bounty one more time.

    These are zany in-breds after all, no one said they have to be stable or rational, they can afford not to be. But of all the women in the world for a guy in his position to go for, Ye, Gawds. The traffic on this woman, she’s a train station for Gawd’s Sake.”

      • All tall muscly men should read it. Nutty and also randy women are wanting some fast action with you!

        “Equivalent women, in their unstable lives, want men who are muscular and tall.”

        Go for it, tall men!

      • Thank you for the link. Read the whole article and saved it to look at the links in the article when I have more time. One commentor below the article made a very good point about Sparkle’s sexual history and how her uterus has probably had a few fetal evictions along with years of birth control and STD’s. No doubt the petri dish is bubbling and brewing in the lab right now.

  5. Blacks can act very nicely when they’re put on a pedestal. Eventually when the inevitable dust settles they revert back to their inborn impulses aka chimping out. It is just around the corner…..

  6. This was a made for Reality TV extravaganza. Nothing happens without planning. These 1% of the 1% will do everything to stay in power, and this lifestyle requires determination and the cunning of serpents. This is just another psychological operation aimed at the White People of the world.
    The whole world = billions = watched the MO and approved of race mixing. That is, approved of the destruction of the White Race.
    Coudenhove_kalergi Plan is a Jew run agenda, and during the next few years, before the separation and divorce, there will be an all out exercise in brainwashing the most vulnerable, gullible and stupid in the White community = White Females of childbearing age.
    Political rhetoric; it’s now OK to mix it, and the most reluctant mixers, the White young Males, are given permission from the Throne to mix it with their least admired, the Blex women..
    That Blex creature is a Jew. As an Atheist, she was converted to Xtianity privately, just a few months ago. YEAH! RIGHT ! SURE she was ! But why bother ? Because, the QE II is head of the church of the Xtian dupes. All pretense; the whole lot of them are Jews. Guelph – Medici Jews. Including Harry Hewitt, the ill-begotten, surplus to requirements, reject.
    And the Protestant hierarchy is a Marxist, Zionist, Bolshevik brood of vipers.
    And the Blex Primate, the preaching Ape, is a Communist with an American Ziolibturd agenda.
    Watch the Jew Media pushing the race mix anti-White message Big-Time in lots and lots of subtle hints.

    • You’re exactly CORRECT….
      This is a mind fuck on the existing “low hanging fruit”…The STUPIDEST braindead of Whites out there….
      This seems as genuine as kim kardashawhore’s wedding to the White basketball player a few years back….
      Yesterday I was working and had on the sirius music station
      “1st Wave”….The host (from England, lives in California now) , Richard Blade started ebullently puking: “how GREAT the royal family is getting WITH THE PROGRAM, Harry had a scruffy beard while he married the african american actress and it was officiated by a african clergymen who was quoting martian lucifer coon (sic)”…
      You can’t even get away from radioactive jew media social engineering bombardment on an 80’s music station….

  7. Two different women. Cheekbone, nose, mouth, and eyes. from the twitter
    Girl almighty@FabiannaLS May 9 here her comments When I say that Meghan Markle has done many plastic surgeries, her Sugars ask me to prove and they accuse me of not knowing about her because I am not a plastic surgeon. And I wonder if I need to be a surgeon to see what’s clear with the day.

  8. Uhhhh….its a little late for angst over the Royals blood mixing. They have been marrying Jews for hundreds of years.

    • Yes, not only English royalty…..All of the rich American “Society” (Rockefellers, Harrimans, Auchincloss, Vanderbilt, etc…) has been wiped out as well through selective jew interbreeding….A lot of those deranged female heirs were out fucking nigger jazz musicians in jew jazz clubs in the 40s and 50s…..

  9. Harry can’t keep,it in his pants. My guess is he porked someone else the night before the wedding, just for kicks. He will be banging a new groupie when he gets back from the honeymoon.
    She’s known to do some yatching to make extra cash, when her “career” was flagging.

    When the fallout happens, hopefully she will take the cash and run. And keep,her mouth shut.

    • NOT A CHANCE!!!! Book deal, permanent royal title although the HRH will be taken away. She sails away with MILLION$ because the ginger retard doesn’t have a pre-nup.

  10. Be careful when someone says “science explains it”, especially if it is something you want to believe in.

    In the unz article, there is little paragraph:

    But, whether male or female, they are also attracted to outbreeding. In an unstable ecology, where you’ve little adaptation to the environment, someone very genetically different (such as of a different race) could have such an adaptation; hence the “black goes for blonde” stereotype. And if that means taking the huge risk of marrying someone very genetically and culturally different then . . . so be it.

    When it comes to outbreeding, there is definitely an urge to do it with a person from the next village, or from very far away. But from another continent or species entirely? That’s a completely different thing. Equating the two is a jewish propaganda strategy to promote race mixing, and this unz article just slipped it in all innocent, but in reality maybe that’s why they wrote the article to begin with….

    “Articles” are virtually always just propaganda padding and deniable hints around the real payload.

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